DRAFT (1)Bankless DAO <> HumanDAO


HumanDAO and this post is to confirm the intentions of a partnership with BanklessDAO as and build out the communities and platforms. HumanDAO will utilize DEGEN, the Academy, BED, and have an overlap of builders and contributors.
HumanDAO and Bankless DAO partnership would be extremely beneficial given that there values are identicial to ours which would allow them to build and utilize our infrastructure framework. They have partnership with key players in the industry which include the following:


HDAO is uniquely aligned with BanklessDAO’s vision of one billion+ financially independent people, and would like to leverage the social weight of BanklessDAO to spread awareness of us trying to foster a global middle class through crypto incentives and platforms. Combining for an exponential social impact. HDAO is launching very similar to BanklessDAO, no VC/Private sales and community controlled from the start. Using crypto incentives and platforms for an exponential social impact.
Help can be in the form of education, work, funding, or lending; a type of jobs board, education center, and opportunity zone for the Metaverse and the new digital gig-economy. In the humanDAO, one can learn about the crypto ecosystem, its opportunities, develop their knowledge/skills, find work, or lend assets. We accomplish our goal utilizing new crypto platforms and their innovative business models starting to emerge to create revenue streams that benefit our stakeholders and users.

One of those innovative business models is being able to lend assets safely. The primary example is play-to-earn (P2E) games. HumanDAO loans out non-fungible tokens (NFT) to community members in an ISA (income sharing agreement) style agreement. These NFTs allow members to participate in P2E crypto games, like the popular Axie Infinity game. They earn crypto tokens through playing, which they can exchange for local currency. For lending the NFTs, the humanDAO takes a percentage of the tokens earned.

At its core, humanDAO currently buys yield producing NFTs, governance tokens, and ownership stakes in promising projects and protocols . HumanDAO provides people with opportunities in both emerging markets with wages and developed nations with new profound revenue streams.

Axie Infinity is just one avenue to pursue as many more P2E games are launching. Additionally, gaming is only one vertical to utilize. The humanDAO only wants to leverage P2E as PART OF our mission to utilize crypto to onboard the masses from the bottom up and improve underserved communities.

In general, the DAO’s activities will include:

  • Producing revenue through the rental or sales of DAO-owned assets.

  • Building a global community of users who play competitively and collect in-game rewards.

  • Utilize a portion of the revenues to feed those in underserved communities.

  • Educate the masses onboarding through P2E about crypto and web/3.

  • Fund projects from micro-lending to more ambitious projects.

  • Allowing the community to participate in the DAO by passing proposals and voting.

More Documentation on HumanDAO can be found here:https://docs.humandao.org/

DAO Structure

One of a kind DAO Structure that institutions their P2E platform on a Super Guild Structure
DAO Structure

The humanDAO will utilize a Super Guild approach where the main DAO (humanDAO in pic) has a wide variety of operations and control across multiple games and revenue opportunities called subDAO’s. SubDAOs were popularized by Aragon.

The entire humanDAO network will consist of multiple layers and is structured to look for new opportunities, stimulate growth, decentralize decision-making, and treasury preservation.

A subDAO is created for each P2E game the humanDAO takes part in and other revenue or yield generating opportunities in the future outside of P2E. The subDAO’s will consist of subject matter experts, users, players, and contributors that analyze opportunities, debate, and plan out a course of action regarding the best strategies to utilize for a particular game, revenue stream, or yield opportunities. Therefore, different strategies can be utilized to maximize returns.

SubDAO’s will have their own governance structure but share the same token. This ensures that all HDAO token holders benefit from asset appreciation and revenues from the varying strategies within each subDAO.

This is the Super Guild model (all subDAOs share the same token) compared to the Guild of Guild (all subDAOs have their own token). In the GoG approach, popularized by Yield Guild Games (YGG), there is a possible attack vector by which subDAOs having their own token could incentivize them to break away from the main DAO if they reach a formidable size.



To solidify this arrangement, we propose giving BanklessDAO 5 million HDAO tokens from the builders allocation. (More info here - Token Issuance - humanDAO ) The token and vesting contracts are currently not live. We will soon deploy them and create a vesting entry with the banklessDAO community treasury. We also would like a prominent member of BanklessDAO to be a multi-sig holder for the humanDAO. We have asked Above Average Joe to be that member.

