DAO-Map | Transparency & Accountability

Thx for your feedback and thx for the continued chat over DMs recently.

  • Yes, gating of Sobol permissions based on role-tags is possible with the Sobol Discord integration.
  • Yes, aggregating into a single view is possible for open roles (very easy to spot them in circles view) and it’s also able to create filtered list views to view open roles. Can also read them off an API and perhaps integrate them into BountyBot to bounty them :wink:
  • Indeed a complex org like Bankless can be overwhelming no matter what visuals you use. There’s ability to use left-bar nav to set favourites and quickly jump to filtered views that only show a section or single circle instead of the full DAO.

I think this is a great step, I was thinking that a map is one of the things provided in most game’s first quest. Even if we don’t standardize on this tool for the long term we’ll definitely get value from trying it out and learning how this kind of mind map works for decentralized organization and onboarding.

After the demo @Bpetes and @0xJustice ran we absolutely need this for bankless dao. Awesome work goes love the product!

It’s great!I witness that the team always going on BanklessDAO project!

Thank you very much!
This is a dream :slightly_smiling_face:

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discord and notions is not scaling well because there is no education on how to use the tools If we create more roles for specialist instead of making this knowledge broadly understood than we will continue to introduce tools that don’t scale