[Draft 1] Season 7 Specification

LFG =). Thanks for this @0xZFi.eth


Thank you @0xZFi.eth . To be forewarned is to be forearmed. :grinning:


I’ve just updated the Grants Committee election dates in the remaining timeline for Season 6 to reflect the dates decided upon by Grants Committee.

Old dates for acceptance of GC Election applications: January 20 - 30
New dates: January 9 - 19
Old date for GC Election Snapshot: January 30
New date: January 20


Looking good. Thanks for being so on this ser!!


Great job on this Zfi👍🏿

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Sweet and detailed even onto S8 :rocket: :raised_hands:

Great job and very detailed! I’d just like to confirm gap week.

Based on the above draft gap week runs “January 30 - February 5: Gap Week”

But the Season 6 vote and linked spec state that the " Formal gap week will be February 6 through February 12, 2023."

Does the above draft schedule for S7 just need to be shifted over by one week?

This was simply a miscalculation in the gap week for the end of Season 6. Using that date would make Season 6 a 14-week season. Fortunately, no deadlines will need to be moved, as all current operational pieces are on track to be complete by February 5.

The last day of Season 6 is February 5. The gap week for Season 6 is January 30 through February 5. Season 7 starts February 6. Sorry for the confusion! The Season 6 transition was a bumpy one!

Oh okay. I just knew that S4 & S1 were 14 weeks according to snapshot’s records so I thought S6 being 14 weeks was intentional as well.

It does make more sense to stick to 13 week seasons since 52/4 = 13.

It doesn’t effect any scheduling I’m involved with but I’ll check in with people and see if it affects their scheduling at all.

Has the Twitter space with HQ been scheduled already anyway?

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The Kick-Off Event is in planning stages still, but will be held Friday, February 10 at 4pm UTC.

Thanks for your attention to detail on this, too. Important clarification.

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And it’s a happy coincidence the bDAO’s b-day is during the gap week at the end of S7 with this schedule.

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Well… not exactly, because we add a gap week on to each 13-week season… so we will perpetually have a rolling set of seasonal dates.
If we want stability around seasons, we would maybe want 12 week seasons with a gap week between each. In previous discussions about season length, I suggested a 16-week season, which would allow for 2 gap weeks and a gap fortnight at the end of the year.


Didn’t you get some consensus around that too? I seem to recall most folks favored a 4-month season when we had that Super Season discussion. 3 months is too short, and having consistent start/end/gap dates would be super helpful

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The majority voted for a super season or some form of it on that Forum post, but unfortunately the poll was vague and/or the author lost interest. My suggestion was quite well received but no action was taken on any of the proposal feedback. :person_shrugging:


perhaps it’s due time to submit another proposal on the issue. getting our calendar into shape would do wonders for efficiency. it’s these small iterations that create sustainable ops


Oh that’s what I meant yes. 13 weeks including the gap week.

This draft has Season 6’s gap week ending Feb 5, while the snapshot vote for the S6 spec has it ending Feb 12. With a starting point of Nov 7 the original vote for S6 was 14 weeks, but with these dates in this draft it’s 13 (gap week included)

That suggestion was pre the bDIP process without a clear path to implement it. Might be worth revisiting again in that format.

UPDATE: This is being reversed and the Snapshot dates are holding. Season 6 gap week will be as defined in the Season 6 Specification:
Formal gap week will be February 6 through February 12, 2023
We will follow the Snapshot dates because this is where we gained consensus.

This means that, although not intended to be so, Season 6 is a 14-week season. The Grants Committee has determined that all guilds and departments have the funds necessary to cover the additional un-budgeted week, if they choose to do so. Alternatively, a second gap week may be taken to minimize impact to existing plans and budgets.

Season 7 will begin February 13 and return to the 13-week season timing (12 weeks + gap week). The Season 7 Spec dates are being updated accordingly.

The Twitter Spaces Kick-Off event will still be February 10 at 4pm UTC.


Could we move GC election 1 week earlier so that the new GC members have 1 week before gap week to settle in and old members can pass on knowledge before they leave?

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Sounds like a great idea to me. I will adjust the timeline accordingly before this goes to Snapshot.

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Season 7 begins feb 13

Gap week is 6 thru 12 of feb,

End season 7 is may 14th?

Great work by the way, @0xZFi.eth

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