International Media Nodes Budget for Season 4

Title: International Media Nodes Budget for Season 4
Author: @Jengajojo
Date: 16th April 2022


The IMN project is has a minimum ask of 2,564,509 BANK for Season 4. These expenses are divided into two parts:

  1. International Media Nodes: Nodes are paid for fulfilling specific predefined KPIs (2,402,000 BANK)
  2. IMN team: The IMN team works to get sponsorships on behalf of all nodes as well as organize the nodes in a common direction and create all necessary marketing materials and documentation for the project (162,509 BANK)

The IMN project administers itself in the framework of months instead of seasons, since content production works best when it produced consistently. Hence, we request retroactive funding for everyone who has worked in the month of April as well. Hence, the budget is made with 4 months in mind from April to July. Any leftover funds will be ported over to the next season.


  • At the end of Q1 (Jan-March), the IMN project had 21 active nodes producing content (list here) which represents a growth of 31.25% in the number of active nodes as opposed to Q4 2021.

  • In Q1 2022, the total audience grew by 52% as compared to the previous quarter. The goal achievement was 72%, largely because the squad overestimated its abilities based on insufficient data gathered in the few weeks that the project was live in Season 2. Another reason is that attention to crypto content is directly proportional to crypto prices. Wen number go down, less apes seek alpha

IMN Audience & %Growth (1)

  • We raised a net revenue of 10,700 USD from grant programs with, polygon ecosystem DAO and FEI/Tribe DAO. This represents a 107% goal achievement on the revenue target for S3.
  • Finally, the International Media nodes project continues to attract most of the contributors coming into Bankless DAO and represents one of the largest projects’ in bDAO.

Along with these hard facts, many initiatives were started by the squad including grants squad, marketing squad and a governance squad as well as on-ground events, node specific onboarding sessions, subDAO structures and NFT drops. A detailed report can be found here.

Do you think this is a relevant project for bDAO and should continue in S4?

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Of the world’s population, only 5% speak English as a native language, The goal of the IMN project is to set up media nodes in as many languages as possible so that we can reach a truly global audience and become a global movement.

For Season 4, brazil will approach the GC with an independent proposal hence we will measure audience members excluding the Brazilian node for the scope of this grant application. All nodes (exculding Brazil) have a combined audience of 25000 today and the goal for the nodes is to increase the overall reach of the project to an audience of 35,000 members across all nodes and platforms. Reaching this goal would be outperforming the KPIs set by each individual node by a significant margin. The goal for the IMN-team, besides managing the project, is to generate at least 15000 USD worth of revenue for the nodes from external sources.

The IMN project will pay the bDAO treasury 10% of any revenue that is generated by grants, sponsorships, or partnerships. Revenue that nodes manage to create apart from that will instead be used to grow the respective nodes. On a longer timeframe once the nodes have reached escape velocity the idea is to increase this amount over time.

As opposed to season 3, in season 4 we would like to take the approach of ‘underpromise and overdeliver’ hence our goals are more realistic, yet internally we aim to be ambitious and overachieve by a significant margin.


For Season 4 the IMN project will be operated by the IMN team in conjunction with language champions. The IMN team consists of

  1. IMN coordinator (20000 BANK/month)
  2. Grants Lead (10000 BANK/month)
  3. Marketing Lead (10000 BANK/month)
  4. Accountant (5000 BANK/month)
  5. Poap Manager (5000 BANK/month)
  • Language Champion (funded by KPIs)
    JDs can be found here

Besides fixed roles, the IMN project invites everyone who contributed directly to the IMN project as a whole to join the Coordinape (50000 BANK/month) circle at the end of each month.

Election of roles:
All IMN team roles are elected each season with the help of a sesh poll in the IMN channel. Language champions are decided within each node based on their own internal governance process.

Bounties & Misc:

There is 50000 BANK allocated for adhoc work such as taking meeting nodes, investigating KPIs that nodes have fulfilled, folks who helped write grants or worked with the marketing squad, etc…

Budget for IMN team:

IMN team 50000/month x 4 = 200,000 BANK
Coordinape 50000/month x 4 = 200,0000 BANK
Bounties & misc = 50,000 BANK
Total: 450,000 BANK

Funds left over from Q1/S3: 287,491 BANK
Total BANK needed to fund IMN team from April to July:
450,000 - 287,491 = 162,509 BANK


There are currently 20(excl. brazil) active media nodes (list here) in the IMN project. The nodes consist of language champions and contributors. In season 3/Q1 the nodes have been paid BANK for fulfilling KPIs all payment details can be found here

The budgets below is made for 21 nodes (20 active + 1 buffer)

KPI 1:
In the beginning, each node will have to set up a social media page, post at least 5 posts about the Bankless mission/crypto as well as a substack page with a post explaining the Bankless mission and vision. Each node should have at least 2 people working in the node (This is mainly a requirement for the translation since we need one translator and 1 reviewer) and the channel should have at least 50 audience members.

Each node that fulfills the above requirements for KPI1 will receive a grant of 10000 BANK to continue with their activities of growing the channel for the next month.

Max budget for 5 new nodes to start this season/Q2 = 50,000 BANK

KPI 2:
If a node brings sponsorship or grants to the IMN project or to any node, such that these revenue sources benefit the IMN project as a whole, then, 1000 BANK is awarded for each 1000 BANK equivalent in revenue added to the IMN multi-sig.

2000 BANK is awarded for each podcast or YouTube video (An educational video between 5-10 mins) that the node publishes and shares on social media.

A node is awarded 1000 BANK each for every newsletter that is translated or produced and distributed to the local community via substack/medium and social media. The node can decide the details of the newsletters from the following criteria:
-Any one of the bDAO newsletter.
-Own newsletter which could be a mashup of bDAO/HQ newsletter. In order for the newsletter to qualify for funding, it needs to consist of at least 1000 words.

