Governator Season 8 Project Proposal

Governator Season 8 Project Proposal

Project Champion: Jameswmontgomery.eth
Squad: See our team page
Purpose: Revenue seeking public good
Affiliation: Dev, Ops, GC
Authors: Governator Team ; Editors: Governator Team
Date created: 03/06/23
Date posted: 03/07/23
Funds requested: 630,000 BANK
Project wallet(s): 0x6A7E3Ce0eBd1C79A0cD895C7F370AAB9c43482dE (gnosis)
Own subDAO/Discord server:

channel in bdao Discord: #governator

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Sybil-resistant, token-enabled voting - directly in Discord!


Project Description

The project exists to serve the governance space in between the properness of Snapshot and the casual straw polls of Sesh (and sybil-prone Discourse). Governator exists to allow communities to use their tokens in voting directly in Discord with no need to sign with their ledger wallet every time they want their voices heard.

Past/preparatory activities

At the beginning of Season 7, we reached a critical point: launch and officially accomplished our V1 goals, having launched a full-featured version of the product on the BanklessDAO Discord server. This critical step served as the jumping off point for building amazing new features and, more importantly, our ability to reach out to other communities & DAOs.

Here is what the Governator Team has accomplished in the past seven weeks:

  • We have a new brand guide, featuring vibrant colors!
  • We’ve kicked off a full platform redesign and FE dev work has already begun. Here’s a sneak peak:

Community page

Single poll page

  • We have been working towards self-sustainability. We have applied for multiple grants in the past few weeks.
  • We are working on integrations with other projects such as Thrivecoin, Sobol, Guild, and
  • We have created a How to Governator Session that is held by the Education Department monthly.
  • We have been engaging with our community and gathering input and feedback, to assist in designing what our community wants and needs. From this, our backlog grows daily with requests for new features and improvements!


We plan to have a retrospective at the end of Season 7.


Project Breakdown

Est. rollover from S7 254,000 254,000
Champion Role 160,000 94,000
Lead Developer 320,000 -226,000
Front End 80,000 -306,000
Design 160,000 -466,000
Coordinator 160,000 -626,000
Treasurer 4,000 -630,000
Season 8 Funding 630,000 0

Compensation Breakdown

The Governator abides by the 1,000 BANK/hr framework set by the GC.


Here is our Roadmap

Factor KPI Success Metric
Custom voting strategies # of custom voting strategies #≥5
Oauth migration % completed #≥100


What we currently do:

  • BANK Utility - We use BANK in token gated & weighted polls directly in Discord.

What we will do:

  • Support tlBANK - We will easily support tlBANK, POAP, Otterspace, or any other integration/token that bDAO wishes to explore as a part of membership definition.


We believe that fair, accessible governance is key to the success of the web3 mission - in this way (among many others - we are deeply aligned with the BanklessDAO mission). We’ll use BanklessDAO as a submark in our web presence, just not as our primary brand identity. It will appear in our web footer and other information about the product.


Fund Governator with the ask as stated in this proposal for S8?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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I have abstained from voting on this proposal because I am the pm for the project and I am biased.

Hey @Sprinklesforwinners - I’m your grants reviewer! :slight_smile:

First and foremost, congratulations on the progress so far in S7. I have a few questions:

  1. 320k $BANK are effectively allocated to project coordination in S8, conducted by the project manager (now project coordinator?) and project champion. Can you elaborate a little more on the exact activities that require 20 hrs / week from both you and James?
  2. What’s the status on the 3rd-party funding front? Funding the Governator has been pretty expensive for the DAO so far, what ROI can we expect?

Looking forward to reading from you.


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Hi @senad.eth! Thanks for these questions! I appreciate the consistency and follow up.

This budget reflects the extended season beginning season 8.
20 hours/week is the total hours from the Project Champion and Coordinator.
10 hours/wk from the project champion @ 16 weeks = 160,000
10 hours per week from the coordinator @ 16 weeks = 160,000

hey @Sprinklesforwinners - thanks for you answer!

Can you respond to the second part of my first question and the entire second question? I’d would love to get better insights into activities re: project coordination that require 20hrs of work/week and understand if there’s product-market fit, beyond integration with BanklessDAO projects. Thanks, looking forward!

Hi @senad.eth I hope this covers it for you. If not I will have to respond back late tonight or tomorrow.

Project Champion:

  • Reviews everything

    • This includes everything from meeting notes to Pull Requests.
    • Nothing gets shipped without him looking it over. (And believe me, he does this right down to finding an orphan ! in a slide deck - twice!)
  • Operations

    • Multi-sig signer
    • Treasury aspect (until Tinman came aboard last month)
    • Reviewed Figma Boards
    • Outlined the teams Mission vision and values
  • Dev Operations

    • Reviews all Pull Requests
    • Jumps in if there is an error in the programming (I believe Tiki made him a guide)
  • Marketing, Growth & development

    • Keeps up with and attends events such as ETH Denver and Permissionless.
    • Manages the Governator social media channel.
    • Meets with Potential Partners
  • Education

    • He has been spending teaching and mentoring me
      • Spending 1 hour/week 1:1
      • guiding daily
      • And as needed.
    • He instructed the first “How to Governator Session.”

I have been

  • Learning the technical parts of a Project Manager. This has included:
    • How to write technical support tickets.
    • Elements and how to create a brand identity.
    • Spacing elements in design.
    • Standards for Figma and effective comments for Figma critiques.
    • Technical & Development key terms knowledge points.
    • Basics of how to navigate through GitHub
    • Market fit and competitive differentiation
  • Admin/Ops tasks such as
    • taking notes
    • making templates
    • Creating kanban boards
    • If bounties were needed I would assign them (we haven’t had to use those resources)
    • Creating roadmaps
    • Applying for Grants
    • Communicating within the team
    • Creating a team page
    • Migrating the notion
    • Creating a CRM
    • Outlined the teams Mission vision and values
  • Education
    • Creating the “How to Governator” Sessions and updating them when needed to.
    • I will begin instructing the next “How to Governator” session.
  • Marketing, Growth and Development
    • Beginning to pitch deck
    • Researching Grants
    • POAP creation and distribution
    • Networking with contributors from other Guilds
    • Beginning to explore social listening techniques
    • Beginning to look at analytical data
  • Product
    • How to video demos and writing.
    • Created a mirror account
      • Currently strategizing content so that it is shipped at a consistent schedule.
  • Research
    • Market fit research
    • Competitor research
    • Voting Strategy Research

I most likely have left off some things also, because we don’t have it divided up, and I am going off the top of my head. If you would like more.

I would like you to please note, there have been separate times that both of us have requested to take a decreased amount, as we didn’t put the time in.

For me, there have been some weeks that I didn’t get a time in, but I made that time up.

That being said, I cannot speak for James, but I am more than happy to track my time for to submit along with our mid-season KPI’s

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Would those voting no be able to provide feedback as to why? So we could look to improve. Thank you!