Op's Guild S5 Proposal

Operations Guild Season 5 Budget Proposal

Author: Jarlaxle🏴#6714

Date Created: 7 / 2 / 2022

Date Posted: 7/ 17 / 2022


Ops Guild is responsible for the workstreams which make BanklessDAO a safer, more productive, and friendly place. We fix things before they’re broken, and we plan for the future. Without a properly functioning ops team, many of the integrations we’ve learned to rely on become vulnerable to failure. We are safety and security driven, with optimization in mind.

Main responsibilities include: bots, cartography, comms, tooling, member compensation, membership perks, community management, documenting efficiencies between Guilds and DAOs, seasonal planning, surveying and analyzing behaviors and sentiments within the DAO

Highlights of S4 include continuously defining and improving Op’s Guild processes on an iterative basis, creating and implementing new roles as they are ideated, and providing ongoing DAO Support. This season has gone smoothly with no major crises, controversy, or security breaches and we are consistently exploring new ways to improve the DAO.

Operations Guild has and will continue to be a pillar of strength for the community providing public goods for the health and well-being of the DAO. We study what has worked, what hasn’t, and make changes accordingly through the B-dip standard. We are constantly improving and defining our scope of work as well as making our current processes and frameworks as efficient as possible.

Season 5 Anticipated Spend ( 1,083,000 BANK ) + 200K Buffer

BanklessDAO Treasury Ask: 1,283,000 - 3,000 rollover = 1,280,000 BANK


Line Item Budget Role Holder
Ops Guild Coordinator 75,000 BANK Jarlaxle
Ops Guild Notion Admin 13,000 BANK Jarlaxle
Ops Guild Treasurer 50,000 BANK Joer / Jarlaxle
Guild Coordinape Admin 13,000 BANK Joer / Livuic


Line Item Budget Role Holder
Notion 162,000 BANK
* Notion Administrator Role 65,000 BANK iSpeakNerd
* Education 38,000 BANK
* Backup Costs 9,000 BANK
* Op’s Coordinape 50,000 BANK
Discord Admin 35,000 BANK aditi
Community Calls 50,000 BANK Samanthaj / 0xlucas
DAO-wide Coordinape Process 50,000 BANK
* Project Manager Role 30,000 BANK Joer / Livuic
* NPS Survey Analysis 30,000 BANK Ella Dane
* NPS Survey implementorrr 20,000 TBD S5
* Coordinape Team Liason 15,000 BANK redvan
* Ops Guild Coordinape administration 15,000 BANK Joer / Livuic
DAO Cartography (Sobol) 200,000 BANK Rowen
* Seasonal Roles 100,000 BANK
* Coordinape Round 50,000 BANK
* Bounties 50,000 BANK
GM.xyz Admin x 2 80,000 BANK Jarlaxle, Mr. V
Seasonal Planning 100,000 BANK Jarlaxle / Rowen
Streaming Community Calls 26,000 BANK Soundman
Digital Asset Coordinator 26,000 BANK Trewkat


Line Item Budget
Sobol Subscription 33,000 BANK
Note Taking 8,000 BANK
Ops Guild Coordinape 50,000 BANK
Buffer 200,000 BANK

Season 4

  • S4 total budget was 1,116,614
  • S4 total spent was 1,113,000
  • S4 Rollover = 3,000

Scope of Responsibilities

  • Coordinape Round Admin
  • Community Calls
  • Seasonal Planning
  • Notion Admin
  • Discord Admin
  • Community Management
  • Cartography

Season 5 Plans and Goals

We will continue to work behind the scenes to keep the DAO running as efficiently as possible and improve upon current processes.

  • Continuing to map the DAO’s activities via SOBOL
  • Continuing to fund Notion Administration
  • Operating regular Coordinape Rounds
  • Scope and integrate Community Manager Role
  • Improve and iterate on Seasonal Planning
  • Scope out Revenue Generating Projects for the DAO.
  • Heavy focus on B-DAO Public Goods for the betterment of all

Work streams:

  • Survey Analyser

    • (NPS) is a widely used market research metric that typically takes the form of a single survey question asking respondents to rate the likelihood that they would recommend a company, product, or a service to a friend or colleague.
  • GM.xyz Admin

    • Growing the bDAO community: A trusted source of information and place to engage in discussions for web3 users outside of bDAO
    • Web3 native internal communication: A lot of our DAOtooling are legacy products (i.e. Discourse Forum) that could be replaced with token-gated sections within the GM bDAO Community. This would follow the path to decentralization of our communication infrastructure and also minimize the risks that come with open accessible web2 solutions like Discourse
  • Community Calls

  • Create CC slides

    • Slide order varies depending on if Guilds or Projects
    • Announcement Slide:
      • POAPs
      • Newsletter
      • Grants Committee Funding
      • Proposals + Important Forum Posts
      • Treasury
      • Misc Updates
    • Tag speakers in #call-info
    • Final tag 30-60 minutes before CC starts for unedited slides
  • Notion Administration / Documentation

Keeping all administrative and instructional documentation updated and easily accessible is important to all guilds and projects. Also important is the safety and

  • Documentation Administration

    • Create general DAO documentation (documents meant for DAO-wide consumption)
    • Ensure general DAO documents are accurate and up-to-date
    • Create how-to technical documentation
  • Notion Administration and Coordination

    • Coordinate with guilds to appoint Notion administrators
    • Review permissions and groups setup with guilds
    • Create best practices for Notion workflow
    • Respond to any security concerns/breaches with Notion workspaces
  • Seasonal Planning

  • Establish dates and surface processes for proceeding with the next season

  • Temp Check / Community Vote

  • Gather Project and Guild budgets

  • Grants Committee rotation

  • Incorporate seasonal changes + Community Vote outcomes into Seasonal Spec

    • Iterate on seasonal spec as per DAO feedback
  • Upload to snapshot:

  • Seasonal Launch Event with BanklessHQ on Twitter

  • Discord Administration

  • Bot integrations and management

  • Category & Channel management

  • Permissions management

  • Documentation in Notion of Admin processes for level 2 guidance of decentralized expansion

  • Spam mitigation

  • Moderation and violations of community standards enforcement (Bans)

  • Role management

  • Role selection management

  • FAQ synchronization

  • Announcement posting

  • Cartography

  • Maintain member DAOrecotory

  • Integrate effectively to onboarding practices so new members fill in profiles

  • Maintain SobolBot in the Discord server to map Discord role-tags to Sobol user permissions (and soon guild/project membership).

  • Maintain an up to date DAO Community Map

  • Continuously explore ways our DAOMap can be enhanced to improve:

    • New member onboarding / orientation
    • Work coordination (e.g. open roles directory)
    • Funding accountability (e.g. Milestone tracking for funded projects)

Revised = -80K for ax’ing GM role + 50k for Sobol team = Total Ask = 1,250,000 –https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tJH6EwgVTO7XTs5kFhoYu7eHDYFIfzZF04edVZw8s-s/edit