BanklessDAO Multisig: Funding Pause and BDAO Reorganization

Was waiting for something like this for quite a while.

I strong agree, feel this is well thought out in terms of the ‘why/what’
I also greatly appreciate that it isn’t trying to be the ‘how’ inside this simple and to the point proposal. The ‘how’ is not multiSig mandate, it’s governance, workingGroups, and the DAO at large :muscle:

This is the proposal that provokes proposal that solve it. I’m behind the signers in generating the forcing function that hopefully will generate some quick to follow proposals the get us unstuck. My sense is that we’ve been in slow moving quicksand for quite sometime and this is the first proposal I’ve seen that says (hey we’re stuck, only thing worth doing/talking-about is how we get out of this as well as mission critical things like eating/breathing/hydrating)

bDAO strong – excited to see us move beyond this chapter soon

Correction: This proposal also has similar vibes and energy which I applaud too [PROPOSAL] Rescind the Snapshot Vote for the S10 GC