Proposal: Solidity Training

Title: Solidity Training
Authors: zberwaldt#0699, hashedMae#2362
Squad: zberwaldt#0699, Pradhumna Pancholi#3700, DCBuildΞr​:bat::loud_sound:#2183, Birdman#5380, nonsensetwice#3475, turinglabs#2390
Date Created: 10/11/2021
Date Posted: 10/20/2021


The solidity learning group greatly enhances the abilities of the Dev Guild by training jr devs, onboarding sr devs to solidity development, and increasing general smart contract literacy among guild members. This will increase the skill floor of the guild, make more labor available for internal projects, and create opportunities to bring in revenue through consultations and contract work.

The current curriculum is slated to last for 20 weeks and is open for revision before the next group starts. The program aims to teach skills needed for a jr dev position and is not solely focused on solidity and smart contract development. Areas being covered include solidity (via CryptoZombies), javascript, git, and building contracts from scratch.


There is so much to learn about Defi and so little time to do it. Especially in a busy place like Bankless DAO. Knowledge sessions are a way to keep members learning and growing and innovating as we head west in this grand adventure.


Knowledge Sessions provides several benefits to the DAO.

  1. An avenue for members to continue to learn and grow
  2. Bonds - Knowledge Sharing is a social event and a way to bring guild members closer together.
  3. A avenue for Guest Pass holders to earn BANK to achieve full membership
  4. Foster innovation. Having social/educational events like the Knowledge Session could be the birthplace of the next big project that could change Defi as we know it forever, and it would be done here in Bankless DAO.


Knowledge Sessions, in simple terms, are 30-minute talks about topics of interest, aggregated from members of the Developer Guild and other DAO Members. Topics can vary widely from talks on how to use particular development frameworks to the technical aspects of Defi.

Talks are weekly, currently Tuesdays at 8 pm EDT. Sessions are recorded with both video and audio and hosted unlisted on youtube (currently my personal account). Unless explicitly asked not to by the keynote.

This is a DAO member-exclusive perk.


13 weeks of lessons

  • 1 Program Organizer (1 hour/week)
  • 2 Curriculum Authors (2 hours/ week)
  • 8 Group Mentors (1hour/week each)
  • Hours: 169 Hours

TOTAL: 169,000 BANK


Currently, no branding is used.

  • Yes
  • No

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Absolutely yes! Solidity training is vital in us promoting Web3 education and empowers us to build an asynchronous learning journey for new folks and a support group for them too. I hope we can just nest this under dev guild budget in the future.

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This is a very good idea!

zberwaldt, may you give us some backgound information about yourself? Which are your devs skills with solidity? Do you have prior experience in teaching and in the organization of courses?

Moreover, do you plan to attach the program to Bankless Academy? Who should be the trainees, people with 0 knowledge or people already familiar with dev?


I’ve been a self taught programmer for a decade plus. I do have prior experience teaching, specifically 1:1 tutoring in programming and related topics ranging from languages themselves to more high level subjects like problem solving that are programming language agnostic. I have not organized a formal course, but I am not doing this project alone.

@autodidacticAI is a Dev, who works in the Web3 space is serving as a cirriculum author. Along with @PradhumnaPancholi who is also a solidity dev.

Each of us act as mentors within the program. Along with @birdman and @richardg. Who are both experienced devs in their own right.

This is a service provided by the Developers Guild of Bankless.

Solidity learning is open to anyone and everyone.


Thanks for the clarification

for more context surrounding the curriculum.

It will be a long-format file on the BanklessDAO github that will act as a resource aggregator for everything web3 curated by me and other members of the DAO eventually.

I recently debated with @zberwaldt about what we consider someone that has successfully gone through the Solidity workgroup should know. Here are a couple of things that I believe are essential:

  • Solidity
  • HardHat
  • ethers.js (preferably) / web3.js
  • React (general frontend)
  • Scaffold-eth
  • EVM knowledge
  • best practices (security)
  • libraries (OpenZeppelin, DappTools, etc)
  • one big project (DEX, NFT marketplace, data dashboard, …)
  • optional: understanding of L2s, modular blockchain infrastructure, development on L2s (Cairo / Yul / zkEVM)
  • and more
  • React (general frontend)

Given that the focus is Solidity this one point seems to stand out just a bit. I’m not at all opposed to the idea of weaving in frontend for a contract. Just stuck out as ‘which of these is not like the others’

All together this sounds awesome!

If you are a Solidity dev, you are going to pretty much have to build a front end to interact with your dapp, at least to the point that you can use scaffold-eth to interact with your smart contracts. Testing it within ethers/hardhat/remix has its limits

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