Bankless NFT Sale for DAO on Customized and Unique Exchange

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David Hoffman :black_flag: Today at 2:36 PM

we definitely want Bankless themed NFTs and sell them via the Bankless DAO
huge opportunity right now
I would start by putting up some initial ideas into a channel somewhere and get some feedback

We will launch a unique (first of its kind) NFT for the Bankless DAO. The NFT will give the users access to a cool cubed-like NFT with a unique music track that plays in full for the owner. Bankless can be the first to launch on this unnamed innovative NFT exchange and in part customize the platform for purpose and launch. WE have intentionally invented some new functions for NFT consumption that we hope can be utilized to maximize the effect of your NFT drop.

Background and Motivation:
I started to build an NFT exchange to capitalize on the hype, but as I got started collaborating with artists, I realized there is a lot more to the NFT artistic movement than the money one can make. The NFT movement is defi at the core and the artistic community is going to be one of the greatest manifestations of that. And so my little exchange is on a new journey, to be the imagination platform for creative collaborators around the world. IN the interim, I would like to warm up the pipes so to speak, with some purpose based work like Bankless! Also, I think this is the perfect group to provide feedback on the exchange and how best to build it for the defi community at large, the artists within, who need Bankless as much as many :slight_smile:

Decentralized Exchange using a unique combination of ERC155 AND ERC721 to help with Batch processing, future workflow and the ability to fund minting and so forth.

The NFT platform in question is likely going to be ready within the next 2-4 weeks, assuming no further customization is required, but like I said, we are happy to explore customization options while our hood is up.

Features include batch image upload, in-flow mashing with music tracks, unique experiences for owners vs. non-owners, but the non-owner gets a feel for what they are buying, just a taste. The product (ERC721 NFT) is a cube that floats, can be spun/controlled and opened to expose the 6 artistic images and play a full music track that has been combined in the NFT. The images are owned by the cube owner. It’s really easier to demo, but hopefully, you get the idea.

Next Steps:
Live discussion about the NFT goals and opportunities. Let’s come up with some ideas together on how to go to market and what is needed relative to the goals of the DAO NFT. I can help shape the strategy and build the solution, so I do hope we can talk soon.

I would also be interested in discussing this in the context of the Bankless token as I would certainly stake based on this arrangement, but just need to understand how that is evolving better.

My Background:
A veteran digital Product and marketing executive in the tradfi/cefi space. Come to both disdain, yet appreciate the banking corporate structures, but really like the DAO and want to live into this structure more fully. I built an empowered digital marketing organization that operated on agile decentralized principles of empowerment that we manifested in “Agile”. it was as decentralized as we could get and our autonomy was subject to limited governance, so I do have experience shaping org structures in the way you are going and am a student first on this journey!

I love the NFT , the convergence of technology, art and culture if the most beautiful thing and I am inspired by your Bankless leadership and want to make this a big success!


I love all this. There is a huge opportunity with NFT.
Have a look at this, we could do something like this at some point.
this is 512ETH revenue in one pop

YES! Would love to see each image facet on this NFT cube represent a Bankless principle: In Defi We Trust!

agreed… we can definitely do a principled drop :slight_smile:

much thanks for sharing !

I’m moving this to archive.

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