Bankless DAO & List of DAOs collab -Simple DAO Directory

Bankless & List of DAOs Collab

Title: DAO Directory-A Bankless DAO & List of DAOs collab :bulb: :handshake:
Authors: johne#5671 & erinr#7860
Related Guild/Squad: DAOlationships, senad.eth
Date: Aug 23, 2022


  • Collab between List of DAOs and Bankless DAO (bDAO) to create a directory of DAOs.
  • Simple Directory to be used by DAOlationships Guild.
  • bDAO members can submit to get their favorite DAOs listed on the list and earn a small amount of Bank (25 Bank Tokens…can be adjusted to a higher amount if preferred).
  • bDAO members can submit to research/archive DAOs who have completed their mission or are no longer active to ensure accurate information in the market.


Why are you making this proposal?
This proposal was born when I saw the “DAO index channel” and DAOlationships Guild. At the List of DAOs we also value relationships and are growing our directory reaching out DAO by DAO. By combining efforts and aligning these ideas, community members can collectively build a more comprehensive List of DAOs.

What problem or opportunity does this proposal target?
If DAOs don’t have the “metrics” (i.e. community or money) they often do not get the awareness or traction of bigger DAOs. This is particularly problematic when it comes to diversity and inclusion, where underrepresented minorities are typically not funded the same as their majority counterparts or do not have access. It is why we started the List of DAOs and focus on mission. We want to bring awareness to all DAOs.

What are the driving factors behind why you think this is a good idea?
We believe this collaboration is a good idea because it aligns with the values of Bankless. We grew List of DAOs from 0 DAOs to over 200+ one-by-one- doing the hard work and building relationships (Not pulling APIs).


How does this project help the DAO achieve its mission and align with it’s values?
Bankless DAO’s values include Education, Integrity, Decentralized Governance, and Culture. We want to bring awareness to all DAOs, provide simple information and education, allow that directory to be supported by members, and do so in a way that helps the web3 community grow and collectively better itself.


The What
We are proposing a collaboration between List of DAOs, Bankless DAO members, and the DAOlationship Guild to integrate the List of DAOs as the DAO directory for Bankless DAO. The List of DAOs is already established with over 200+ DAOs listed, so no development cost is needed as the product is in place. A submission document will be created and placed in the DAOlationships channel that can be used to submit a DAO to be added to the directory. Upon form submission by a Bankless DAO member, the DAO will be vetted by the List of DAOs team to ensure it has members, is functioning as a DAO, has proper links, etc. Once approved, the DAO will be added, and the member who submitted it will be given a small amount of BANK Token (5-25). Likewise, members can earn BANK token by submitting a DAO to be archived and updated. This could be because a DAO has met it mission or is no longer active.**

Bank Token
This proposal requests 35,000 Bank tokens, the current cost of one membership, to start. 35,000/25 (BANK given to each submission) is around 1400 DAOs that can be listed. We list about a DAO a day on the List of DAOs, so this project has a span of approximately 4 years, or 1400/365. Members can submit multiple DAOs to be approved or archived but all submissions must be vetted.**

Benefits of collab to the Bankless DAO- The proposed benefits of this collab are:

  • The BANK tokens go directly back to the members.
  • Collab creates a living DAO Directory that focuses efforts with List of DAOs. List of DAOs staff will not be eligible to submit/archive DAOs and receive BANK.
  • bDAO free ad on List of DAOs, change Logo to add " Red Line" and link that goes to DAOlationships Channel.
  • bDAO members get whitelisted on NFT membership (reduced cost for bDAO members)
  • Every Decentra-List membership NFT sold within the 1st year of release 10% of proceeds will go to DAOlationships Guild Wallet.

Benefits of collab to the List of DAOs- The proposed benefits of this collab are:

  • List of DAOs becomes more decentralized with community-driven participation.
  • List of DAOs gets identified as a partner with Bankless DAO on website.
  • List of DAOs identifies as official community DAO Directory of Bankless.
  • Two Champions from List of DAOs receive bDAO memberships for 4-years of work.

Financial Implications

Funding requirements- In total, this proposal requests 105,000 BANK Tokens. 35,000 will be used to distribute to members, and 70,00 will be used to provide two memberships to johne#5671 & erinr#7860. Since the List of DAOs will be hosting the directory and Listing the information, we would like to become full-time members of the Bankless DAO and specifically work with the DAOlationships team. Memberships will be our form of payment for hosting the directory and managing submissions. No other costs are associated with this.

