Guild/Project/Departmental tagging

Is it possible to add tags for the various Guilds, Projects and Departments of the bDAO here on the forums? Similar to how we can tag a user with the @ symbol?

If so, would anyone be able to share how such a process would be started or completed?

Bumping this up.

Why you may ask?

As a point of observance, our own Ops Dept personnel mentioned on a recent CC that they do not visit the forums, only becoming aware of votes and other matters happening here, at the forums, through the same CC.

With it being well known that we have trouble getting bDAO members to vote on proposals, this only further highlights the obvious fact that many do not see the important work that is being done here on the forum.

If a project or guild is mentioned here on the forums, I believe there should be a way of tagging for notification purposes the same group on Discord. The input from these respective members, for guidance or for clarity, could be invaluable to the furthering of discussions here on the forums.

Would anyone know if, during the new bDAO member on-boarding process, there is mention of the forums and the work being done here?