banklessDAO 🤝 humanDAO

Hi Bankless Nation,

I represent the humanDAO and this post is to confirm our intentions of a partnership with BanklessDAO as we build out our communities and platforms. We will be utilizing DEGEN, the Academy, BED, and have an overlap of builders and contributors.

HDAO is uniquely aligned with BanklessDAO’s vision of one billion+ financially independent people, and would like to leverage the social weight of BanklessDAO to spread awareness of us trying to foster a global middle class through crypto incentives and platforms. Combining for an exponential social impact. We are launching very similar to BanklessDAO, no VC/Private sales and community controlled from the start. Using crypto incentives and platforms for an exponential social impact.

To solidify this arrangement, we propose giving BanklessDAO 5 million HDAO tokens from the builders allocation. (More info here - The token and vesting contracts are currently not live. We will soon deploy them and create a vesting entry with the banklessDAO community treasury. We also would like a prominent member of BanklessDAO to be a multi-sig holder for the humanDAO. We have asked Above Average Joe to be that member.

We are wanting to be featured within newsletters and social media accounts. Even when not featured we would like humanDAO info taking up some real estate, similar to sponsors or other partners.


Love your chosen multi dig and proposal together. DAOs strong. Good mission and vision. Nothing but huge upside. Totally supportive anyone in your DAO older than 77?


I agree. Together DAOs strong. Not to sure the ages of the contributors or members, but cheers for being here in this new world

Thanks for writing this up. This is the first time I heard of human Dao. But a quick Google shows up this.


Help grow a global middle class by pulling the 61% up through opportunities in crypto and providing new profound revenue streams to those at the top

Sweet. Sounds exactly like what we want to do. Welcome friends!!


I’ve never heard of HumanDAO but I’m convinced this is a great project based on Airbayer and AAJ’s comments in discord.

Awesome!As a member of the BanklessDAO , I so happy to hear this new and I think BanklessDAO will going on good development!

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