Funding Calculations- Using 35,000 BANK as a starting point and giving back 25 Bank to each DAO approved will last this project approximately 4 years 35,000/25 (BANK)=1400 DAOs listed. 1400/365(DAYs) =365. We typically List DAOs after a vetting process and announce them on business days (Monday-Friday). Tokens will be given as tips through collab join, and we bill given in the DAOlationships channel for full transparency. The idea is simple and should last for approximately four years.


Success will simply be measured by the number of DAOs submitted by Bankless Members. These numbers can be tracked transparently and announced at AMA or DAOlationships weekly meetings. This tracking will be included in the partnership with the memberships for johne#5671 & erinr#7860.


  • Bankless DAO will get a free ad on List of DAOs that links to website or Discord.
  • List of DAOs gets identified as partner with Bankless DAO on website.
  • List of DAOs becomes official community DAO Directory supported by Bankless DAO members.


  • Set up submission form in DAOlationships channel.
  • Announce partnership
  • Add advertisement to List of DAOs/ Bankless websites (coordinate with marketing)
  • Erin and John become members
  • Funds put in wallet or allocated to give back to members
  • Announce the start of program and receive DAOs vetting process begins.


What does the form look like / how detailed will it be?
The form will be simple to use, and, all members will have access. We have a form already on List of DAOs, but will have to add in a member Discord name to attribute Bank to.

Will submissions appear in a public list as soon as they are submitted?
Submissions will appear on a public ledger but must be vetted by the List of DAOs team prior to being added to the website.

Is there any sort of guarantee you two will keep your L1 membership?
Yes!! We need them to run the submissions and be in the channel to answer questions and provide updates! It is also just bad Business tactics to ask for a membership then leave. We are not that. Relationships are key, and we are working on List of DAOs as our full-time jobs. We want to be here :100:

We already have a lot of time invested into the DAOlationships CRM. Are there plans of integrating the two?
No plans to integrate the two have been proposed to the List of DAOs team. List of DAOs is a simple tool but could be upgraded based on feedback! We have talked with community members though and could see the CRM being the detailed directory versus the List of DAOs being the simple onboarding site.

If we do use the List of DAOs as our CRM, how will you decentralize to assure we don’t lose access in case of accident or emergency?
We can give emergency access to DAOlationships Guild Coordinator. This will ensure at least three members have access.

Do you have any plans to integrate wallet connections into your platform?
Yes, we have an active application with Raid Guild and the wallet connect locations has already been placed on the website and is visible today.


When we list a new DAO on the List of DAOs, we sometimes say “Welcome to the fam!” and we mean that! The List of DAOs was started by a family and we want to include as many DAOs in that as possible.

Erin is the WOMS- Wizard :magic_wand:of Misc. Stuff at List of DAOs (hence the Harry Potter Chippi). She is a Co-Founder of the List of DAOs, Creator of the Decentralized Diary and previously was an Occupational Therapy and Director of Clinical Affairs @ a Telehealth company. Education- MS: Occupational Therapy; BS: Social & Behavioral Sciences.

John is the “The DA”- Dream Alchemist💡. He is the Co-Founder of List of DAOs and has over 14 years of military service. Education- Bachelor’s: Marketing /Management; Master’s: Leadership & Business Ethics; Master’s: Organizational leadership.

Finley is our dog! He is the COBR- Chief of Belly Rubs :dog: at the List of DAOs and is currently Undoxxed a.k.a “undogxed”.

**senad.eth :black_flag:#8782-is going to put the poll option for this proposal. The option to add a poll was not showing up for some reason.

Here are the slides I made as well:

Lastly we want to thank you for your time and this, and we hope the community will consider our proposal!

John & Erin

List of DAOs direct site- List of DAOs
Twitter: @ListofDAOs

  • Nice detailed proposal, just curious as to how the list will be different than one’s already created by others? eg: DAOHQ - Discover DAOs

  • How will the content, a part from being listed be valuable to DAOlationships - will it just contain general information or be tied maybe to the services we are trying to offer as BDAO (which I know is something DAOlationships works on) to be able to target better other DAOs?

You also don’t need to be a member to partner in DAOlationships, you can just get the tag (as Ambassadors). Not sure about just giving away membership for working on a project developed by outside members. Since many of us earned that L1 status from grinding in DAO work.

Would love to see some more tangible KPI’s and Success metrics.

  • Yes, let’s do it!
  • Maybe, I have a question…
  • No, NGMI!

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Thanks for posting the poll Senad! So weird it wasn’t allowing the option. I also want to thank you for the talk. You did it even though you weren’t feeling good, and I appreciate that! :100:

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Thanks Feems!

