COLLAB claim process

Hey BanklessDAO, as part of the airdrop, the DAO can claim up to 701275 COLLAB tokens.
The treasury department and DAOstewards now coordinate the claim process. To claim the Tokens, the DAO has to actively make a proposal and underlay the benefits for giving us the allocation.

This post aims to gather a soft consensus on the token claim deadline before 1. March.

Points to consider before reading the claim proposal

  1. collab land expects long-term engagement and partnership from the top 100 communities in governance and marketplace development.
  2. They aim for a value-oriented distribution of the tokens.

Considerations for BanklessDAO.

  1. Clarification on the mandate of GC to distribute COLLAB tokens.
  2. Should there be a special allocation for Engagement in Collab Land’s governance? And building mini apps
  3. Accountability of the engagement in Collab. land

The proposal

ㆍProject Name: BanklessDAO
ㆍAuthor Name: DAOstewards
ㆍNumber of COLLAB tokens requested: 701,275
ㆍRecipient Address: oeth:0x745ce2Af76E9a6EBa65CC0cAcaa9eA109bB7FaBd

Proposal for token distribution (under 1000 words):

ㆍHow will the tokens be distributed?

The claimed Tokend will be distributed to the following scheme.

  • 50% of the allocated tokens for community incentives,
  • 30% for the BanklessDAO’s community treasury for long-term Governance engagement.
  • 10% to Bankless DAOstewards paid over six months. Rewards will be distributed between active contributors in the workstream
  • 10% to the Bankless DAO Ops Department

Mechanism for distribution

Distribution of the tokens allocated to community incentives.

The earmarked 50% of the tokens will be used to reward the following

  • 30% for building BanklessDAO branded Minidapps in Collab. Land.
  • 20% to other collab land-related future contributions.
    The tokens will be distributed through the Thrive rewards program, Grants Committee or a combination.
  1. The 100% of claimed tokens will be delegated to our meta-governance group DAOstewards.eth while awaiting distribution. DAOStewards will be active in Collab—land governance from the get-go.

  2. BanklessDAO treasury and DAOstewards will enforce a self-imposed lockup for up to 12 months from March 30.

The tokens are expected to be distributed to active contributors of the BanklessDAO community over 12 months.

  • The targeted group spreads from Dapp Developers and content creators of more than 15 languages of the media nodes of BanklessDAO.
  • The details distribution of 50% allocated to community incentives can change per BanklessDAO’s internal governance.


BanklessDAO allocates $BANK tokens grants for building projects aiming to spread the Bankless mission [more info]
The community rewards can be coupled with the ongoing $THRIVE rewards program.

What is the benefit of this distribution?

To Collab.Land

Qualified governance participation from DAOstewards.eth for the next 12 months.
Effective distribution of tokens for contribution to Collab. land
Expansion of Minidapps in the marketplace from banklessDAO contributors.

To BanklessDAO

  • BanklessDAO branded tools built on Collab land will provide broader outreach to the BanklessDAO brand
  • Provide additional incentives for contributions within BanklessDAO on collab land themed newsletters and multi-media content

Where will tokens be held once distributed by Collab? Land DAO? (Multisig, onchain DAO, etc)

The shared community treasury will hold the token for distribution: oeth:0x745ce2Af76E9a6EBa65CC0cAcaa9eA109bB7FaBd

Follow the Collab claim discussions in the #collabland thread under Daostewards.


Great work @0xbaer. Is the deadline really 1st of March? That’s in a few days? Seems like a tight turnaround for anything in a DAO




Interesting. Ok we better get it submitted then! Thanks again ser


Thanks for taking this on @0xbaer ! The deadline is tight.

Personally I feel we should earmark a large portion for long-term holding and governance participation. The rest could be distributed to projects looking to build bDAO x Collabland ecosystem through our existing grants process.

50% for HODL → delegated to DAOstewards
50% for internal grants

That being said, claiming the tokens is more important than quibbling over percentages, so if your post has support then I support it wholeheartedly !

Click that like, people!


@links now about 40% is HODL for the next 12 mths; the allocation for Ops isn’t locked up. If that’s also locked, the total amount will be 50% for governance. If GC is willing to allocate Collab then what I wrote aligns with your idea, isn’t it?


In full agreement:

Can’t believe that tight deadline, great work @0xbaer!