We are wanting to be featured within newsletters and social media accounts. Even when not featured we would like humanDAO info taking up some real estate, similar to sponsors or other partners.
For more information on HumanDAO please visit their website: https://humandao.org/

  • YES -Partnership with HDAO
  • NO-

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Where can we learn more about the HDAO community and team? How much traction does this program have? We have lots of DAOs who want to work with us, so we need to be highly selective.


The idea is good, but there is a total lack of information concerning community, purpose etc. How can the bDAO community get information about Human?

I like the idea of creating partnerships and that bDAO becomes the center of the social DAO movements. Nevertheless we should avoid that other groups take advantage of our celebrity. Some more information is needed!


Here is the official purpose:

The humanDAO is an open organization with the goal of improving human lives by connecting people all over the world to the new opportunities in the crypto digital economy.

humanDAO’s two objectives:

  • helping people
  • through crypto platforms and protocols

How we do that will evolve over time but right now we can achieve this goal through Play-to-Earn P2E games and scholarships.

We wish there was a scholarship for everyone, we notice all of you, keep your head up and stay positive, contribute to the community and we can grow together. The bigger humanDAO becomes the more humans we can help.

This is also a place for newbies to learn about crypto. What many don’t realize is that P2E can only happen because of new technology like Bitcoin and Ethereum which powers DeFi and NFTs (an Axie is an NFT).

Crypto is digital money, global payments, and applications. A new internet with different incentives and new business models. The crypto community has built a booming digital economy and bold new ways for creators to earn online. It’s open to everyone, wherever you are in the world, all you need is an internet connection.

The best part, if you’re reading this than you’re an early adopter. Similar to the first youtubers and social media influencers, you are here at the birth of a paradigm shift. Take advantage.

The humanDAO wants to empower you to help bring these new opportunities and educate your local communities. Stay tuned on how as we grow.
Website: https://humandao.org/
@Eagle we are also getting revenue from them given they utilize degen, bankless academy, bed index, and a 5m token allocation which will help diversify our treasury too.

I agree we need to be selective but their mission is very similar to bDAO and which i believe can be very easy partnership to have given we have done so much of the leg and can help leverage our experience to there and in exchange they utilize and buy our products.

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Site - https://humandao.org/ has the link to the COMMUNITY/discord (15k people) and the DOCS are in the menu w tokenomics, mission, governance, and structure

This contains our blog posts w more details. humanDAO – Medium

Sorry can’t post more links as per rules of forum

@Eagle and @intlcapitalist HumanDAO also did an AMA with @AboveAverageJoe already and the partnership is really valuable to the ecosystem for both bankless dao and HumanDAO

I’d like to hear from @AboveAverageJoe on this…


Also it looks like hDAO is already using the Bankless logo and saying we are a partner? If it’s not official, this is concerning…


here is a link in our discord to the conversation: Discord

AB: I feel your heart is in this and I want to support you. I also think you have a good sense for opportunity. However, I believe there are some material missing pieces in this proposal. The Spec starts to address what I’m lookinng for, but only just barely.

The way I read the spec is that 5mm HDAO tokens (0.50% of total issuance of 1bn tokens) will be granted to bDAO, with a vesting schedule, in exchange for being featured within newsletters and social media accounts.

What exactly does featured mean? What advertising inventory are they buying? Over what time period and with what frequency? Do the appropriate guilds know about this? Have they bought in? Is the inventory available? Do our marketing contributions match the vesting schedule? These questions are just the beginning. Brother, we’re going to need a lot more detail to understand the opportunity.

Final bit: Frog’s proposal should be adopted, which directs us to have two precisely worded polling options. The phrasing goes like this:
“Should we move this to snapshot?
Needs Revision”

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Featured means running a featured story (or 2) about us pre launch. You can even use this as the story to not take up time from writers. A humanDAO Conversation. What is the humanDAO? | by humanDAO | Nov, 2021 | Medium

Then something similar to a sponsor ad/blurb w logo and slogan, preferably a mainstay in the newsletters as we have so much overlap in mission, values, and builders.

