DRAFT (1)Bankless DAO <> HumanDAO

TLDR: HumanDAO is a P2E guild DAO, with plans to eventually be more than that. HDAO is offering a 0.5% stake (vested, not sure how much is it worth at current valuation) in exchange for access to bDAO resources, brand, & marketing (not clearly defined what is requested). Agreed with all the above, this proposal is poorly defined atm and cannot be considered in its current form.

I was able to listen to the ama and both AA Joe and Chris are well aligned at this point as are both DAO’s in vision, mission, values and goals. While nothing is perfect and this is another global experiment, as the oldest current bDAO member at age 77 and reportedly the oldest of any current DAO I am proud to be a builder here as well as a contributor with the bDAO. I voted for this proposal and ask others to join with up both DAOs in partnership to make the World a better place for all. Together stronger, faster and more able to create wealth for a new global middle class.

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