A node is awarded 1500 BANK for every HQ article that is translated and distributed to the local community via substack/medium and social media.

In a month, a node can decide to use any combination of the above with a maximum cap of 18000 BANK for each node.

Max Budget for KPI2 with 21 nodes = 378,000 BANK/month x 4 = 1,512,000 BANK

KPI 3:

Nodes are awarded for the % growth in audience they achieve at the end of the month. In the table below, you’ll find the size of the node audience on the left and the corresponding growth they need to perform in order to unlock compensation in BANK stated in row 1.

Max Budget for KPI3 with 21 nodes = 210,000 BANK/month x 4 = 840,000 BANK

Additional Terms:

  1. All nodes will be judged on the following criteria when it comes to measuring audience for KPI fulfilment(this does not alter the total audience a node has across all platforms):

2 largest social media accounts of a node (Twitter, Instagram etc.)
2x newsletter subscribers (double as it is more difficult to get subscribers than followers)
followers of biggest media channel (e.g. Youtube, Spotfiy etc.)
Discord members (to reward community engagement)

  1. A deadline for fulfilling any KPI is measured on the metrics achieved by a node between the first of the month and the last day of the month.
  2. To unlock KPI2 & 3 a node must first fulfil KPI1.
  3. The IMN project awards its participants every month (as opposed to a seasonal model) hence, any BANK that is left unawarded, will be used as bridge funding between seasons or will be ported over to the next season to award nodes which fulfill KPIs.
  4. All payments are made at the beginning of the month after which KPIs were achieved. All KPIs, except KPI1 are reset at the beginning of the month.


Total budget for the IMN Team: 162,509 BANK

Total budget for nodes: 2,402,000 BANK

With the above figures, based on our experience in S2 and S3, members in the nodes make roughly 80-250 BANK/hr for the work they do. The variation arises because some nodes have already decided to take the ‘subDAO’ route, while others are still nodes with less than 5 people working in them.

With the poll below we would like to ask the community what is the fair compensation for the people working inside the IMN project as a multiple of the 2.7M BANK figure stated above. We’ll multiple renumeration for all KPIs by this multiple. This means than if you choose the option ‘x2’, each node member will receive roughly 160-500BANK/hr for their work and so on…

Based on the above budget, please select an option which fairly renumerates contributors according to your best judgement

  • Keep the payments as it is so contributors on average get between 80-250 BANK/hr
  • ‘x2’ payments for nodes so contributors on average get between 160-500 BANK/hr and total ask for nodes is 5,028,000 BANK
  • ‘x3’ payments for nodes so contributors on average get between 240-750 BANK/hr and total ask for nodes is 7,542,000 BANK
  • ‘x4’ payments for nodes so contributors on average get between 320-1000 BANK/hr and total ask for nodes is 10,056,000 BANK
  • No this proposal needs further amendments

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Love the IMN project in terms of mission alignment and contributor involvement !

Question: your graph shows audiences in the 35 million range while your text says 25,000 with a goal of 35,000. It’s difficult for me to answer the second poll without this info clarified.


It is indeed a bit confusing. But the diagram shows the recap of season 3 with Brazil being part of the IMN project.

Now that they decided to go for separate funding we had to exclude them for S4 goals.

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I made a mistake - your graph has .00 decimals and it made the number look like 35,000,000 to me, when actually it’s 35,000.00.

Feedback: don’t use decimals for integers like audience :wink:

So in actuality, Bankless Brazil has around 10k audience and the rest of IMN has 25k?

And this funding request doesn’t account for any Bankless Brazil KPIs?


Fantastic effort and progress. Many frens and contributors here. The work on sobol to illustrate organization translalates to effective impact in support of MVV. Keep it up! BDAO globally strong.


Yes, correct. Brazil is not part of the IMN proposal and has an audience of appr. 10k.


the zeros after the . is decimals?

indeed, Brazil was first to start, and they had large audience when the project started
it is not that Brazil acquired 10k audience while all the others acquired 25k, they were active long before all other nodes started, and now they want to go their own way

big thanks to them for being part of the project in previous two seasons, and support to project growth


Few more questions:

  • You said your plan for revenue would include sponsorships, yet you don’t have any role responsible for this. Who is responsible?
    • To further dig into sponsorships, do you have leads on potential sponsors?
  • How many contributors do you have?


We tried having a sponsorships role in S3 but it turns out that most of the entities we approached wanted us to write a grant application for it. Directly working on sponsorships is still relevant for nodes but it’s not something we work for the IMN level.

I’m at Devconnect with other core contributors from IMN and we have collected several leads to follow up on such as etherscan, mew, several L2 teams etc. As a standard IMN product we work with EPA to produce written content which is then translated and dissiminated via node newsletters. We started working on a marketing product and will refine and start offering it this season. These products are packaged inside grant applications.

Based on the latest node survey in March there are (70+ active contributors)[Nodes Stats - Google Sheets]

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Love the connection with the EPA, very valuable! Actually, I feel that the connection could be deepened with other projects (i.e. Newsletter, etc) to make sponsorship opportunities even more valuable to potential sponsors.

Newsletter currently gets $8k/season for each newsletter which reaches 12.7k subs. Adding 25k international subs could be even more compelling for sponsors. Furthering that point, EPA is planning on moving to a sponsorship model - would it be useful to create a group which brings in sponsorship opportunities for all of these projects?

Just an idea. Thanks!


Yes. It would definitely help if we have a group of people selling all sponsorship opportunities in Bdao. We had a team in Bdao who came up with a pitch deck for all DAO products but in the end each team sells their own products individually to other DAOs.

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