Airdrop clarification


I’ve been a subscriber since 2019 and then premium sub since middle 2020. Am I eligible for the airdrop? If so, where should I type my email to receive it?
Sorry for the stupid question but info about it is confusing.

At the launch of the DAO an airdrop was done for holders of the 2020 and/or 2021 Bankless Badges. If you held either of those you can claim your tokens here Claim BANK Tokens | Bankless DAO.

There will be an additional airdrop for 2020 and 2021 badge holders that is set to occur 5/31/21.

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Thank you. So those who held badges before the launch would get extra and those didn’t will get less in total?

If you are a badge holder you can still claim your airdrop (for up to 90 days after the launch). If you have a 2021 badge and haven’t claimed it yet, you have until 5/31/21 to do so in order to be included in the next airdrop.

Thanks. So how to claim a drop?

Or 31.05. is just a deadline for claiming a badge?

There will be instructions in your email.

Yes 31. of this month is deadline for the SECOND distribution of BANK.
Deadline for the first one happened already

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