BanklessDAO - Pickle Finance Marketing Campaign

Title: BanklessDAO - Pickle Finance Marketing Campaign

Authors: Gendel

Date: October 18 2021


Fund marketing campaign with Pickle FInance


The Marketing Guild does not have the funds to proceed with marketing campaigns. Each campaign will therefore be considered a separate project.


The marketing campaign carried out with Pickle Finance falls within the objectives of BanklessDAO.


The campaign will require:

  • One campaign manager
  • One copywriter
  • One designer

Than campaign will run for one week, each day BanklessDAO will tweet a different and original content.


  • One campaign manager, 7 days x 500 BANK = 3500 BANK
  • One copy, 7 days x 500 BANK = 3500 BANK
  • One designer, 3 different artworks x 1000 = 3000 BANK

Total 10000 BANK


Bankless DAO brand will be used in the campaign.


Tweets will be tracked in order to check engagement.

  • I agree to proceed with the campaign
  • I oppose it

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What is the marketing campaign and how does it align with bDAO values?

It is a marketing campaign that will take place on Twitter for a week (“Than campaign will run for one week, each day BanklessDAO will tweet a different and original content”) and will have as its theme the friendship between BanklessDAO and Pickle Finance who will make an announcement tomorrow during Crypto Sapiens.

BanklessDAO has already carried out several campaigns with friendly projects in recent months, in order to:

  • educate (BanklessDAO mission)
  • reach new users (BanklessDAO mission)
  • communicate (nature of BanklessDAO)

I believe this is because Pickle Finance purchased 300K USD in BED and this was part of our deal with them, right @Grendel ?

Correct, I did not want ti reveal it before Pickle Finance will do it directly :wink:

Can we have a poll added please?

Did Pickle mint it or buy BED? My recollection/understanding is that BanklessDAO only profit from new mints at 0.15%, so a profit to us of $450 (I think those numbers are correct). Did they pay above and beyond that for marketing?

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The marketing campaign with Pickle Finance was agreed with them as a sign of friendship. They won’t pay him, as happened last season with other projects and DAO.
A dedicated budget proposal for the BED INDEX campaigns will be published shortly.

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