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:jigsaw: Background
GP, L1 and L2 tags are being used indiscriminately for onboarding announcements across bDAO, in a way that is very similar to the indiscriminate use of @everyone in other DAO communities.

This is creating a “tag fatigue” phenomenon, that usually results in frens switching off, and potentially missing key announcements that have real significance.

Ops Guild - Cascading onboarding quests, and with lower internal noise levels

Being a Media DAO, bDAO should want to be more targeted about its messaging, even internally. And yet bDAO will still want to be very supportive and proactive to the contributor and idea journeys that are part and parcel of effective DAO social functioning and productivity.

And in general there are other DAO onboarding functions that Ops Guild can support in more integrated, automated and yet still human ways.

:ladder: Solution - Comprehensive Onboarding Template

This proposal suggests that Ops Guild become the curator of a pre-built Comprehensive Onboarding Template (COT), which can be supplied to both internal guilds and external grant and bounty providers, bringing internal social productivity to bDAO and also crypto revenue streams to bDAO Ops Guild from DAOs in the wider DAOscape.

The productivity gains are in the ability to rapidly pre-select and opt in or cherry pick preferred pathways for both humans and ideas inside DAOs, guilds, work groups and projects. These can be referred to as “archetypal journeys” for defined contributor archetypes.

The human element is brought to the fore by using a quest based approach, bringing gaming to onboarding as a productivity aid inside bDAO, and in time the wider DAOscape.

The other thing happening here is the application of flexible structure to the typically difficult task of cat herding. It means there is no centralised approach, a DAO or guild can adopt any structure it chooses, meaning that autonomy is preserved and diversity is available and preserved in market places.

There is a working trial model, with latest updates. Here folk can go and see more what this looks like in action, as a comprehensive template, which through click selection on each category can be tailored per guild or DAO to focus on the steps each guild considers key.

:coin: Resourcing
In the first instance, an initial bDAO template was supplied by innov8tor3, using the Crew 3 platform. This could become an App in time if preferred, but this solution negates the need for development costs and helps develop use cases for the Crew 3 Web 3 software.

Subsequently, Ops Guild need a template curator to both supply the template to guilds and DAOs as needed, but also a trainer pack, perhaps from Ernest of Gaia, to help onboard guild team nominees to support guild level onboarding, liaising with guild welcome and new joiner support teams, first quests and other denominated guild role holders.

This process is intended to work hand in hand with but independently from the current role select function, which is perfectly adequate with the function it delivers, and the initial choice guild, working group and project selection that it supports, however needing perhaps a single key addition.

As with many Ops Guild functions, this can have a strong DAO wide lubricant impact, and is then cascaded to guilds as they see the need and benefit, and to external DAOs through socialising provided by bDAO Ambassadors.

This particular proposal also seeks to provide “workstream housing” for the onboarding workstreams supported by bDAO, on a trans-silo basis. Other bDAO workstreams may also benefit from this type of approach.

:open_file_folder: A CRM for Daoplomats and bDAO Ambassadors
It is likely that Ops Guild will need to visit Daolationships - DL - and adopt and perhaps provide and support a version of the CRM database that DL operate. This is so as to provide cohesion and continuity across bDAO and with the external DAOs that bDAO liaise with. bDAO need to both bring in external DAOplomats for internal demos and equip bDAO Ambassadors to visit external DAOs bearing bDAO products and services for demonstration.

Ops Guild have something of a pan DAO responsibility, to avoid silo functioning and close communication gaps, and this proposal is perhaps a first attempt to do that, on the specific subject of onboarding.

:seedling: Onboarding Resourcing Vacancies
Role vacancies can have a severe impact on operation, where a role falls empty, either for a guild or for DAO wide operations such as those functions the Ops Guild supports.

During onboarding, bDAO will seek to remind potential contributors that they have a responsibility with the DAO to make a contribution, not much happens when folk join for a free ride.

Ops Guild have a view that the ultimate decentralising unit of contribution is a single contributor, fulfilling a singular DAO role, noting that role holders typically rotate to prevent undue centralisation. And so role vacancies have a relatively large impact, and should be given priority across DAO guilds, filling vacancies to make sure guilds are functioning effectively.

So a separate and different onboarding function Ops Guild can provide to other guilds is eg a Notion based resource showing, by guild, who has a particular role, whether there are any vacancies, and the impact of that role, so frens know what will go missing when that role is vacant.

:hammer_and_wrench: Specific New Role Request for DAO Onboarding
Ops Guild need a new role for the role request function, namely “DAO Onboarding”. This needs to be invoked on joining, method TBA, in discussion with the Ops Discord Admin role holder. Once folk feel they have onboarded successfully, eg using the Crew 3 quest function, they can remove the onboarding tag and move on more towards individual guilds.

This role is a new role that bDAO welcome teams will use in announcements to bring folk into AMA meetings specifically to do with onboarding.

The GP tag should in tandem be used far less when making announcements.

:loudspeaker: Other Announcement Impacts & Guidelines
Note that guild welcome teams already have guild tags they can use for their much more focused local communities, and should make use of these and not more general tags for DAO wide communication. This will take a cultural education programme, but could also work on a word of mouth / cascade basis.

Also note that community call AMA meetings will need different tagging. This proposal will not deal with the community call needs for that function, but bDAO can note that by separating out onboarding call announcements, there should be rather more signal when community calls are announced.


i am currently testing and designing quests based on each guilds onboarding and education processes. mostly focusing on quests for Learners & Guest Passers and doing this hoping to make use of the folks in research guild and education guild to develop the quests more fully.

sounds like a lot of suggesting what other folks should do, curious what the authors of this discussion are committing to?