Governance Department Season 9 proposal

Authors: Governance Department
Date created: 12.07.23
Date posted: 21.07.23
Affiliation: N/A
Funds requested: 577,500 BANK
Department wallet: 0xCf3efCE169acEC1B281C05E863F78acCF62BD944


Department Description

The mission of the Governance Department is to usher forward governance at BanklessDAO, through facilitated work.

Past activities

Since inception the Governance Department has done the following activities:

  1. We revised the BanklessDAO Constitution to simply the language and add clarity without making any changes to governance [link]
  2. The Banklessvault.eth multi-sig was refreshed after a year, which allowed inactive members to step-down and active contributors to step-in [link]
  3. We updated the Quorum to be dynamic and we will continue to administer this process each month. This allows the quorum to reflect contributor activity [link]
  4. The rights to post proposals to snapshot were given to all banklessvault.eth signers, thus decentralising the process further
  5. The governance documents have been updated to reflect current procedures and help newbies capture an overview of our governance
  6. By compensating contributors for their specific work in governance activities we were able to incentivize people to remain active in governance for BanklessDAO. Additionally, we switched on thrivecoin rewards for general forum and snapshot participation, thus enabling a wide set of contributors to benefit from their participation in governance

Activities in progress

  1. Citing the recent sybil attacks, we have kickstarted the process to integrate Gitcoin Passport on forum [link]. We are currently waiting for the Passport team to finish the integration so we can deploy this feature in Season 9
  2. The department collected feedback from the community on the direction we should take as a DAO via the DAO Goals survey [link]. We will follow this up with a SWOT analysis of the DAO and create next steps towards alignment in S9
  3. We have posted a proposal to delegate snapshot posting permissions to the Governance Department multi-sig [link]

Plans for Season 9

  • Delegated governance [Research and proposal]
  • Onchain permissioning and roles management [Research and testing]
  • DAO Legal Entity [Research and Proposal]
  • DAO Goals alignment [Research and proposal]
  • Clarify mandate for Grants Committiee and/or Departments [Research and proposal]


By streamlining governance conversations and operations under a department, the DAO is able to become more efficient and effective at governing itself, thus acting as a catalyst towards fulfilling the mission of the DAO.


Budget Breakdown

Title BANK
Roles 144,000
WorkGroups 500,000
Bounties and misc 100,000
Total 744,000

Rollover from S8: 166,500 BANK

S9 budget - S8 rollover = 577,500 BANK

Compensation Breakdown

Title Calculation BANK
Department Lead 7000BANK/week x 16 weeks 112,000
Accountant 2000BANK/week x 16 weeks 32,000
WorkGroups 100,000 BANK/WG x 4 400,000
Bounties and misc 100,000 100,000

Seasonal Coordinape will be organised for active members with the leftover BANK from this season.


Factor KPI Success Metric
Governance updates # of proposals which pass forum quorum #≥1
Governance rewards # number of unique participants #≥10


  • Department Notion Page [link]


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