Alphaday <> Bankless Community Board Contribution

Hi all,

Thanks for taking the time to read this, we’re incredibly excited to show off something we’ve created for the BanklessDAO community by eager members. This isn’t a grant/funding related topic just a tool we think is pretty useful and we’ve curated for this fantastic community.

The Bankless DAO dashboard:
Get ready to streamline your bankless journey with our new dashboard listing!

:arrow_right: Discover the latest proposals,
:arrow_right: Stay ahead of the game with updates
:arrow_right: Track the performance of $BANK
:arrow_right: and much more!

The dashboard itself can be found here:

We’re incredibly open to feedback and suggestions, anything you like or don’t like please do let us know!

From one team of web3 enthusiasts to all of you, thank you!

I really like the idea of this. Getting a 404 error code on the page

Sorry about this hiccup, we had a small glitch and had to redeploy our production environment. It should work now

It doesn’t, same error sorry!

i personally don’t need another app to check