Governance Solution Engineer Program - Re-Implementation

Title: Governance Solution Engineer Program - Re-Implementation
Author(s): Icedcool🏴#4947
Date Created: February 23rd, 2022
Date Posted: February 25th, 2022

Reference documents:
Quorum Removal Snapshot: Link
Invalid GSE Spec Snapshot: Link
Invalid GSE Election Snapshot: Link
GSE Specifications: Link

Alright everyone, the quorum requirement has been removed!

While the GSE has been forum approved, but not snapshot approved, I thought this would be a chance to refresh it in the DAOs memory.

By the time we get this implemented we will have 4 weeks left in the season, which could be a chance to start to get organized and initiate work.

Since the initial snapshot is defunct, and time has passed, we will re-collect applicants through this LINK (Submissions) from .

There was some opinion that we should anonymize submissions. My thoughts are that it is a GOOD thing that people will vote on the policy vs the person.

:placard: Currently submissions are anonymous, but if we vote against it I will de-anonymize them.
Additionally, I will share the submission form with @links, and @jameswmontgomery.eth to hold myself accountable. (and really anyone else that is interested…)

Anonymous Electees?
  • Maintain Anonymous Electees
  • Publicize Electees

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The GSE has been ratified, although because of quorum challenges I wanted to re-reference this and bring it to everyone’s attention.

The steps forward for the GSE are:

  1. Intake applicants for the next 14 Days. ( Till the 11th)
  2. Once collected, we will kick off a snapshot to approve the GSE program, and elect applicants through token weighted voting.

Acknowledging this is one of our grand experiments!

Governance Solutions Engineer TLDR:

GSE Definitions:

Governance-minded DAO members elected to spec out a comprehensive solution to mission-critical DAO infrastructure challenges.


  • 5 GSE Electees
    • 75K per electee
    • Additional 750K bank for potential bonus to be paid at the end of the season.
    • Potential Total: 225K BANK
  • Two Operational pools of 500k BANK for additional contributors in each problem space to be involved, and distributed per the groups decision (potentially coordinape).
    • 1M Bank in total.

There was some dispute in terms of financing.

:placard: Should we revise this?

Financial Specifications
  • Maintain Financial Specifications
  • Revise Financial Specifications

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  • Contributor Alignment
    • Refine membership (Guest pass, L1, and L2)
      • Including potential ways to offboard contributors that no longer meet activity thresholds)
    • Create compensation frameworks that can be updated
      • Define global compensation standards that support contributors for the entire DAO.
      • Provide guidance on guild/project local compensation.
    • Refine and develop new incentive models that reward long-term contributors that stick with the DAO for long periods of time.
    • Work with guilds to standardize guild roles and Coordinape rounds
    • Work with guild Talent Scouts and First Quest to identify challenges and better retain talent entering the DAO.
  • Strategic Prioritization
    • Model and present various strategic directions for the DAO.
    • Develop a potential business plan based on identified strategic model
    • Create an evaluation framework based on identified strategy to help the DAO make strategic decisions with treasury and grant funding.
    • Create evaluation PROCESS that optimizes community consensus and responsible decision making to act on above framework.
    • Design a system that actually measures the output of funding projects and incorporates those findings into the eval process.
    • Balance funding cost centers with projects that generate revenue or token value appreciation.


  • GSEs need to make this their #1 Priority.
    • May have other positions but must disclose them.
    • Lower order activities and involvement are fine (newsletter work, etc).


  • The 5 electees can organize any way they see fit, as long as it is transparent, open and public.
    • GSEs are to work with the DAO to find the optimal solution by progressively designing solutions, presenting them to the DAO, capturing feedback, and iterating.


  • Detailed specification to implement mid season 4 or at the start of season 5
    • Ex Season 1 spec
    • Community consent and feedback must already be included.

