bDIP-02: Coordinated Timing Across BanklessDAO

Unless I am missing context, I don’t necessarily think that this is an issue that we can solve.
I looked into this to try to correct meetings that I am associated with. And became blocked by a few things.
Here is what I found:
bDAO uses Sesh

  1. Only the meeting creator can change the time on the meetings.
  2. The initial meeting is created based on the time zone that the person creating the meeting is in.

I do use the /list command often to view the schedule. That is in UTC and Sesh will then DM me the schedule in my time zone.

I wonder why it can’t just use the UTC time? Instead of remembering what time zone that I am in. It’s not about me, Sesh!

There is an option in sesh to change the time for repeat events from the creator’s time zone to UTC.

The problem is that many of our events are legacy events which have not been edited to enable this functionality.


@links thank you for your response. As usual it is very articulate and well-meaning.

FYI: I did put much thought into whether or not it was worth stirring the pot on this subject, at the end of the day, I obviously did, therefore I’ll elaborate.

We are now into Season 7 here at the bDAO. To your comment, you’re right this is a “massive” experiment in human coordination. However, when do we start to take the training wheels off and begin with accountability? As a start-up we can and should give leeway to much bigger things than a timing issue. In my follow-up post you will notice that I emphasized “minor”, because that is what this issue is, minor.

But I also believe it be one that we should be able to pull off at this point and time. It would show that we are being accountable. Accountable as a community to a proposal that was voted on and passed by the community.

Another reason why I decided to poke the bear on this issue was because it was unilaterally decided by one member to put the CC off by an hour. You talk about decentralization, yet one member unanimously makes a decision for the whole community. I’m not saying their decision was wrong, I am only highlighting what was actually done. bDAO has already had to deal with others who have made errant, unilateral decisions, that were not looked well upon by the community.

Does this not go against one of the key components of crypto in general as well as what a Decentralized Autonomous Organization is all about, decentralization?

I believe we’re all pulling in the right direction here. We just need to be better at the ways in which we are doing so.