A New Forum that is web 3. A New discourse. Metaforo

Dear BanklessDAO friends. Happy holidays. I got to talk to some devs from Metaforo. I met them via a friend while working at OpenDAO.

I had some product demo.

Here’s a link to check it out —> https://metaforo.io/g/banklessdao

Problems with this current platform:

  1. No token gating
    anyone can come in and write whatever, and vote on whatever they feel, all they need is an email account.
  2. No permissions gating
    anyone can post a proposal, and write whatever proposals they want

What this metaforo platform appears to do:
Connect wallet, allow us to check whether there are $BANK in mainnet/polygon and then to show the content, then to allow for soft consensus voting.
The snapshot can also be pulled into this platform to allow for on chain voting as well.
There is also a tipping mechanism that is build on a cool blockchain system, sorry the exact mechanism eludes me.

There are other cool features too that I can see. Which I will share with you if you ask me.

So i’ve spoken to frogmonkee, who says he will talk to and demo with them.

And if everyone is happy, we will then create a community event, for a community demo, when we can go live.

But in the meantime, go check it out —> https://metaforo.io/g/banklessdao

Happy holidays!!


So this would replace the current forum we’re on? I think token gating makes sense, especially with the manipulation happening on Notion recently.


Yes! It will replace this one.

And i think in the future, if this takes off, we can ask the dev team to build us notion like features as well.

Here it is, a demo.


Hey I’m the guy in the video. Thank you @angyts for your review!

If you have any suggestions, just let me know, we’ll implement most wanted features within days.


Dear all, this forum supports token gating and voting, also possible to have NFT gating.

Also it supports token tipping via layer 2 natively.

I really love the idea behind it.

It is a good idea to upgrade from a Discourse model at one point. Not sure if the bankless demo is correctly set up because, without 35k BANK in the wallet, I can’t even join. Therefore I can’t read proposals and that would be a problem in my eyes for everyone below 35k because reading the proposals is a great way to get informed, even if you can’t already vote.

If anyone wants to see a working model.

Check out forum.theopendao.com , it has a token gated voting mechanism.

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