BanklessDAO ft jokedao - contest to define priorities

First of all, we thank you for the comments and support for the proposal found here: Defining priorities within Bankless DAO ft. jokedao

Please remember this first round will be used to try the tool, watch participation and hopefully analyze the result and using it to develop a strategy for BanklessDAOs usage of jokedao for bottom up governance and sentiment check.

We have now moved forward and created the very first BanklessDAO contest to define priorities, and all of the wallets holding any amount of BANK should have received BVOTE tokens on Polygon network. If you want to read up on connecting to the polygon network please see their official resources here.

Our contest which goes live for submissions during tomorrows Bankless DAO CC can be found here

Short guide on how to use jokedao can be found here

We invite all BANK token holder to submit ONE topic they feel is the most important priority for Bankless DAO going forward, this can be anything from remuneration, project funding revamp, contributor wellbeing or governance forums. After one week, we will vote on all the proposals, everyone will have 100BVOTE tokens, airdropped on Polygon. These tokens can be used to vote for one or several proposals.

Snapshot was done of L1 and L2 wallets holding bank at the time of our initial proposal to avoid gaming of the contest. If you held BANK but didn’t get the airdrop, please reach out to me on Discord. (tommyolofsson#5656)

30th of September at the start of CC - Submissions open
7th of October at the start of CC - Submissions close and voting starts
14th of October at the start of CC - Voting closes
21th of October - High level data shared with Bankless DAO community.

During the time we will also work on a possible future strategy for bankless using these type of governance tooling.

Everyone, use your voice and raise your topics!