BDAO Discord Re-organization 2.0

Authors: Coach Viking & Frogmonkee

What happened:

Bankless DAO has hit it’s maximum channel limit (500) within discord on November 19th. We pruned channels in the Archive category, DAOlionships started their own server for cross DAO collab & member benefits, but it’s going to be a recurring issue.

Why did it happen?

Bankless DAO is growing fast, this is another growing pain along our journey.

  • We have projects spinning up weekly (good signs)
  • Guilds are expanding on all fronts (good signs)
  • There are a lot of inactive channels
  • There can be a lot of cross-over (redundancy) with channels

What are the lessons?

It’s time to start being more intentional with how we operate

New projects or revenue generating opportunities hit roadblocks setting up workstations

Guild space for activities is limited

This will continue to be a recurring hot topic

Immediate Next Steps

Our immediate next steps would be to prune some of the channels. This would only be a temporary solution, as we would still continue to add project categories and channels would balloon.

The first set of channels would be the Geographies. Lucas made a forum post about this in October to mixed feedback. However, with a need to reduce channels, we’d like to bring this up again. We can have a geography directory with invite links to various Telegram chats, but with minimal activity in these channels, they are the natural first step.

In tandem, we would ask projects and guilds to deprecate unused channels or move async.

  1. Split the Discord into two servers. One server would be CC, Guilds, general conversation, and member benefits (this would be the main discord). The other would be a project specific discord

  2. Pro: Would likely resolve our channel limit problem. Splitting into two would add some overhead to maintaining discords, but still manageable.

  3. Con: Project discord may end up hitting their own channel limit + would require discord administration from ops guild

  • Agree
  • Agree w/ mods
  • Disagree

0 voters

  1. Mature projects (example: DEGEN, fight club, crypto sapiens) can spin off to their own servers (guilds would not)

  2. Pro: More freedom on how we structure. Potential for a boilerplate server structure & revenue stream for ops guild

  3. Cons: can bypass member requirements + require some degree of admin work to set up and maintain discord

  • Agree
  • Agree w/ mods
  • Disagree

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  1. Use threads

  2. Pro: Inactive channels get purged frequently + do not count towards channel limit

  3. Cons: it can be hard to track and resurface chats

  • Agree
  • Agree w/ mods
  • Disagree

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  1. We continue as we are pruning and running out of space

  2. Pro: it’s the way we’ve always done it

  3. Con: we will continue to have this conversation every month, and more frequently as we continue to grow

  • Agree
  • Agree w/ modification
  • Disagree

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Regarding Threads I voted Agree w/ mods: we should be using these where required anyway, especially for ongoing topics related to a specific channel, but not broad enough to encompass its own channel (temporary projects, pre-meeting syncs, AMA prep).

In my opinion rather than splitting the DAO in two or moving out mature projects we should focus on the not so essential and/or very space consuming stuff first. Mature projects are among the most important things in the DAO (as they will hopefully create revenue for the DAO) and they should remain easily accessible to all.

Some suggestions for pruning, or moving out:

  • geographies
  • translators (too many channels in my opinion - find a way to make it shorter, maybe move some things to Notion?)
  • limit (reduce) number of channels each project/guild is allowed to have, possibly make projects/guilds pay to treasury for each channel that exceeds the number of allowed channels.
  • move daolationships to separate server - as this is half external by nature and might even help other DAOs to find their way easier as they don’t have to navigate the main server + make it more organized.
  • project planning - as this seems to be highly flexible in nature, could it maybe become thread based?
  • maybe we can find things we don’t really need (memes? markets? bookclub? Can hype and recognition be mixed with bot commands, since it is mostly used for tipping bot?)

Just some suggestions, I am sure there is much more that can be optimized without splitting up the main components of the DAO