Exploring Discord Data: Bankless DAO Engagement

Thanks to @frogmonkee we have aggregate Discord data that may be of interest to the community.

Since launch, Bankless DAO has grown significantly, perhaps no where more evident than the sheer number of Discord channels that has multiplied. In traditional organizations, much resources are spent to figure out engagement.

For DAOs, like Bankless, that live and breathe in the Discord, this provides one (among many) source(s) of data for see where the energy and engagement is happening.

NOTE: The following is exploratory, designed to explore the meaning and interpretation of various metrics. To raise questions rather than provide any definitive answers.

Here’s Bankless DAO Discord at a glance (for May, 2021):

Through out the month:

  • total membership doubled,
  • “speaking minutes” tripled. My guess is this represents the total minutes that are spent in the voice channels (i.e., dev workroom, Community Calls, watercooler etc.)
  • while number of visitors hovered around 2000. It’s unclear whether and how Discord distinguishes between new members vs visitors.
  • New members slowly declined with a bump on May 24th. It would be good to see these numbers for June (after the 2nd airdrop)

Next we have a list of Discord Channels ordered by number of messages, readers and chatters.

Here are the Top 30 Discord Channels by Number of Messages:

It’s not surprising that channels like general, ops-general, cc-chatter would be the top 3 in terms of volume of messages. For guild-specific channels, it looks like dev-guild has the most messages, followed by writer-general.

Here are the Top 30 Discord Channels by Number of Readers:

In addition to number of messages, we can track messages read. No surprise in the top 3-4 channels for this metric (i.e., announcements, start-here, calendar, general).

What’s interesting is that guild-specific channels are not making the top-30 in terms of messages “read”. This would suggest that messages generated within guild channels is not as widely read by the general members.

This implies a different reading audience between guild-channels and general-channels. Finally, we have

Top 30 Discord Channels by the Number of Chatters

I think these are the Number of people who enter a channel and leave at least one message. It makes sense the join channel would score highest people are required to signal !join in this channel before receiving further instructions from Collab.Land bot.

@Grendel raised an interesting question: “What are the Number of Discord members who post at least X times a week” which would have implications for:

  • better understanding Bankless DAO members
  • increasing member engagement
  • better manage enrollment
  • measuring effects of guest passes etc.

And many great ideas here.

The current dataset contains aggregate data, which limits our ability to answer the above fascinating questions, but there could be additional data to be had.

We’ll save that for another post.

Let me know what other questions you’d like to ask :point_down: and we’ll see if we can get the right Discord data to answer those questions :pray:


Thank you, the data presented are truly illuminating.
I suppose the number of “new users” will increase once the new website and integrated project are online.

The “Readers” number is also very interesting. It could mean that a large portion of the members prefer to browse the main and “lighter” channels and / or that some members may be stopped by the great (and absolutely fantastic) level of involvement of others.
Not sure how we could inspect these issues, perhaps with some opinion polls?


Excellent metrics to observe. Dope seeing that membership grow. Thank you.


Incredible work! thanks!


very important insights


Bankless is propagating :fire:


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