We are partnering w BD through our builder allocation. 5 million of those tokens go to BD at the same vesting schedule as the rest of the builders… 10% unlocked immediately, then vest like here Token Allocation - humanDAO

So BD will receive 500k tokens at first. 1 yr lock. Then BD will receive 93,750 HDAO tokens every month for 48 months


We asked for permission and was granted because we are utilizing DEGEN and Academy when released, as well as holding BED on the books post launch. This proposal is for a much deeper partnership then using the bot. And we want BD to know we are serious, thus the token allocation and having a multi-sig holder from the community. I have done an AMA w AAJ. We have many of the same contributors from BD in our community. Please look at other replies in this section for more details and answers.


@Brustkern- I think @Chris2pherChase meant to direct this reply at you: Bankless DAO <> HumanDAO - #12 by Chris2pherChase

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After some research, I don’t believe that HumanDAO has the track record we would like for a partnership of this scale. Keep working, build your following and your resume, and consider re-proposing a few months down the line when you have case studies and results to present. It’s a no from me at the moment—it feels too early.


I am in favor of the DAO2DAO relations but, as well as for the marketing actions of the DAO, I believe that it is necessary to be able to determine from time to time the best actions to take.

  • The airdrop that HumanDAO wants to perform is an action that aims to add value to its DAO by acquiring possible participants. I don’t think it brings value to BanklessDAO

  • The use of BanklessDAO structures can obviously be allowed and shared, provided that BanklessDAO get the same value in exchange, making the due proportions between BanklessDAO and HumanDAO

  • The use of the BanklessDAO brand and visibility should be limited to particular occasions to be checked from time to time, as Samantha says

  • Marketing, visibility, educational support, etc. if requested from individual members, it is the individual members who have to decide whether to accept this proposal, without expecting any kind of contribution from BanklessDAO

  • If this support is requested from the DAO, in some cases it will be possible for a consideration of equal value for the services provided (providing education) and in others it will not be possible (marketing)

DAOs do not compete with each other. Individual members decide which DAOs they can favor.

DAO2DAO initiatives are intended to create value mutually, obviously proportionate to the size and importance of each of the partners.

Bootstrapping a new DAO with all BanklessDAO content means creating a new BanklessDAO, not a new initiative. Personally, I would be against creating a copy of BanklessDAO which by the way would not bring any value to us.

Furthermore, BanklessDAO is trying to build forms of revenue, I don’t think that paying members and internal structures to give value and work to third parties can be seen as something advisable today.


Good points @Grendel I would go even further, HumanDAO for me at least does not fit the bill for a major partner to BanklessDAO. I don’t see us playing in the same league, from my (given) limited research.

HumanDAO could of course be a customer to BanklessDAO, they could buy from our services, paying in ETH/USDC or BANK. For me this approach would be the one to take here, I don’t see their current proposal adding any value to BanklessDAO at all. So I would push for us to sell our marketing services if needed from our marketing guild and I noticed discussions about them using Academy resources, this should of course be paid 100% by them. Unless we do development which further improves our product, then we can share a piece of the costs, like it would be with any other product or service bought by them to enhance their onboarding.

just my 2 gwei

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Hi thank you for writing up the first Draft proposal.


  1. Next time, a draft can be placed under the general category instead.
  2. May I suggest you remove the BanklessDAO from your website https://humandao.org/ as a formal partner. Because as far as I know, as per this proposal: we have only stated our INTENT to partner. banklessDAO 🤝 humanDAO

So if you would like, you can write as partnership details in discussion or something along those lines.
3) In general, i do see great alignment in both BanklessDAO and HumanDAO. I will be happy to support a close working relationship.
4) However, we do need to write in more details the terms and conditions of the partnership. Obviously many of our more vocal members here do not feel that the current stated terms are a basis for an equal partnership. Perhaps we haven’t got time to write them out in more detail.


I agree with alot of the points made above. The proposal is way to general and i cant see that bDAO gets the same out of this deal as HumanDAO. Its a no from me as it stands right now.

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This is very helpful. Thank you