  1. We are differentiating by reaching out to DAOs and putting mission over metrics. Since our launch others have adopted this concept. I have talked to DAOs who haven’t been able to get listed on other platforms because their DMs are not seen, they are too small to be noticed, or they do not have a big enough treasury. Essentially creating a reinforcing loop seen in the modern VC world.

This is where that relationship piece comes in. Forming relationships takes time and effort, and we believe in doing that 1-by-1. Other sites you have mentioned have thousands of DAOs, but we have focused on building relationships. This is why we have 200+. We started off differently intentionally, and that aligned with our values. I didn’t use a logo without permission from a mod or team member and always looked for confirmation. I can assure you that has not happened on other platforms. That means we have personally talked to 200+ DAOs and counting. We have literally been knocking on doors and discords. Lol. Because of this, we have built a large network of connections that could be beneficial for DAOlationships and BDAO as a whole.

We don’t want to be the Worlds largest DAO directory. We want to be the world’s most trusted and used or the “go to site for DAOs”. We believe that happens by forming relationships, not listing numbers.

  1. I just listened into the DAOlationships weekly and I think the DAO directory and the CRM could have some potential links for sure! To get more specific, I think the accounts piece in particular. There are likely DAOs on the list of DAOs that may not be in the CRM accounts and vice versa. A collab in my mind just makes sure we are aligning and allows members to contribute and earn. Put simply, I see the List of DAOs being the simple version/onboarding and the CRM (managed by members) being the tracking mechanism of relationships and communication). The first step in learning or seeing a DAO could be the directory. Ensuring we are maintaining and on top of those could be the CRM.

Regarding the memberships, I hear you on the Ambassador pass. Erin and I would be doing this for four years based on this proposal and we think this would be reasonable for managing what we do. We try to put attention to detail and hard work in everything we do and think we are worth it. I also want to say that this has nothing to do with discrediting any previous work. You earned your membership and let us do the same by working hard for Bankless!

Lastly, there are competitors out there for sure, but I honestly believe we embody the Bankless values and wouldn’t be here if we didn’t believe it would be a good fit.


I think this project can bring value to the DAO but I have to second @feems that I don’t think a membership should be financed through a grant.


When I think about how grant funding is ultimately used, many DAO members became members from receiving remuneration from grants. The only difference I see here is that the membership will come up front, as opposed to being earned throughout a season as some DAO members earned theirs. I’m not opposed to compensating them for the work they do. If compensation leads to membership - great!! That’s ultimately the DAO way right?

Maybe we should only open grant funding to current members? I think that could avoid this issue of membership financed through grant funding.

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I have been supportive of these 2 fine young people from day 1 with their efforts. I believe in them and follow them on Twitter. John’s a fine dedicated writer and Erin is moving full time into the web 3 world. I believe in them and their values alignment with bDAO. The list will help create value serve Daolationship sell and bring even more growth through collaboration. As one who worked hard from Season 0 thru 2 before earning back my membership I have no problem with them using a proposal and the grants committee for membership. They will be solid contributors. Hard workers learning and showing us the grew.


Hey Paul! Hope all is well. I hear your concern. I tend to agree with Apollo though on this in terms of “The only difference I see here is that the membership will come up front, as opposed to being earned throughout a season as some DAO members earned theirs. I’m not opposed to compensating them for the work they do. If compensation leads to membership - great!! That’s ultimately the DAO way right?”

We see building relationships as one on one talks versus pulling the numbers and that is going to take work…the kind of work we want to do and have been. This is also an argument to why List of DAOs may be a better fit than other tools. We are here doing the work and want to be here.

One thing I was thinking of to maybe address this is a contingency…if we don’t act on what we are doing by actively working on this, then funds get sent back or something… or our membership is taken if we don’t go the four years.

I am just going to be honest with you though…we want to be here…and its just bad PR and a bad idea in general from my perspective if the group who runs the list of DAOs submits a proposal and then doesn’t follow through on it. I hope you can tell from my experience on the about us slide that that is not us.

I also did the membership up front versus us getting paid in the BANK per DAO…i think that would be unfair as we are doing this daily (full time) and we add and vet DAOs daily…this idea is to prioritize community submissions which we feel like helps build a better directory.

I see this as getting two killer members, empowering submissions of DAOs…and then building out the CRM to monitor who is talking to the DAO…when did we last talk…what are opportunities for collab etc

Thank you for the kind words! Can’t say how much this means to us.

For those maybe who haven’t seen Erin’s story, I have my “Dear Web3” article attached. A big thank you to the GMN crew for including it in the weekly Wei a while back.

Great answer to feems question. That was my main question.

If there’s going to be the goal of hundreds of DAOs I’d like to know more about possible sorting filters such as date of creation, categories for purpose, etc.

I think the ask in this case is fairly reasonable in terms of the amount of bank, but would like to echo what apollo has said. Maybe the memberships should be awarded after certain kpi’s are met? Half of each membership perhaps up front followed by twice as much bank given towards their memberships as is given back for each added to the list?

Example: 25 BANK given to whom ever adds a DAO to the list, then 50 each goes back to johne#5671 & erinr#7860

That multiplier is just something I pulled out of thin air so not necessarily my final suggestion, more suggesting that sort of mechanism. Perhaps even 5k bank to each up front because I feel like the scope of work here is being underestimated. Especially if the list is to be maintained or sorting filters to be added.

Hey AustinFoss,
Thanks for the response. We 100% can do more sorting filters like date created. We actually already have those numbers just not seen on the sight. We also have a last updated filter which could be useful if we get this integrated with CRM.

Right now we have 25 tags but can add more to the community’s liking or adjust the ones we have as well. Lots of flexibility there, I think we could include this on the forms or maybe do a gap analysis to see which ones would be helpful every year. We do track this informally now.

I like the idea of a half membership too. Then paying a specific amount per DAO until we reach the second membership. I think that is a great compromise between some of the thoughts here and keeps the accountability. Thanks for the scope of the work comment too. We do this every day and it does take a lot of time and effort so we appreciate that! I hope this helps answer some of the questions.

Thanks again

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Hey Austin,
For some reason, my first response didn’t attach to your questions but just wanted to let you know I replied below or I guess above now lol.
Thanks John

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I got an email for both anyway being subbed to the thread!

Awesome! Disregard my comment then about sorting that, I just wasn’t familiar enough with the infra already setup. I guess the only thing I’d still like then is a sort by date the DAO was created, but at that point I’m just being picky lol

Updated my vote to yes for taking my suggestion regarding compensation into consideration. Cheers!

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Thanks for your detailed response :slight_smile:

I have a some more questions though:

  1. How long will the BanklessDAO ad be live on your site?
  2. How much is a NFT membership? What will be the price for bDAO members?
  3. Why did you choose to give 10% of NFT sales to the DAOlationship guild instead of the bDAO treasury?

Hey Paul!
No worries & keep them coming! I am going camping in Colorado today until Sunday so if I don’t get back to you by then I am not ignoring you! Just don’t have service lol.

  1. For the entire 4 years or until the bank runs out! I hope though, after this time the directory will become an asset for both parties and we form a long-term relationship! Also, I think NF Thinker and I talked about the ad very briefly… but would love for the marketing Guild’s input on this as well so they can adjust the ad to the communities liking.

2 & 3. We are going to use precedence on this. See twitter link below. While an official price hasn’t been determined yet we are going to use the same type of structure Good Morning News did. They used:

May 23 - Writers Guild Mint - 0.04 eth
May 30 - Bankless DAO - 0.06 eth
June 6 - Public Mint - 0.08 eth

Since we are doing this for the entire first year (“* Every Decentra-List membership NFT sold within the 1st year of release 10% of proceeds will go to DAOlationships Guild Wallet.”) we decided on 10% and to simplify it a bit (GMN used 20%…see months above). Also, every Bankless member will be whitelisted. So I think the structure would look more like this :

Bankless DAO members - 0.0X eth (all whitelisted)
Public Mint - 0.0X eth (higher than BDAO member price)
(10% of Decentra-List membership NFT sold within the 1st year of release 10% of proceeds will go to DAOlationships Guild Wallet.)

I went with just DAOlationships because I think that is where it fits in best but would be open to doing a split 5 and 5 if the community prefers.

I hope this helps!

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Amended hybrid proposal **based on DAOlationships call 8-29-2022

Funding requirements- In total, this proposal requests 105,000 BANK Tokens. 35,000 will be used to distribute to members, and 70,00 will be used to provide two memberships to johne#5671 & erinr#7860.

This proposal will take a hybrid “work to earn” approach. John and Erin will share one membership and will work to earn the second membership. Proposal structure is as follows: For every DAO submitted 25 bank will go to the Bankless Member who submitted the addition or removal of the DAO. 75 Bank will go to the second membership for John and Erin. 35,000/75 is approximately 466 DAOs that will be listed. This structure incentivizes the continued progression of listing DAOs and ensures accountability.

Since the List of DAOs will be hosting the directory and Listing the information, we would like to become full-time members of the Bankless DAO and specifically work with the DAOlationships team. Memberships will be our form of payment for hosting the directory and managing submissions. No other costs are associated with this.