BanklessDAO Tally Pro and Password Management

Title: BanklessDAO Tally Pro and Password Management
Authors: links#7868
Squad: links#7868, Liquidiot#5975, ZimTeemo#1909
Date Created: Sept 6, 2022
Date Posted: Sept 8, 2022


As part of the Notion workstream, we have noticed 2 use cases regularly requested by BanklessDAO members:

  • Integrating Tally with Notion
  • Sharing passwords between teammates

During the course of S4, we have developed and tested solutions for both of these problems, and request 66,656 BANK to make them available to BanklessDAO members to use in projects and guilds.


The Notion Administration workstream as part of the Operations Guild regularly fields requests from DAO members. Two of the most frequent requests are integrating Tally with Notion and a system for shared password management.

Background on Tally Integration

Integration Tally with Notion used to be accomplished by linking Notion accounts with personal (free) Tally accounts. Unfortunately, the cost for providing Notion accounts for all BanklessDAO members became unsustainably large. As a result, the Notion workstream streamlined the process as part of our Notion Decentralization efforts, and the current workflow requires a single PAID Tally Pro account.

For the last 5 months, we have been using the Tally Pro account paid for by the AV Guild (via Liquidiot and Anthony ZimTeemo). In the last 2 months, we’ve figured out a system to use Tally Pro with decentralized permissioning (similar to how we have a centralized Notion, but allow guilds and projects to manage access to their own pages).

Background on Password Management

One of our early challenges in the Notion workstream (while setting up shared accounts like Tally and other emails) was to share passwords among teammates. After a few iterations (and help from the Infosec Team), we came up with a solution that is both SECURE and COST-EFFECTIVE. We are now running our own hosted Bitwarden-compatible server (Vaultwarden) which allows individual teams to share passwords privately.

While building this solution, several other BanklessDAO projects have asked to use this system, and were granted access. We now have 7 BanklessDAO guilds/projects using the system. When asked if they would consider paying for the solution monthly, in BANK, most projects expressed the desire for the DAO to provide this tooling to all members.


This project proposes BanklessDAO take on the administration and education of two well-used and useful tools, Tally and Vaultwarden. Similar to Notion, these tools can be used by any project or guild associated with BanklessDAO in a decentralized fashion to help them maximize their impact.


The two proof-of-concept solutions are already running and working. We’d like to do the following:

  • Create user documentation for both the Tally integration and shared password manager to help increase adoption and ease-of-use in the DAO
  • Regularly update the shared password manager to ensure it’s secure
  • Move the shared password manager to a BanklessDAO hosting environment (currently hosted by links, with access given to Infosec Team)


Tally Pro license for S5 4,700 BANK
Vaultwarden hosting costs for S5 1,956 BANK
Administration/documentation for S5 (20 hrs/month) 60,000 BANK


  • # DAO projects/guilds using the new shared tooling


  1. Gather forum consensus
  2. Present to Grants Committee
  3. Create documentation and spread the word to drive adoption
  4. Work on our technical processes to ensure seamless updates and shared hosting


links - Author and leader of the Notion Decentralization Project implementation. Current member of the Notion workstream, developer with shared hosting experience. Current host of the shared password manager.

Liquidiot - Former AV Guild Talent Scout and owner of the shared Tally Pro account.

ZimTeemo - Current AV Guild Talent Scout and payer of the Tally Pro account.

POLL - Do you support creating new BanklessDAO tooling: Tally Pro and Vaultwarden shared password manager?

  • Yes!
  • No! (I’ll explain why in the comments)
  • Maybe… (I’ll explain why in the comments)

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Should’ve been 66,666 BANK.

…but then would I be confirming I’m the devil? Cause the greatest trick I ever pulled was convincing people I don’t exist.

we will keep your secret safe devil fren, no worries


The best team needs the best tools. Thank you, Links for working on this. I’ve personally followed this process, and it’s very much needed to make information flow more efficient. Our documentation needs to be centralized so it can be preserved in time.


Navigating the waters of password management safely in a decentralized environment is a pain.
Happy to see a viable solution that is secure and cost effective.


Tally is great - good to know bDAO (AV) has a Pro account!

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If you need to use it, just hop into the Ops Guild or DM me :wink:


This is such a timely post. Bankless Africa was in the verge of subscribing to Bitwarden as our password management solution.

I’ll love to be a part of this solution, as this one seems more cost effective.

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I like this, specifically VaultWarden. I use this personally and for business and have had no issues.


I voted yes because I appreciate this.

Who’s going to be in charge of keeping the management up to date?

It’s not 100% set, but I’d like it to be a joint effort between infosec and Ops. I had bogdrakonov’s help in hardening it, and infosec just needed funding to get it on their plate, so that’s why this post

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