Amendment: KeeperDAO x BanklessDAO Talent scouting partnership

Authors: @jakeandstake, @siddhearta, @AboveAverageJoe
Squad: @jakeandstake, @siddhearta, @AboveAverageJoe, @DaddyMatty, @Kouros , @MW
Champion: @jakeandstake
Date Created: 2/2/2022
Date Posted: 2/2/2022

Original Proposal Summary

BanklessDAO (bDAO) and KeeperDAO (KD) have formed a Talent Scouting partnership to leverage the collective talent of bDAO to help recruit full time contributors to KD. To incentivize this partnership, KD has created a referral program where they will pay bDAO a fee equal to ten percent (10%) of the first-year salaries for any successful placements made by bDAO (“Placement Fee”).

Note: because KD offers new hires the option to take compensation in the form of ROOK (KD’s native token), the actual value of the placement fee will be determined by the agreed-upon salary value in USD as of the hire date.

To further incentivize the bDAO community, KD is prepared to pay additional bonuses for certain milestones reached as part of this collaboration. The bonus tiers are as follows:

  • 5 successful placements made by bDAO - $25,000
  • 10 successful placements made by bDAO - $50,000
  • All listed positions placed by bDAO over a 3 month period - $100,000

Proposal Amendment

As part of the original proposal, bDAO agreed to assist in the coordination of this proposal by identifying contributors within bDAO and KD that would execute this partnership. The application period for bDAO members to apply as a coordinator resulted in no applicants, resulting in Above Average Joe temporarily taking over this role. Above Average Joe reached out to the Newsletter Team to assess whether they could take over driving this initiative and executing this referral program.

The original proposal stated that BanklessDAO marketing channels would be utilized via the Community Calls and newsletters to highlight open positions within KeeperDAO on a regular basis. In order to properly manage the referral program, it is necessary to maintain and update open positions, as well as track referral placements. Both of these coordination layers can be executed and managed by the Newsletter team, which will be serving as the primary marketing channel.

The original proposal stated that 10-30% of the 10% referral fee would be paid to the Coordinator as a placement fee, with the remaining 70-90% going to the BanklessDAO treasury. Since the Newsletter Team will be the primary driver and execution layer for this program, we propose the following amendments to the referral program payment structure:

All referral fees go to the BanklessDAO treasury first and will be distributed later.

  • 10% Referral Fee (Pallet, DAOPunks, BanklessDAO Member, etc)
  • 10% Coordinator (Jake and Stake)
  • 15% bDAO Treasury
  • 65% Newsletter Team

Why the Newsletter team?

The Newsletter Team has stepped up to lead this initiative, will be accountable for its success, and was intended to be the main avenue for promoting this opportunity.

The Newsletter team will do a BANK buyback with a portion of the funds.

The Newsletter Team has the reach to drive this referral program and is a natural entry-way for Bankless DAO members to access this program. The State of the DAOs newsletter already has a standing Job Opportunities section, and the Weekly Rollup has a Get Involved section for people who want to get plugged into DAO’s. Each of these newsletters averages 14-16k views each week.

The primary challenge of a referral program is tracking referrals. In order to maximize revenue opportunities, it is necessary that we have a process by which we can enroll and track candidates through the placement process. The Newsletter Team will be working with KeeperDAO to develop the necessary tracking and coordination elements. Over the long term, the Newsletter Team will be monitoring and highlighting open positions.

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