International Media Nodes - Season 5 proposal

Author : @Jengajojo @paulDE @gioser @raybankless.eth


  1. International Media Nodes: Nodes are paid for fulfilling specific predefined KPIs (1854000 BANK)
  2. IMN team: The IMN team works to get sponsorships on behalf of all nodes as well as organize the nodes in a common direction and create all necessary marketing materials and documentation for the project (368,000 BANK)

The total ask for S5 (minus leftover funds from S4) is 1,000,000 BANK



The IMN project aims to make the bankless message avaliable to a broader audience by producing and marketing content in various non-English langauges.

The IMN project will pay the bDAO treasury 10% of any revenue that is generated by grants, sponsorships, or partnerships. Revenue that nodes manage to create apart from that will instead be used to grow the respective nodes. On a longer timeframe once the nodes have reached escape velocity the idea is to increase this amount over time.


For Season 5 the IMN project will be operated by the IMN team in conjunction with language champions. The IMN team consists of

  1. IMN coordinator + Revenue Lead (30000 BANK/month)
  2. Marketing Lead + POAP Manager (10000BANK/month)
  3. Accountant + Coordinape coordinator(6000BANK/month)
  4. OPs Coordinator (10000BANK/month)
  • Language Champion (funded by KPIs)

JDs for all roles can be found here

Besides fixed roles, the IMN project invites everyone who contributed directly to the IMN project as a whole to join the Coordinape (50000 BANK/month) circle at the end of each month.

Election of roles:
All IMN team roles are elected each season with the help of a sesh poll in the IMN channel. Language champions are decided within each node based on their own internal governance process.

Bounties & Misc:

There is 50000 BANK allocated for adhoc work such as taking meeting nodes, investigating KPIs that nodes have fulfilled, folks who helped write grants or worked with the marketing squad, etc…

Budget for roles:

IMN team 56000 BANK/month x 3 = 168,000 BANK

Coordinape 50000/month x 3 = 150,0000 BANK

Bounties & misc = 50,000 BANK

Total: 368,000 BANK


There are currently 16 active media nodes (list here) in the IMN project. The nodes consist of language champions and contributors. In season 4 the nodes have been paid BANK for fulfilling KPIs all payment details can be found here

The budgets below is made for 14 nodes

  • KPI 1:

    In the beginning, each node will have to set up a social media page, post at least 5 posts about the Bankless mission/crypto as well as a substack page with a post explaining the Bankless mission and vision. Each node should have at least 2 people working in the node (This is mainly a requirement for the translation since we need one translator and 1 reviewer) and the channel should have at least 50 audience members.

    Each node that fulfills the above requirements for KPI1 will receive a grant of 10000 BANK to continue with their activities of growing the channel for the next month.

  • KPI 2:

    3,000 BANK is awarded for each podcast or YouTube video (An educational video minimum 5 min long) that the node publishes and shares on social media.

    A node is awarded 2000 BANK each for every newsletter that is translated or produced and distributed to the local community via substack/medium and social media. The node can decide the details of the newsletters from the following criteria:
    -Any one of the bDAO newsletter.
    -Own newsletter which could be a mashup of bDAO/HQ newsletter. In order for the newsletter to qualify for funding, it needs to consist of at least 1000 words.

    • Any HQ article that is translated and distributed to the local community via substack/medium and social media

    In a month, a node can decide to use any combination of the above with a maximum cap of 24,000 BANK for each node.

    KPI 2 budget = 24,000 x 14 active nodes = 336,000/month x 3 = 1,008,000

  • KPI 3 (Renumeration for views)

    a) 10,000 BANK per node if IMN views average of that month was reached
    b) <10,000 BANK based on shortcoming to reach IMN views average
    c) nodes that reached KPI 1 less than 6 months ago receive 5,000 BANK irrespective of their views - the remaining 5,000 BANK will be distributed based on their shortcoming percentage

    Example1 (node reached KPI 1 more than 6 months ago):
    IMN views average for August is 1,000 views (derived from 14,000 total views and 14 nodes in this example)

    • a node that reached 1,000 views or more receives 10,000 BANK
    • a node that had 800 views (80% of the average) would receive 8,000 BANK

    Example 2 (node reached KPI 1 less than 6 months ago):
    IMN views average for August is 1,000 views (derived from 14,000 total views and 14 nodes in this example)

    • a node that had 800 views (80% of the average) would receive 9,000 BANK (5,000 BANK + 80% of 5,000 BANK)

The Defination of an Active node is

  • The node champion is an L1 member
  • The node posts 1 content (either newsletter or youtube video) each week

Total budget for KPI3: 10,000 x 14 = 140,000/month x 3 = 420,000

Additional Terms:

  1. Champions must submit node data at the end of the month to be renumerated for the month
  • Social Media Followers
  • Newsletter Views
  • Youtube Views
  • Podcast Listeners/Views
  • Content produced (incl. links)
  1. A deadline for fulfilling any KPI is measured on the metrics achieved by a node between the first of the month and the last day of the month.
  2. The IMN project awards its participants every month (as opposed to a seasonal model) hence, any BANK that is left unawarded, will be used as bridge funding between seasons or will be ported over to the next season to award nodes which fulfill KPIs.
  3. All payments are made at the beginning of the month after which KPIs were achieved. All KPIs, except KPI1 are reset at the beginning of the month.


Total budget for nodes in S5 = 1,008,000 + 420,000 = 1,428,000

Total ask including ask for IMN team = 1,796,000 BANK

We have a pending payment from season 4 which is 50% of the season 4 ask appr. 1,2M BANK. Depending on payments from the GC, the IMN season 5 ask will be adjusted accordingly.

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IMN its growing very fast, and i think that this fresh ideas, come along like a common good =)

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First of all, thank you very much Ray, Paul, Gioser and Jenga for putting the proposal together and post it here in the Forum.

I am in favor of the general shift away from followers, which is a very generic metric IMO as it is just focussing on a quantitative perspective but not on qualitative aspects like interaction with the actual content. For this reason, views are for me a very suitable way to give our KPIs are more quality orientated dimension. And if the monthly average always takes the overall performance of all nodes into consideration, the external factors should be the same and fair for everyone.

However, I have a question regarding the status of being an “active node” and its financial implications: All KPIs presented are linked to the status of a node being active, right? So if a node misses to publish content for one week within one months, it automatically looses its status of being “active” for this respective month and won’t receive any amount of remuneration.

Would be very greateful to receive a reply on that :slight_smile:


From my understanding, you will not miss the remuneration for not publishing for one week; the gov framework under development allows you to be AWOL for three mounths. Your comp will only be affected if there arent any publishing activities during the three months.

as far as I understood, you have to post at least one post during each and every week, to be considered active, and I do not think that should be an issue