Just to be clear w/ this, I do want to work on these %s (70K tokens each to Ops and DAOstewards seems high), and I wonder if we actually have the technical chops left in the DAO to build great Collab dApps. I know folks like @nonsensetwice and @jameswmontgomery.eth can build dope bots, but not sure who else. Would be interested to get their take, esp in terms of capacity to build. Maybe more tokens need to be allocated to governance rather than building.

But for now, let’s claim and figure it out, unless we really have to be that specific in the initial proposal.


The 70K for Daostewards is to interact with the governance of collab land directly; reducing that even further won’t attract any talent in doing governance work; the reason why me only taking up DAOstewards Ops and not the on ground Governance on safe or Op is due to reduced comp. still, the work streams have many hurdles, which need a lot of push from the original members, like me or @Jengajojo, to get the basics sorted.

The allocation for Ops is on goodwill for maintaining the infra. So adding that to the treasury isn’t a hard sell to me.

In an ideal world, we shouldn’t distribute any of the tokens and add to the AUM of BankelssDAO,

I agree the Dev guild isn’t on top of their game ATM and IMO we should support the development of that guild to have more meaning full products from the DAO.


I like having collab tokens but have no interest in their tool.

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Thanks for coordinating this @0xbaer and DAOStewards


I totally get the need for paid governance (I’m taking on the OP lead for DAOstewards, as you know, which has some potential for compensation if done well) - the 10% number just seemed high, but that’s my reflexive take, and I would agree that it’s important to compensate well enough to maintain the interest in the workstream and to also help DAOstewards be more self sufficient. Thanks for the pushback ser.

As for Ops, I’d be curious if they would just spread it to present contributors, use it for retro, or hodl. But probably a good poll question to gauge community sentiment on it.


I agree with Links in general but I’ll focus my feedback on the builder side of things.

I think that the GC should have an allocation specifically for projects that would build with Collabland mini apps. This is a new ecosystem that we haven’t quite explored yet, but no doubt opportunity exists there. Governator had already intended to investigate and this provides further incentive.

That said, we just have no idea if there is a good fit to build something, so maybe DAOstewards can hang on to the budget and use it for governance until GC requested. tbh I think the entire amount delegated to DAOstewards (minus any explicit payment) should be subject to recall by dao consensus anyway.

All to say: some dev incentive pool should exist while we try to figure out what we could build.


Great start. for bDAO, I would rather we lean quite heavily into what we do best. Media & onboarding. I say we find ways to maximize our media machinery to impact the entire ecosystem. while it’s great to include encouraging the building of mini-apps, I would think of that as post secondary. As more Apps get built within the ecosystem. the need for a very solid education and onboarding mechanism will be as important as building the Apps themselves. that’s where I see bDAO shining and providing immerse value.
Can academy create courses for the ecosystem?
Media nodes education & onboarding plans?
Education department shipping the “How-tos” & “Knowledge-session” system for ecosystem. etc, etc.
Writer’s guild spinning up newsletter for the eco?

infact, these can be initially funded with a part of the airdrop. and if executed properly, there can even be a potential to secure ongoing funding to support some of these initiatives once the airdrop funds earmarked for that rans out.


I gotta say, I really, really like your thinking here - lean in to what we do best while furthering our mission. Would also provide a way to disburse tokens to the community without blanket allocations. Building value for the DAO and the ecosystem - win/win, some would call it a TD, a touchdown for @thinkDecade! :football:



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Let’s do this and get 'er did. Thank you. Agree with Links as usual.

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I agree we should be leaning into onboarding and media around web3 tooling. Let’s get that next 100mm people on the rocket ship!

Overall I think the proposal is solid but the allocation and focus could use some work, and I agree we should just submit something to make the deadline. I’m sure the Collab.Land team will be happy to let us adjust distribution based on community feedback.


I agree with this I think this would be great value to Collab land ( having media content that can best promote them and their ecosystem or tell their story), this might also be inline with some of their product priorities. I agree I think we should lean into what we can produce today as we have many talented content creators in the DAO - also do what we do best.


agree with hirokennelly that 10% seems a bit high for Ops and DAOstewards, not saying that they should not get some part, but it does seems as overpaying

additionally, distribution after 12 months to active participants is a bit unclear, and subjective
IMO, L1 status should be used for distribution, and would have positive influence on BANK token price, because almost no utility for BANK is where we stand at the moment

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