Crypto Sapiens Season 8 Budget Proposal

One of the admins of the server has now been a party to concerning behaviors connected to this link:

Considering the circumstances, I would not feel comfortable by any means to support with this connection to the project by any means. I am always hopeful for crypto sapiens! But not if a person, who holds such a high rank as admin.

stop spreading fud. there is only one server admin on our server. for security reasons, that has always only been me. you are well aware of that.

thanks for your support and for continuing to grow with our organization.


You know me better than this. I wouldn’t be saying this if I did not see this.

KPIs for this season would continue to focus on media growth:

  • Twitter follower growth x 10%
  • YouTube subscriber growth x 10%
  • Podcast download growth x 20%
  • Newsletter subscriber growth x 100%

Most of podcast discovery happens organically on the platform. i.e. Spotify, Apple Podcast, etc. Twitter also helps to drive traffic to our website and RSS feeds.

We have streamlined our contributors to 8 key members:

We targeted 24 episodes. And 6 articles in our newsletter. We are almost halfway to both in pre-production now.

There a severe difference between FUD and the truth.

I am hopeful for crypto sapiens. Which is why it’s disappointing to see an important and much needed medium decided to take steps in this particular direction.

Anything you don’t agree with is not immediately fud. Don’t practice making those decisions.

I’ve made my decisions based off of I see, and the hope, love, and respect I have for the other members of crypto sapiens. You’ve had some truly amazing people in this network, and you’ve made some amazing steps, interviews, and strides towards success.

Don’t ruin it with small issues like sprinklesforwinners.

You don’t deserve that, and neither does anyone else.