Financial Process:

  • Each Gov SE is guaranteed a 75,000 BANK salary.
  • At the end of the Season, the DAO will vote on two deliverables produced by the GSEs via forum vote. One for strategic prioritization and one for contributor Alignment. Each deliverable will be rated on a scale of 1 to 5, which will unlock additional compensation.
    • Each deliverable will unlock a maximum of 375K BANK, for a total of 750K.
    • Each rating will unlock 75K in funding. 1 = 75K, 2 = 150K, 3 = 225K, 4 = 300K, 5 = 375K
    • Additional compensation is only for GSEs. Distribution will be up to the 5 GSEs. They can choose to use Team Set Salaries or Coordinape.
  • The two working groups (Contributor alignment and Strategic Prioritization) will have an allocated budget of 500,000 BANK EACH to collectively decide how to allocate and compensate members of the working group. Gov SEs may not draw from this allocation.
  • Funds will be held in a multi-sig held by the 5 GSEs
    • Once all compensation has been distributed, GSEs must produce a financial report outlining how funds were distributed.
    • Any funds not distributed will be returned to the treasury




GSE part Deux. Just Deux It!


Let’s go, time waits for no one.


Very needed, le’s goooo!

Good point, however I’m kind of lean to de-anonymize option. As wisdom quotes say, “watch what they do , not what they say”. It doesn’t mean I don’t trust our electees, just feel it is hard to trust a policy without knowing the person behind.


I agree. I’m split on it actually.

I think this is important because it allows people to vote on the policy and aims of the electee vs the person or their popularity.

Alternatively I could see this being a negative because track record is important in terms of trust, delivery and performance.

I see value and draw backs to both sides.

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I voted to keep submissions anon (although I am also in two minds about it).
However it’s pretty easy to figure out at least who the first new submission is from because the old submissions are available to compare against.
So… maybe we just make them open… :slight_smile:


I voted to revise the financial specs.

I’ll apologize now for not offering a solution. Being unaware of what is all-encompassing with these positions, it would be foolhardy for me to offer a solution.

Observing from afar the way it’s laid out makes it seem messy, open to mis-use, somewhat exorbitant in the total amount of BANK.

I don’t agree that Guest Pass and L1’s should qualify. I think someone who’s been elevated to L2 has been active enough to better understand the issues that are plaguing our DAO. I can see Guest Pass holders and L1s assisting GSEs in working groups, but as an actual GSE? I disagree.


The argument of mis-use further supports my own argument to keep the GSE position only available to L2 contributors. Those who are the most invested in the DAO will be less likely to take advantage. That aside, I don’t think the amount is exorbitant at all. This group will literally be doing work that needs to be done, and that some people talk about but no one is doing. It’s a fair incentive.

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At minimum it should be gated to L1.

FYI extended the submission date because some people are just now hearing about this. :sweat_smile:
Doing a better job of making announcements!


I am in support of the program. It is interesting to note how much less applicants there are right now, considering the reduction in the remuneration.

I note the introductions are about I am I have I blah blah blah.

It would be prudent as well as in line with DAO practice to show their “proof of work” IN THE BANKLESS DAO. Ultimately, we want the best people to apply for this position.

I (with my team) implemented:

  • first quest.
  • New Joiners session.
  • education guild intro quest.

Seconded that applicants should either be public, or we only allow L2s to apply.

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Same as trew and iced basically. Having a vision is one thing, track record and reputation another entirely. Given that this is an experiment and 5 positions are available, I’m willing to vote blind and reward the best ideas on faith! :raised_hands:
But, we’ll probably know who they are by their statements anyway lol.


I see how anon and guest pass vs L1 vs L2 creates nuanced issues… but I think it will be ok for the most part because it’s going to place more weight on the applicant’s endorsements from other folks in bDAO.

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Just trying to understand the compensation.

  1. The 75k is per month or per season?
  2. The 375k based on rating is available per contributor or the five people as a whole?

Sorry for being stupid but what’s the maximum comp / person / season this works out to, inc all the bonuses?

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Yea it isn’t easy.


  • BASE PAY OF GSE - 75k BANK (for season)
  • Additional available based on performance - 375K for 2 Focuses (750K TOTAL) to be divided amongst the GSEs
    • Each GSE could make at the top tier 225K, if approval is highest for both deliverables.

Does that help?

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Yes, thank you! Seems pretty low compared to the old 1000 BANK / hr which also includes roles with arguably much less responsibility, no?