Delegate Snapshot Proposal rights to Governance Dept

Author: Jengajojo, Icedcool, Hirokennelly


Delegate Snapshot proposals to the BanklessDAO Governance Department, to support governance.


This proposal seeks to grant the Governance Department of BanklessDAO rights concurrent with the BanklessDAO Vault mutisig signers to post proposals on the DAO’s Snapshot. These rights would be delegated from theBanklessDAO Vault multisig, whose signers would retain ultimate authority to delete any proposals submitted by the Governance Department.


Currently, posting proposals on Snapshot is limited to the BanklessDAO Vault multi-sig, which restricts the process to those seven signers. By extending posting rights to the Governance Department, the DAO furthers decentralization, transparency, inclusivity, and efficiency in its operations.


Delegating Posting Rights: TheBanklessDAO Vault multisig will delegate posting rights on Snapshot to the Governance Department. This delegation will enable the Governance Department to create and submit proposals on behalf of the DAO. The DAO Vault multisig signers would retain rights to delete proposals.

Proposal Review and Feedback: Prior to posting a proposal on Snapshot, the Governance Department will have to gain consensus from the DAO Vault multisig signers on the exact text to be added, supporting consensus and decentralization.

Transparent Proposal Publication: Once a proposal is reviewed and finalised, the Governance Department will post it on Snapshot, and create an announcement ensuring that it is visible to all BanklessDAO members.

Process Overview:

The Governance Dept. will follow the following process to approve a proposal:

Step1: Ensure that the proposal is in the proper format and meets the necessary quorum

Step2: Edit proposal text so that the language accurately reflects the intention of the proposal

Step3: Kick off a multi-sig tx from the Department wallet with start time 12 hours from the time of posting the initial tx

Step4: Make a DAOwide announcement via all available communication channels

Next Steps:

Feedback: bDAO community members are encouraged to provide their thoughts, feedback, and suggestions on this proposal.

Implementation: If the proposal receives majority support, the BanklessDAO Vault multisig signers will execute the necessary actions to delegate Snapshot posting rights to the Governance Department multisig


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  • Abstain
  • Reject
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gm gm! Curious the rationale for the ‘Reject’ vote. Please help me understand your opposition to Governance Dept access to governance tools. Forum is made for Discourse! Thanks!!


We should set all polls as public voting at least until we introduce Sybil resistance to this forum.


YES. I’ve been doing that since the EVENT.

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Very quick question because I initially voted reject but changed my vote to abstain because I think I didn’t initially understand the premise behind this.

(This reads at face value that any proposal — not just vetted ones that reach quorum— could go up under governance department)

Is this just a technical situation, posting proposals that have gone through the proper quorum process, in lieu of a vault person being unavailable?

Only question I have is this (very small question)

Isn’t the some overlap with gov department and the main vault?

Like @Icedcool and @Jengajojo, aren’t you both on the vault and the governance department?

Yes and no. Currently individual vault signers have to post proposals so a single person is responsible for this. Right now Ice and I do this. But when we port this responsibility to a multi-sig, each signer has to sign the Upload proposal Tx thus decentralising the process.

Yes, there are a few overlaps here. In an ideal world, all these would be different contributors, but today we do not have sufficient number of contributors to fill all these signer positions independently.

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This is certainly not the case

Also to decentralize the process

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Thank you for the clarification, @Jengajojo

I will delete my above statement, to make sure that no one gets confused as I don’t want to do anything to derail this process.

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