Role and Guest Pass Reworking

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If you could please fill out this form about your opinion of the discord as of right now that would help a lot.

During my time at BanklessDAO I have noticed a lot of things about the Discord. For one the guest pass system is incredibly inefficient and can be easily reworked. I have also noticed that in order to get Level 1 2 or 3 status you have to have a certain amount of Bank. This might not be an option for individuals that don’t have as much money to spend on the project.

What I am proposing is that in addition to Level 1, 2 and 3 tiers we also add a role that indicates how long someone has been in the server. This would just show that we appreciate our members who have been in discord for a while. This role would not give any benefits,it would simply be a way to recognize people who have been in the discord for a significant amount of time. As for the guest pass system. I propose setting up a ticket bot ( where new members can make a ticket to get the guest pass so that it is easier for people to give new members a guest pass. I have noticed it is quite hard for Level 2 members to locate people who need a guest pass. This system would sort all individuals who need a guest pass into one easily locatable section.

Channel Permissions
In addition to this I have also noticed that members can view every guild’s channels . What I propose is that only people with a certain role can view the channel. When you react in #role-select you are given the role of whatever you select. Making the guild channels only visible to people who have the designated role would help clear up the discord and overall tidy everything up. Members do not need to be able to see guilds or projects they are not involved in. This is very easy to set up and can be done with the change of one setting under each channel’s configuration.

Guest Passes:
Just a little bit more about the guest pass system that I am proposing. How the ticket bot works is that we create a channel called “Guest Pass Application” . In said channel anyone who wants the guest pass can write whatever they want. All these applications are automatically sorted under one section where they are easy to find. While configuring the bot you can set what roles have access to view the tickets. From there when free Level 2 members can go in and if they feel that it is right give the applicant the guest pass they were in search off. This process is the same for guest pass renewing. After the role is assigned the members that are allowed to view the tickets can close the ticket and delete them. This prevents confusion when trying to get a guest pass. I am quite familiar with the ticket bot and it is an excellent and easy to use tool. I can provide tickettool training for anyone who needs it if this is in fact implemented.

The form results are as followed. Do you think that the BanklessDAO Discord roles are confusing? 22/28 voted yes. Do you think that the guest pass system should be reworked so that it is easier to acquire them? 23/28 voted yes. Do you think that the Level 1, 2, and 3 rank should be Loyalty Based and individuals with a significant amount of $BANK be awarded another type of role? 25/28 voted yes.

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Thanks for writing up your thoughts!

  • like the idea of an auto-updated “how long have you been here” role. It’s just one aspect of trust that’s useful. How does it know how long you’ve been around?
  • how is the channel permission proposal different from what already exists?
  • personally not a fan of the guest pass proposal. I think #get-involved is similar for getting your first guest pass, and after that you should be working closely enough with an L2 to get a renewal. There are def some improvements to be made to guest passes but I don’t agree with this one.

Feedback: perhaps add a poll to gauge interest in this proposal? I don’t think this proposal matches the template that exists on the forum.

Awesome work here edamame. I got a couple things:

  1. The ticketbot for guest pass is a great idea. I think would be good to have a self-select role for L2’s that the bot could ping in response to people posting in the ticket channel. That way we have someone who gets a ping about it. Think a general L2 ping would be disruptive but we still want to make sure guest passers get the help they need.

  2. hiding categories from most people would improve the discord experience i think. Can we include that the Firehose role will still be there for folks who work more inter-guild rather than intra- guild, or would just like to have access to everything.

Per your first point,

like the idea of an auto-updated “how long have you been here” role. It’s just one aspect of trust that’s useful. How does it know how long you’ve been around?

We could do a score weighted by coordinape allocations to represent “high-impact” contribs and a bot score to measure # of discord participations. The second part can still be gamed but less so if we weight more towards the “high-impact” part of the scoring.

Sounds good to me (Firehouse role). And yes an alert role would be great for ticket pings. Sounds good for the second part to. Thanks for your comments

Hey, thanks so much for writing ur thoughts

I am in bDAO for less than a month and as a new user I 1000% agree with the guest pass application alert (it will allow new members have a more smooth experience over the server)

I just love the channel permissions part, the server is BIG and as a new member trying to navigate it it’s not easy at first. I would include, that in the onboarding section channels a brief description of each guild so everyone can learn more about each one before hand

Very valid point that is a great idea.

Basically what i was talking about is you can only see the channels that apply for the role you selected. So if you are only part of marketing guild and ops guild you would not be able to view the Treasury Guild channels.

Hi, guest passes will be revised during Season 3. Lately the DAO voted on L1 L3 and L4 threshold and on guest passes renewals. You can find everything in the forum.
Channels are already gated, you can see them if you apart of a guild or you use the firehose tag.

I mean make it so you cannot even see the category, and what do you think about the guest pass ticket system?

That should be how it works now, unless you have the firehose tag.

Each guild’s category still shows up and takes up space in the channel sidebar even without that guild’s role. Would prefer to not see all the guild categories.

I am new and someone curious. I like to walk around the discussions of the guilds to learn what is happening in the DAO and I understand the prohibition of intervention. maybe the installation of a drop-down menu will facilitate navigation

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is it possible to get rid of those I’m not sure thats something that can be done with discord. I might be wrong though! I’ve tried it and didnt find a way but I didnt spend much time looking.

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Yes it is easily accomplished with discord role restrictions, this is what I meant by

I think that all of the community guild should share some of constructive suggestion to member even if they don’t have enough BANK

I wonder if there’s some mechanism where it could work almost as reputation based? Like time of member, maybe even member at what role level, post frequency, vote frequency, etc etc. Great idea!

One concern is that although the people who have been here for a long time are super trustworthy, it might lead towards only going to the highest scoring people first, which beyond potentially being an overwhelming load, might make it harder to become a respected member if it is only time based.

Perhaps it could have a cap, like a score up to 100 or up to 10 or something, where once you’re a respected member (as long as you keep it up) you just stay pegged at that level. I recall something along these lines as a governance tool, but not sure how I feel about just using reputation based voting.

Not trying to derail anything, just had a little free flow of thoughts there! Either way, I am in favor of some mechanism for this… Heck, MEE6 bot assigns people levels based on several of these factors I think.

What if we did quadratic voting with reputation? You can have higher and higher scores but your voting weight is only the square root of your rep.

So the small reps have a chance against the :whale: s

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