Cryptopoker Grant Funding Request

Project Champion: Tomtranmer#3545

Squad: Oluwasijibomi#6263, Tomtranmer#3545, Zara#3499, Carlo1982#9697, Dashboard#0260

Purpose: for-profit

Affiliation: N/A

Authors; Editors: Oluwasijibomi#6263; Tomtranmer#3545

Date created: May 25, 2023

Date posted: June 1, 2023

Funds requested: 1,336,000 BANK

Project wallet(s): eth:0x807574a9Ba6B452738317EF24Be4d9B8C73201F5
Optimism - 0xa9786A0c49993898820f9882364d8bFeFe329e86,
Polygon - 0xC3DDF7AFDE9Fc8Bec6af792C44dd801534aB1385

Own subDAO/Discord server: No

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Cryptopoker, is a play-to-learn web3 game focused on minting, trading and collecting NFTs; using poker as a substrate for understanding the gameplay basics.


Cryptopoker is a unique game where you create 5-card poker hands as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain. These NFT hands can then be used to participate in matches against other collectors. As a new player, you are entitled to a complimentary play, allowing you to mint your first 5 hands for only the gas cost. By holding onto your hands, you can engage in games with fellow collectors. The ranking of the minted hands follows traditional poker scoring rules, and the players with the top hands at the end of each game will receive prizes. We are excited to announce the launch of our Cryptopoker Minter decentralized application (dApp), which is our first hybrid web2/web3 prototype game on the Polygon “mainnet alpha” network.

Past/preparatory activities

Entering the crypto space in 2020, I was learning everything I could about the space and possibilities in the space. I quickly decided that a web3/crypto future is the direction of best fit for the progression of the internet. I realized that with all new technical hurdles, there is a gap between what is possible (for devs) and what is possible (for users). The idea here was to bridge the experiential gap that the different cohorts of users experience while entering web3.

We needed a GAME because looking back to history, we see computer adoption in the 80’s lagging behind the growth curve, until Windows 95 brought a computer onto every desk, and SOLITARIE (klondike) kept them coming back for more. As they used the computer more, they became more comfortable with its basic functioning and expanded their use to suit the benefits of the tool they now had access to.

In the mobile era, smartphones were seen as away to tether employees to their email and, therefore by extension, their work. Long-time executives shunned such devices, even in the face of the portable computing boom that exploded in the 90s and early 00s, because of the additional workload this put upon them to “stay connected”. It didn’t matter. The smartphone became such a valuable invention because we found its utility.

Similar to Windows PC’s, the smartphone found adoption and persistent usage by EXPANDING ACCESS to CASUAL GAMING via the app store and permanent access to computing in our pockets.

We think the best way to reach the next level of audience for web3/crypto is to provide access to a fun and recurring online game platform that teaches the tools of web3 in a fun and friendly way. The game should be familiar to most (i.e. poker) to minimize the learning curve of the specific rules of the underlying game.

We aim to build a gaming platform that teaches while you play and issues collectible NFTs minted using a generative art algorithm to provide random hands to players and to institute built-in rarity for each of the minted hands (i.e. 3 of a kind beats 1 pair, Full House is extremely rare, etc.)

The project started building on the idea and prototype around season 5 with the smart contract fully functional, after doing an alpha testing and getting a PM, deciding on the response and feedback got, we set out to design a UI/UX for the project to give users and testers some sense of where we are headed in the future.

Design and development have been focused in the three areas below:

  1. Roadmap planning for how best to implement the minter application and how it can lead to branding partnerships to fund further development of the roadmap.

  2. Building of art assets for use in the future games in the roadmap

  3. Need a Gaming Platform

  4. Need a Social Platform (friends, followers, etc.)

  5. Need to incorporate NFT hands as input tokens for the future games.

  6. Development of a promotional IRL event, incorporating Cryptopoker promotions, branding cross-promotion, NFT minting of commissioned art gems, promotion of the company and our capabilities.

We have gone ahead to have a partnership with Alchemy and also get our project listed on their dApps with other marketing benefits that came with the partnership, we are planning a permissionless event which is a physical marketing effort geared towards raising awareness and onboarding of users to the platform and the crypto space at large.

Version 2 of the Minter App is hot in development and this week saw LIVE testing of:

  1. CPT Token contract deployed and tested (polygon).
  2. CPT Faucet contract deployed and tested.
  3. UI elements of minter application updated to reflect new UI design for minter app. - 50% through the revision.
  4. Functionality (mint, burn, claim, pay gas) restored to Metamask-connected version of the prototype app for testing purposes.

Our IRL Event for September is shaping up!

  • Promotional Site templates have been generated for the Scavenger Hunt NFT Quest.
  • Local businesses around Permissionless 2023 conference center have been contacted to setup small IRL cross-promotions
  • Three varied artists have been commissioned for ¾ of the promotional giveaways. 1 Physical collectible token, 2 Art NFT and 1 Music NFT (tbd) will be awarded
  • We will be using token gating and other methods to ensure a successful event.

Our hope is to keep building until a point where we can sell an integration for a cryptopoker game to brand partners looking for promotion in the space. We would like to partner with Bankless Academy to make a tool for direct education; like the cryptozombies game all solidity devs start with, we’d like cryptopoker be the starter game for everyone new to web3. We may need to run a startup business for event promotion in order to reach a sufficiently large audience to make a profitable business from our casual game platform.


Project Breakdown

Our budget ask is intended to be a one-time ask and not necessarily as a seasonal request type, and our ask is a retroactive ask based on two previous full seasons (S6 and S7) we have spent on the project and a request for season 8

This will allow us to retroactively pay previous contributors work done and also hire more developers that will speed up the build up process on the side of product development and a business developer/partnership manager on the business development side

Compensation Breakdown

S6 and S7 ask is 648,000 for only PM, Developer and UI/UX designer

S8 ask is 688,000


  • Completion of UI/UX design
  • Launch of MVP
  • secure a partnership
  • Secure a Grant
  • Average of 30 monthly users in the first quarter after launch


  • Cryptopoker will onboard gamers and potential new members into the DAO while retaining the OGs
  • Accept BANK as a currency for trading on our platform
  • Keep the members of the DAO sharp as ever (all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy)


  • Yes
  • No

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Great work getting this proposal submitted. I’d like to vote yes, but just want to know:

• projected revenue
• profit split (expected returns to bDAO treasury)

  1. In the first quarter after the launch of our MVP, we hope to make our previous testers the first set of users on the platform, projected revenue is in Q2 after launch as users will have to purchase CPT to be able to deal hands before they can play, so we are looking at an average of $500-$1000 in Q2 after launch

  2. we hope to send 10% of our profits to the DAO

tagging @tomtranmer for visibility


Still hoping to prove that this project can be something! We’re planning to generate a small amount of revenue via the gameplay of hand minting and also have bootstrapping plans to sell marketing integrations (Run a branded Cryptopoker game for your community) and cross-promotions to raise funds to further development goals.

We’re looking to build a strong team of contributors within the DAO that can help us to bring fruit to this project and help it grow and flower to be a useful tool for the DAO and web3 community at large.


Have you examined any legal implications of this crypto-poker game?