Crypto Sapiens Season 7

Project Champion: humpty#6939

Squad: humpty#6939, EurekaJohn#2094, infinitehomie.eth :black_flag::hammer_and_wrench::test_tube:#4930, OrnellaWeb3​:black_flag:#1111

Latsan🏴#6466, Yofi A.#4816, Studio07#5466, Eridani#7377, Sprinklesforwinners#1125

Author: Sprinklesforwinners#1125

Date created: 01/20/23

Date posted: 01/20/23

Funds requested: None requested at this time

Project wallet(s):

Eth Multisig

Gnosis Safe

Own subDAO/Discord server: Crypto Sapiens


Crypto Sapiens hosts discussions with innovative Web 3.0 builders to help everyone learn about decentralized money systems including Ethereum, Bitcoin and DeFi. It empowers people with information to better understand the complex crypto ecosystem and go from crypto curious to crypto natives.


Crypto Sapiens is a leading operational podcast project of BanklessDAO, hosted by Humpty Calderon. It is a growing podcast in the network of web3 podcasts recorded weekly and distributed across all major media platforms including YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. Crypto Sapiens plays an essential role in supporting the Bankless mission by developing educational content that expands people’s understanding of the web3 ecosystem, including decentralized technologies and cryptocurrencies. We curate thoughtful and accessible discussions between crypto pioneers and crypto curious individuals with the aim of helping everyone gain the understanding they need to become crypto natives and find their niche within the space.


No additional financial implications at this time.

We request that we keep funding leftover from Season 6, as production will continue as we modify our sustainability outlook. (Approx. 600K BANK)

We will submit a proposal for funding when we can provide a substantiated budget along with a plan to add value to the BANK token.

Crypto Sapiens is currently in the process of developing a new compensation model.


  • Develop and ratify governing documents.
    • Yes/No
  • Develop plan to provide Utility to the BANK token.
    • Yes/No
  • Number of podcast episodes shipped


Crypto Sapiens is in the process of reviewing our budgeting system and ways to provide utility to the BANK token at this time.


is a BanklessDAO native project. We have incorporated the Bankless brand as a voice of the Bankless movement, as the Crypto Sapiens Podcast is produced in partnership with BanklessDAO. We continue to extend the mission, vision, and values by educating those crypto curious by providing knowledge, education and inspiration through stories of web3 and crypto pioneers and leaders.


Project Notion Page: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

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