Bankless DAO NFT Sales compensation and budget

Bankless DAO NFT Sales compensation and budget

Authors: @Kouros, @Crypto Bushi, @Satoshis_Mom

Date: 07/06/2021


To seek compensation from NFT sales carried out by the NFT Auctions team (Kouros, Crypto Bushi and Satoshi’s mom). Also to have an operational budget.


We want to help the world go bankless.

This is achieved through carefully curated pieces that have some symbolism related to Bankless, the blockchain, Ethereum, DeFi etc. So, any follower of this movement can be related to the art offered and have the chance of owning it.

We need revenue streams for the DAO treasury. NFT sales are a great potential ongoing revenue source for the DAO if executed properly. This proposal will establish a compensation model that is in line with other projects in the DAO. At the same time to establish an operational budget that can be used to offer bounties for articles for blogs, marketing, etc


Building relationships with artists is very time intensive. We need to motivate the NFT Sales team to continually build and nurture relationships with artists to fill the DAO’s NFT sales pipeline for future drops.


The first NFT drop is scheduled for June 11th 2021. This will be Crypto Bushi’s NFTs and all proceeds will be split 30/70 between Crypto Bushi and the treasury. The team is not seeking compensation for this.

Moving forward, for all future NFT auctions carried out by the NFT Sales Team, we seek a 50/50 split of revenue generated for the DAO from NFT sales by the team.
Immediate. No funding needed.
We will provide 100% earnings transparency as every sale is recorded on the blockchain.


Networking, looking for the right artists, organising collaborations, promoting the auctions and executing them is hard work and time consuming. The team needs to be motivated long term in order to achieve more and make more profits for the DAO.


Vote Yes, if you agree that the NFT sales team should get the proposed compensation and by extension be able to generate its own operational budget.

Vote No, if you don’t agree that the NFT sales team should get the proposed compensation and by extension not being able to generate its own operational budget.

Author Background

Experience in project management, business development and support. Initiated this project and teamed up with Crypto Bushi. Always looking for the next big thing. Works hard aligned with the DAO’s mission and dreams of a fairer Bankless future for all.

@Crypto Bushi
Crypto artist with real world experience in negotiations, marketing, & mergers and acquisitions.

Experience in growing, managing, and consulting for multiple 7 and 8-figure digital businesses in the e-learning space from 2017-2021, founder of NiftyMentor™ the first NFT mentorship platform, sold over 100ETH of created NFTs (STONEY’s) in less than 6 months – Rarible – Create, sell or collect digital items secured with #blockchain –

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Would be a good idea to make some sales before requesting operational budget.

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I want to be sure I understand the proposal correctly. To confirm, is this proposal seeking 50% of funds going to the treasury when a sale happens? So for example, if it was 50/50 between artist & DAO, the proposed split would be:

50% - Artist
25% - DAO Treasury
25% - NFT sales team

Is this correct? Sorry if this is obvious or not, I just want to be sure.


That is correct. The percentage the DAO gets is split evenly between the NFT sales team and the Treasury.

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If the distribution works as @Oktal’s comment suggests, they will be paid a % after a sale is made.

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I want to introduce an opinion for reflection, since the DAO Bankless proposes to be a decentralized bank, which obviously should generate income for all participants, I think that NFTs could be created in partnership with projects and artists, which would result in income for the community.
The projects aiming at marketing their products could contribute( x)tokens that could be staked to generate interest etc.
This is just a sketch of my idea, I know that there are people much more qualified than me to develop it.

I read something about an operational budget. This is unnecessary in my opinion.

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