Season 4 DAO Dash Project Budget

Authors: RunTheJewelz

Reviewers: McKethanor, paul_apivat, saulthorin, ItamarGo, JokerDelMar

Created Date: April 14, 2022


The mission of the DAO Dash project is to create data ingestion, storage and display mechanisms to consume and display analytics important for Bankless DAO decision making. The intent is to build a data store that will allow Analytics Guild members (or other data junkies within the DAO) to access and query information to provide insights that are meaningful to the community as a whole.

In Season 2, we provided insights in the areas of Member Engagement, Transaction Analysis, Governance, Coordination and Education to answer the following questions:

Member Engagement:

  • How many weekly active members are there within the DAO by roles (i.e., L1, L2, guests)?
  • What % of new members go on to obtain the “First Quest Complete” role? (First Quest)
  • Of members who obtain the “First Quest Complete” role, how many are active after 1 day, 1 week, 1 month? (First Quest)
  • What is the retention rate between those who complete First Quest vs those that do not?
  • What do tipping patterns tell us about member engagement?
  • Member Participation in Governance:
  • What % of members vote on Snapshot? (DAO wide)

Grants & Rewards:

  • How are funds distributed to and from various guilds, projects?
  • What do Coordinape giving patterns tell us about Bankless DAO network health?
  • What do tipping patterns tell us about Bankless DAO network health?


  • What is the number of users who start and complete Academy course(s)?
  • What is the number of mobile vs desktop users? (Academy)

In Season 3, we provided additional insights and started distributing them to the DAO. Additionally, we built several pipelines including a BANK Subgraph, Snapshot Pipeline, andCoordinape Pipeline. We built a POC for interacting with DAODash via Discord Slash commands, and aligned that this is a viable path forward for value accumulation for DAO Dash.

Support for the DAO:

  • Answered guild membership questions for:
    • Dev Guild
    • Fight Club
    • Bankless Consulting
  • Answered meeting attendance questions for multiple guilds
  • Helped solve the Snapshot quorum question with detailed metrics and breakdowns of contributor voting patterns

DAO Dash interaction:

  • Created DAO Dash bot command protocol
  • Created DAO Dash parameterized dashboard
  • Experimented with 1 dashboard

DAO Dash Deployments

  • Created multi-tenancy environment for multi-DAO scaling
  • DAO Punks
  • Bankless Brazil
  • TalentDAO

Program Justification

For Season 4, our focus areas include:

  1. Bot - Dashboard integration for slash commands
  2. Additional pipelines for insight aggregation
  3. Onboard New Contributors
  4. Deploy to additional DAOs Partners
  5. Refine Revenue Strategy


Here are the project outcomes and KPIs for Season 4:

  • Make dashboards accessible through DAO Dash bot platform
  • Extend to 3-4 more DAOs
  • Gate Discord bot to BANK (or other token) holders
  • Build 2 new pipelines
  • Refactor Bot code to Python
  • Support Analytics Guild and bDAO Guilds information requests
  • Support GSE mission with data upon request
  • Develop set of documentation for tooling
  • Define Revenue Generation, Ownership and Legal entity US & International considerations

Program Term & Allocation

Season 4 Budget (4 Month Season)

Roles Area Hours / Season Rate Total
Project Champion Stakeholder 80 1000 BANK 80,000
Project Coordinator PM 80 1000 BANK 80,000
Go-to market and tokenomics Sales/Growth 80 1000 BANK 80,000
Data Engineering Engineering 220 1000 BANK 220,000
Development / DevOps DevOps 280 1000 BANK 240,000
Analysts Insights 120 1000 BANK 120,000
Expenses (database) Expenses 30,000
850,000 BANK


DAO Dash Notion Page

Project channel: #dao-dash-project

Edit: Added a voting function.

  • Yes, approve DAO Dash for S4
  • This proposal needs modifications for S4

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Love DAO Dash…in fact I would love to see it be used in the Grants Process…is there a way you could tell us “active” contributors for each guild?

Anyways, back on topic! Some questions on your proposal:

  • Are any of your tenants paying?
    • what kind of usage are you seeing from tenants? is it a tool they find useful?
  • If your tenants aren’t paying…why deploy to more DAOs?
  • What part does the tokenomics role play in DAO Dash?
  • Who is attached to each role?

If i’m being honest, the line between Analytics Guild and DAO Dash can be fuzzy for me. Particularly the Software Engineer & Infrastructure role and Data Engineer role and Analyst role in Anaytics Guild - are they part of DAO Dash or specifically for Analytics?

Hey @links ,

Thanks for the feedback!

It would be helpful for the DAO and Grants Committee to think about DAO Dash as a product that is being built, and the Analytics Guild as being a community of practice, talent coordination, analytics education, and service layer (“Hey, can you help xyz project/guild answer this question we have using your data ninja skills?”). The Software Engineer role should not be in the Analytics Guild spec, we can work with @Mamer to remove that.

Now to answer some of the questions about the DAO Dash product and strategy, which has been focused in part due to the Retro you provided for us during S3 as a part of the PM guild.

In S4, the DAO Dash team has focused the scope of the product to be something easily consumable by bDAO and other DAOs through the use of a Discord Bot (instead of custom dashboard UIs).

  • This allows the product to be used by normies
  • This allows us to scale infrastructure and deployments
  • This allows us to focus on building with a team of highly skilled and valuable data scientists and engineers who all have competing and compelling demand for their time on other web3 projects

Currently, no clients are paying, and we do not plan to charge this season as well. The focus will be on delivering the response bot to bDAO and our deployed servers for feedback before scaling to up to 10. We will also explore token gating on the bot (i.e. in bDAO you could theoretically limit users to L1+) this season.

Whaaaaaaaat?? When did this happen and how do I use it? Need an edu session on this