BanklessDAO - Balancer campaign

Read the proposal: Title: BanklessDAO - Balancer campaign - Google Docs

Authors: @Eagle, @Grendel

Date: 27 August 2021


We propose to establish an educational and marketing partnership between BanklessDAO and Balancer.

In the framework of its grants program, Balancer declared to be ready to award up to 10k to Bankless DAO + some incentives for a liquidity mining program.


Bankless DAO is strongly committed in its educational purposes and considers Balancer one of the most innovative and reliable DeFi protocols. Some members of the Bankless DAO outbound-grant-squad therefore decided to apply for a Balancer grant.

Balancer has approved a grant proposal presented by @eagle and @grendel for up to 10k USD to be paid in BAL + some incentives for a liquidity mining program.

Balancer has asked to present a program with the indication of milestones, which will be connected to part payments. The organization of the work requires a prior consent of the community.


The mission and values of Balancer are aligned with what Bankless DAO considers fundamental in guiding people towards an economically more inclusive and independent life.


We propose the realization of:

  • educational content (textual and graphical) explaining Balancer’s main features and the advantages of 80/20 pool solutions;
  • a shared marketing campaign, to promote the values of BanklessDAO and Balancer and to advertise the pool, also including contests;
  • incentives for subscribing to the 80/20 pool at Balancer.

(The educational content created could be subsequently absorbed into Bankless Academy or to create a static form of educational content that can be shared both online and via slides and documents.).


The total expected to carry out the educational, marketing and incentive campaign is 340,000 BANK. Balancer’s grant will cover apx. 50% of the costs.

The breakdown of the expected costs is as follows:

Champions: @Eagle, @Grendel50 hours = 50K BANK

Resources needed:

  • Edu + Writers + Designers: 140 hours = 140K BANK

  • Pool specialist: 15 hours = 15K BANK

  • Analyst: 15 hours = 15K BANK

  • Campaign, PR+influencers: 50K BANK

  • Liquidity incentives for the pool: 70K BANK

  • Total: 340K BANK

  • GRANT: 10K USD = ab. 160K BANK (0,0625 USD)

  • To fund: 180K BANK


The BanklessDAO logo will be used in educational content and in the marketing campaign.


The aim of the campaign is:

  • educational, therefore impossible to measure with certain metrics

  • to create awareness about the existence of the BANK/WETH pool and its functioning

It will therefore be possible to link the success of the campaign with the eventual success of the pool (although this would not be the main focus of the project)


  • Present a program with milestones to Balancer
  • Involve community members in the project: We aim to create a team that brings together veteran and new members, so as to allow more and more people to participate in the work of the DAO and projects.
  • Create the requested output
  • I agree
  • I do not agree

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@Eagle is a Law Professor and Attorney with a European juridical background. He teaches topics related to blockchain and emerging digital technologies. He is trying to ameliorate his technical knowledge of DAOs and smart contract solutions.

@Grendel s an IT entrepreneur who designs and implements fungible and non-fungible tokenization blockchain projects. He is a counterpart to BanklessDAO and other DAOs and a Polygon Advocate.


This proposal is put forward by 2 of our star contributors and advances the mission, values and purpose of why I participate in this DAO. I have watched Balancer grow into a strong platform and I have confidence in their team based on their performance to date. This gets the bDAO name out and about and will generate onboarding.


Seems reasonable and well thought out. Education and Awareness likely two important missing pieces in this scenario, so the proper tools to educate are needed for the PR and marketing to work. I support.


Totally aligns with everything we are doing. Smashed the LOVE button.


So happy to see this progressing!

There is a big push now at Balancer on improving the docs (particularly developer-focused). The generality of Balancer as an AMM platform does lead to some complexity, and anything that helps convey the powerful features in a natural and engaging way will benefit both communities.

I’m happy to be the Balancer tech contact here: worked on V1 and now V2 smart pools, and deployed the pool.


Balancer and Bankless DAO are aligned in their mission! Let’s do this.


Hi, did you deployed the BANK pool in Balancer?

Yes; without knowing there would be a proposal to do what I already did :slight_smile: Looks like my thinking was very close to the independent proposal. The fee’s higher than the proposal, but it has a delegate owner, so can be changed through governance / dynamically managed by Gauntlet to optimize LP returns.

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Great, please ping me in Discord

In order to clarify the proposal, it was drafted talking with @LuukDAO and referring to @GavWan proposal.:

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Following the approval of:

We will work on a common proposal for the GC that will include features of both:

  • Bigger campaign
  • More work on the specs / mechanics and frontend of the pool
  • More incentives

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