Decentralization of Notion Permissions Proposal

I think it’s a good idea to have the Notion admins not be Ops-guild exclusive. I can see the argument for having this working group of administrators be a cross-guild group to make sure all voices are heard. I also think to your point, it aligns with the principles of decentralization. We briefly discussed having the individual guild Notion admins take on more responsibility, but we believed that having a central working group with specialized knowledge would be beneficial to multiple guilds. I’m not familiar with how to get this proposal change in front of others, but would love to hear more ideas here.

On the topic of salary, it seems that 1000BANK/hr is the recommendation going into Season 3 based on this: Onwards to Season 3!, but will be adjusted if the recommendation changes. 5 hours / week is fair for general Notion Admins (at least for this next season) as groundwork with security reviews, best practice documentation, and advisement will be required at the onset.

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I’m actually not too worried about decentralization here. Notion administration falls under Ops Guild insofar as we manage the notion subscription and many notion admins are also ops guild admins.

There’s nothing stopping any member from joining the notion team. It’s just that the workstream gets housed under ops to make coordination and defined responsibilities easier.

cc @Kaidao

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I think this proposal is a good idea because we need to add some layer of security to our notion pages. It’s something I’ve been worried about for a few months now.

I think this amount should go to the guilds instead of individuals. Each guild will most likely have multiple people who will most likely share the duties of adding or removing individuals.

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Perhaps this is something we test and budget for in Season 3 coming out of Ops Guild and then move to individual guilds in Season 4?

I understand the concern, and definitely think it could be something we do in the future. Currently, the Ops Guild is the best set up to handle such a task and the barrier to entry to the Ops Guild is low - so any L2 can effectively be part of this by raising their hand in the guild. By giving projects/guilds complete control over their own domains, we’re still improving improving security with principles of decentralization, but we need to take action sooner rather than later on this, so we went with the expeditious route assuming we’ll further improve later.

I think the 5 hours a week will definitely get used in season 3. These are all new workflows, and they need to be ironed out, communicated with guilds/projects, refined, and documented so that we have a base to work from for future seasons. There are 13 guilds and at least twice as many projects - that’s a lot of communication burden! It could be lowered in future seasons once we get this baseline work done.

On the question of security, we’re talking about a very high-impact worst-case scenario. The hacker changed the Bankless Multisig…the multisig that contains our revenue. Could you imagine the 25 ETH from DAOpunks being routed to a hacker? It would be catastrophic. Having someone responsible for Notion security may seem expensive, but it’s insurance against worst-cases like this.

Thanks for the feedback, and I’d love to discuss more if you disagree.


Totally agree this should go to the guilds. In my mind it would be part of each guild’s seasonal budget as a required role (just like a coordinator and 3 multisig signers). That being said, most guilds have already submitted seasonal budgets, so I think @frogmonkee 's suggestion probably makes sense.

I’m not really well-versed in how seasonal funding works, so I’m probably not the best to answer the tactical details, but philosophically this should be part of guild budget.


Well thought out and well said.

100% support, it feels so vulnerable at the moment and all of our great effort in organizing and coordination is there.

This is super important. I had disliked the thought of sharing our user guide docs with every ransom person since any link gave them all full read/write access. I’d set up a temporary solution but this is great news! Strongly support this!

LOVE this proposal, very needed—I didn’t actually know that white hat hack occurred. Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the DAO.

I highlighted this section because this feels like it would fit under either 1. guild coordinator roles or 2. guild governance roles. I think rather than creating new guild roles, there could be a short training of some form for guild leaders so they can learn the best way to secure notion pages. I don’t foresee it requiring a TON of work, which is why I think it could be built into existing roles, but I’ve been wrong about workloads before!

Again, great proposal! This is SO very needed.

I feel like we are web 3 companies trying to squeeze ourselves into a web 2 world.

We should commission our dev guild to build a web 3 notion. Gated by tokens as well as NFTs. That would solve 99% of these problems. (Of course users still can be hacked. But hacking a wallet just to change a page seems like a stretch)


We’re also limited on resources though. Notion is an incredibly powerful tool that’s raised over 300M USD in funding. We can’t build Web3 versions of everything on principle. I’m sure a Web3 version of Notion will be created - same with Discord - and we can migrate.


Sounds like a great startup idea to look into! :smiley:

resources is a function of time and money.

For what we do not have, we can make up with our media clout.

I’m sure issuing a thousand NFTs to do the seed funding to support something of this scale should be quite possible.

Just that as usual, we need good stewardship and leaders.

I’m confused by this part. Is this a recommendation for Guilds to ask this much more in a budget proposal? Or is the treasury automatically handing out this much money to pay for someone to take on this role?

I’m someone who believes in stacking roles (i.e. a Guild Coordinator could additionally have this role) for the purposes of clearly defining responsibility, but we spec’d it as a new role to allow each guild to do it their own way.

There’s also no central definition of a what a Guild Coordinator is (there should be), so we didn’t want to stall the proposal to have to figure that out.

I don’t quite agree with this statement, our organizational focus is also a resource we have to marshal, and the Ops Guild isn’t in the business of building new products.

If you feel strongly about this, I do encourage you to make it happen, and I’d certainly be an early user! In the meantime, I’ll have to use the products that are available to me.

I touched on it here: Decentralization of Notion Permissions Proposal - #12 by links

TL;DR - would prefer it be part of the seasonal guild budget, but that may not be possible this season due to time constraints.

To close the loop on this

  • reduced # of people with top-level Notion access from 106 → 12
  • reduced # members from 30 → 12
  • increased “permission compartments” from 1 → 75 (13 guilds, 60 projects, grants, gse)

This project is now closed and Notion Administration under Ops will take over ongoing maintenance.

Thanks to everyone for your patience!


Wow, super important issue that you brought up here. Thanks for putting in the efforts to write this proposal :raised_hands: