Grants Committee Elections for S4 and S5

According to the Season 1 spec, there will be three seats open for the next Grants Committee for the next term ( that is for Season 4 and Season 5).

The Grants Committee consists of 5-7 members along with a multisig with all committee members as signers.

The Committee is responsible and accountable for managing the grants system, reviewing grant applications, and managing the grants treasury, with the help of other guilds as needed (e.g., treasury).

The Committee has a quorum with four members over seven OR three members over five, but is otherwise responsible for their own operations.

The Committee cannot change the application process to be a committee member without a snapshot vote and is encouraged to accept the DAO’s proposal template.

The Grants Committee is required to be transparent and communicative with the DAO, such as access to Committee meetings and an opportunity to voice opinions and feedback.

There is a two-week period where anyone can volunteer by submitting an application by replying to this post with the following details:

Discord handle

Reason for applying


Sponsor(s) (i.e., someone who will second your nomination)

Please submit your applications by replying to this post.


Happy to help by serving the committee for a couple rounds.

Please submit your application then.

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Who is returning to grants committee and who is leaving?

Are the meeting times set at the current meeting time, or could we change it in the new season depending on the new electee availability?

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Meeting Times:
We can modify them based on the new group.

Current members:

Members stepping down
Lucas - Term limit
AAJ (Joe) - term Limit


gm, I would like to apply for the grants committee.

Discord handle:

Reason for applying:
I would like to contribute to to the grants committee by providing input and help decision making in a way that it benefits banklessDAO most. I am critical yet positive and opend minded. I’m very confident to vote for or against grants based on the best interest of the DAO.


  • bDAO member from Day 1 - strong believer in the DAO
  • Deeply engaged in bDAO - currently role holder as Translators Guild Governance Coordinator
  • IRL international project manager

Sponsor(s) (i.e., someone who will second your nomination):
GPe#6138, @Grendel (Grendel#3875), @Ornella (Ornella :black_flag: bDAO#2775), @tommyolofsson (tommyolofsson#5656)


hello, I’d like to fill in for GC

Discord handle:

Reason for applying:
GC is a critical piece of funding infrastructure and I want to support it and continue funding new initiatives. I want to make sure contributors are getting their BANK and that we continue to strive for the mission.


  • Member of the original Grant’s Committee
  • Solicitor of grant from the Grant’s Committee
  • Building in the DAO since genesis

Sponsor(s) (i.e., someone who will second your nomination):


Hey everyone, I’d like to apply for the GC.

Discord handle: FreedomFighter :black_flag:#6267

Reason for applying:
BanklessDAO’s GC has done a great job getting us to where we are. But it is important, while we have the time, to start investing sustainably.

My goal is to ensure BanklessDAO prospers for years to come. How? We have to focus on revenue generation because, at the present rate of funding and income, we only have a few years before we run out of our token and become BANKless. To stay on our journey west and to continue onboarding 1bn people, there is only one solution: to invest in sustainable, revenue-generating projects.

I may not have been one of the first members of BanklessDAO, but what I bring is a fresh perspective, a clear vision of what we need to do before funding runs out, and the entrepreneurial spirit to take us there.

As the founder of DAO Heat, a project launched without any GC funding, I understand the challenges of launching a project, growing a team and working towards a goal—without any financial support. Therefore, I have the insight to identify opportunities that boost efficiency, helping guilds and projects to become more profitable and self-sufficient.


  • After founding and leading businesses for 15+ years, I know a good proposal when I see one

  • Marketing Guild’s Social Media Manager

  • Writers Guild’s Talent Scout

  • Founder and Project Lead of DAO Heat

Sponsors: @Marvel @chrisfcrypto @NFThinker @Cheetah


Hey Folks, I would like to apply for the Grants Committee position.

Discord Handle: lion917#3637

Reasons for Applying: As part of the Grants Committee, I will do the following:

  1. Focus on Review: Ultimately, a DAO which wants to survive in the long run needs to figure out a revenue model which focuses on projects that replenish the treasury with resources.

  2. Promote Diversity: It is important to champion projects which focus on contributors and subject matters from developing nations. Appropriate funding of regional sub-DAOs is important to achieve our mission.

  3. Promote Innovation: I will focus more on ideas that haven’t been tested before and require support. Many projects require innovative approaches but they are often hard to implement. However, it is important to take chances so that in future the treasury and contributors can see appropriate returns.

I am a legal consultant specialising in Asian jurisdictions from a leading Law School in Asia. I specialise in Blockchain, Data Protection and Information technology. I have the following experience at Bankless:

  1. Project Manager for the Bankless Legal Guild.

  2. Bankless Global Tax Guide Consultancy co-coordinator.

  3. Avid contributor at Bankless South Asia and AV Guild (Making Bank Podcast).

  4. Level 2 contributor at Bankless DAO.

Sponsors: @Eagle @Jengajojo


Discord handle: jengajojo.ethᵍᵐ🏴#5896
Reasons for applying:

I would like to help steer bDAO in a direction that is more aligned with the mission and vision. I have a background in math and physics, which allows me to have an analytical perspective and presents me with an opportunity to be rational in decision-making. I want to fund projects which demonstrate the missionary behavior of its contributors vs mercenary projects which seem more like BANK farms.


-I have lead a global non-profit out of bad financial situation in the past
-Active contributor in various DAOs covering DeFi, service, desci, social
-IMN Project Coordinator

Sponsors: @Ornella @Gpe @lion917 @Liquidiot @Otherbright @DavidBankless @thinkDecade @Asturias5051


Discord handle: links#7868

Reason for applying

BanklessDAO has accomplished a lot in the last 9 months, but lately we’ve been having difficulty as an organization deciding where to invest our resources. I’d like to use my experience in startup operations to help the DAO reach our potential.

DAOs are all about aligning incentives, and the Grants Committee is in a unique position to help align incentives across BanklessDAO. The funding process can be used as a tool to help make our projects stronger by setting them up for success. It’s not enough to set KPIs and pray, projects need guidance and accountability to help them achieve their goals. As a member of the Grants Committee, I hope I can strengthen our projects using agile principles.


  • I’m a 15-year veteran in the startup space, having cofounded 2 of my own companies as well as working at and advising many more.
    • I’ve built teams to create award-winning products that service hundreds of thousands of daily users
    • I currently work as a startup advisor, coaching executives on how to create distributed teams
  • My specialty is new product development, including validation of new ideas and building sustainable execution teams.
    • I’m an expert in agile project management, which could be used to great effect here in the DAO
    • I’m also a seasoned software engineer, which helps when validating technical projects
  • 6-month member of BanklessDAO
    • L2 contributor
    • Staff Editor in the Writer’s Guild
    • Notion Decentralization Project Champion
    • Core member of the Bounty Board


@Icedcool, @Grendel, @marvel, @Nym, @ManuelMaccou, @0xJustice


Thank you all for the submissions. The two weeks period to submit applications have now ended. So no more applications will be taken into account.
A snapshot will follow shortly.

Good luck everyone.

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