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Hey guys,

I happened to find a terrific educational site called that may have some collaboration opportunities with Bankless Education Guild. is a new online course to learn the fundamentals of crypto, NFT, and blockchain. The course is hosted on the website and will help crypto newbies understand the basics of crypto with interactive lectures, quizzes that test your knowledge, and a true NFT as a reward. I think it’s the perfect introduction for beginners who want to learn more about crypto. please check out this site, and give it a read (don’t connect main wallet for safety), should we get in touch with the maker of this site?

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I abstained until I can check both the site and content as well as the fren making the proposal. While no objection to collaboration would hope the proposal discussed among Edu Guild rather than from someone with great intentions but little guild involvement. I do not recognize a edu guild contribution, maybe I missed something. @Quietfox is the Edu guild work area Champion for season 4 and I would expect her content comments and discussion prior to a DAO wide proposal. Consensus flow is important to me in this space.


Took a look, cute and may be helpful but less impressed than needed to be in order to vote for collaboration. Fine effort but lacks what I think the bDAO wants to throw their name behind. Just one in many of the educational efforts to evaluate imho.

Hey, have you heard of Bankless Academy? :smile:

Right now we’re looking into how we can collaborate with guilds like Writers’ & Education to build quality content together.

We’re also working on our White-label product that will have free use for bDAO projects & guilds - Any internal initiative will be able to use our infrastructure to quickly build and host their own content + leverage our platform gamification features as they evolve.

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Thanks. that you shared a useful site. I’ve been doing cryptocurrency since a long ago, so I’m constantly learning something new on forums, training sites, and YouTube. You can find much interesting information in the public domain, although it is difficult to understand certain phenomena without practice.

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In addition, I am engaged in investments and trading. At first, making several trades simultaneously difficult, but thanks to the metatrader multiterminal, it became much easier to use multiple trading accounts. Technology is moving forward. I think we will soon be able to make deals in just a few clicks.

Hi, thank you for sharing a site where you can learn more about the Bankless Education Guild