Clean Cup Initiative: Execution Considerations

Author: nonsensetwice#3475 on behalf of Mad Hatter MGMT

This is based on this post: The Mad Hatter Announcement System, aka the Clean Cup Initiative

After reviewing feedback on this potential system, the Mad Hatter team is ready to begin building. However, we’re interested in understanding how you, the community, would make best use of this. Currently, we have two different approaches that we are exploring:


The workflow is simple: you open a web form, enter all the relevant information for your announcement in the provided fields, and submit the form. Mad Hatter would then gather all the information, compile it as necessary, and post at the scheduled time each day.

The drawback for this setup is that form entry would not capture role and user tags. In order for Mad Hatter to appropriately tag members and roles in the announcements, you would need to capture the numeric IDs of each member and role that would be tagged in your announcement.

The prep work for this method would be a little higher, as you would need to collect the IDs prior to submitting the form.


An alternative to the Entry Form is the in-channel flow. Rather than submit announcements via a web form, you would use a command to begin the announcement entry process. This method would allow you to create announcements as you normally do, entering all the information and tagging members and roles as usual, all within Discord.

The drawback to this method is that it may not feel as easy as utilizing a web form. However, the prep work will be minimal, as there is no need to acquire member and role IDs for this method.


Now, the question is: which do you prefer?

  • Entry Form All DAY
  • In-Channel Flow All the WAY

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In either case, Level 1, Level 2, and Guest Pass tags will be scrubbed from any announcements, due to the fact that this initiative is aimed at reducing these notifications. Per the original proposal, linked above, L1, L2, and Guest Pass will only be pinged twice per day: once at 0 UTC and again at 12 UTC. Over time, the idea is that we eventually build the habits in checking the announcements channel regularly, to one day eliminate these pings entirely. For more detail, read the proposal and peruse the comments there.


In case we go the entry form route, we could have a command on MadHatter to spit out a list of user ID’s to make that a quicker process, or possibly even forward that directly to the form. something like this: /announcement ping @user1,@user2, @role1


In channel flow, preferable to me

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i don’t understand why folks are getting tagged in announcements anyway, everyone should just be reading them. they are important. I don’t think we would need a bot to resolve this issue if folks understood how to actually craft appropriate announcements and use discord appropriately
Bots shouldn’t replace the need for someone to learn how to use an app appropriately. we are essentially paying for folks to remain ignorant

Agreed. We each, as individuals, should have a workflow that includes checking announcements as part of our workdays. However, this isn’t currently the case, and due to the various places and reasons for tags, we’re getting pinged regardless.

The benefit here is to provide a singular place to view announcements, and over time release the need for tags generally. While everyone operates differently in their day to day, we can come to some uniformity of how we consume this info.

You have opinions about this, but those are not shared across the DAO. However, in time, we can all operate similarly where tags will not be needed. But it will take community focus and effort. This initiative is the start of that.