Welcome to the Notion Ninja Learn 2 Earn Course!

Greetings BanklessDAO members!!

Welcome to the Bankless Notion Ninja #Learn2Earn Course at https://banklessLearn2Earn.crypto for Bankless DAO Coordinapers. If you participate in the DAO or Guild Coordinapes then you’ll qualify for this quiz game as well. Now let me explain the game.

The Notion Ninja Learn2Earn Course is a three stage educational course consisting of YouTube videos and Google Form quizzes. You will learn best practices for the way BanklessDAO uses Notion, our source of truth for the DAO’s operational knowledge. You will learn how to modify, manage, and create pages, and you will have the opportunity to learn all the nuts and bolts of how to create and modify databases as well.

That’s the Learn part. Now the more interesting question, what will you earn? Within a few days of the completion of your quizzes and with 100% successful completion of each course’s quiz you will be transferred the appropriate NFT. This is the first one on Open Sea!

There are a total of four NFTs to earn. To begin, there are three different 2D Bankless Ninjas with different belt colours in player card format.

Completion of all three courses and earning of the first three NFTs will allow you to claim the fourth and final NFT, a Decentraland Bankless Ninja Skin Wearable; you are now a Bankless Notion Ninja!

Rare Bankless Decentraland Ninja Wearable! link to video here. Soon to be listed in the Decentraland Marketplace

If you are interested in Beta Testing the course and getting early access to the NFTs follow the instructions at the top of the Marketing Campaign Page. If you are interested in Facilitating a Course for learners as a Discord Event say hello and introduce yourself in the #cross-guild channel in the Edu Guild.

  • 400 NFT Sets will be given as Learn to Earn Rewards to bankless DAO Coordinapers
  • 100 Red Belted Decentraland Bankless Ninja NFT Wearables will be for sale for 1,000 BANK Each via a Bankless Africa Web Page - By End of June.
  • 500 will be for sale on Decentraland Marketplace for 20 MANA - By End of June.
  • Guilds can take their revenue share as a % of wearables instead of waiting for the wearables to be sold. Direct Link to NFT Specs & Project Revenue Share Agreement
  • 1,000 Rare Decentraland Wearable NFTs in total

Expected Public Release of the Next Courses will be in one Month! Please Stay Tuned to the #Announcements Channel in Discord for updates.

If you haven’t yet, click on the link to our website https://BanklessLearn2Earn.crypto and start the course today!!

HMU if you have any questions

Meet the Squad

Ernet of Gaia - Project Manager

JasonTheBestVibe - Graphics Designer

Tony.Alpha - Dev support

LiviuC - Quiz master

Kutubu - Quiz student

Whales & Leribb - Marketing Team

Emzii & Trewkat - MetaData and Ninja Story

AntiSecretSociety - 3D Metaverse Modeling

Kaf - Decentraland Consultant


NFT Specifications and Contributors

Education Program Details


What an exciting project, and a great example of how NFTs are being used.


Amazing project, will go a long way in helping new joiners understand Notion better .