Monthly Coordinape Round for Guest Pass

Title: Monthly Coordinape Round for Guest Pass
Authors: frogmonkee#6855
Date Created: November 30th, 2021
Date Posted: November 30th, 2021


Implement a monthly Coordinape round for Guest Passes for the remainder of this season (December and January) instead of a single Coordinape round at the end of the Season.


In the Season 2 Specification, we allocated 500,000 BANK for an end-of-season Guest Pass Coordinape round with the following details:

A seasonal Coordinape round of 500,000 $BANK for Guest Pass holders

  • Level 2 members must nominate Guest Pass members to participate in this
    Coordinape round
  • Level 1 & 2 may allocate but not receive
  • Guest Passes can receive (but not give) → Rewarded solely through existing
    DAO members

This stands in contrast to the monthly L1 and L2 rounds.

Originally, the Ops guild suggested a seasonal Guest Pass round because we thought it would be an operational lift to allow one group to allocate and another group to receive. As we found out with November’s Coordinape round, this can be automated.

As such, I would like to propose a modification to the seasonal spec to introduce a Monthly Guest Pass round in December and January for 250,000 BANK per round. Details in Specification below.

Some dates:
December Coordinape Round

  • Submission period: Dec 3rd - 7th
  • Upload to Coordinape: Dec 8th
  • Allocation period: Dec 9th - 13th

January Coordinape Round

  • Submission period: Jan 3rd - 7th
  • Upload to Coordinape: Jan 8th
  • Allocation period: Jan 9th - 13th


We’ve had quite a few standout guest pass members. Many have earned their way to L1 and some have jumped directly to L2. We also have a number of existing Guest Pass members that are working hard and with enthusiasm.

It is imperative that we keep Guest Pass members happy, part of which is compensating them for their work. If we were running a Seasonal L1/L2 round, this would be less problematic, but since L1/L2s have a monthly round, it reflects poorly on us as a DAO to make Guest Pass members wait months.

One of our values is:

Culture: We reward action and embrace risk. We empower our community to continually drive new initiatives by providing a space to self-organize and quickly move from idea to action.

Compensation is a form of rewarding action. Previously we were uncertain of the operational lift. But knowing it’s minimal, why delay?


Scope of work would be handled by the Operations Guild. Guest pass coordinape rounds would follow the same workflow as L1/L2. Guest Pass members would type in /coordinape in a text channel and receive a google form asking for their wallet information and some basic DAO-health-check questions.


We would hold a Guest Pass coordinape round beginning on Dec 9th and another on January 9th, each with 250K BANK.

  • Guest pass members would opt-in
  • Guest pass members would only be able to receive tokens
  • Guest pass members would NOT be able to give tokens
  • L1/L2 members participating in their respective circles would be able to allocated tokens to guest pass members

This is different from what is detailed in the spec. The spec asks for L2s to nominate Guest Pass members. This model would Guest Pass members opt in, but would still limit collusion by only allowing L1/L2 to allocate.


This change would not require additional funding. It would split the 500K allocated for the Seasonal Guest Pass round into two 250K rounds.


While this does not require formal brand usage, it will help us become more equitable and treat all contributions equally.


We’ll note how many Guest Pass members have signed up for Coordinape.


Ops Guild will move forward with a Guest Pass Coordinape round in addition to the L1 and L2 round beginning on December 9th.

POLL (Discourse Post Usage Only)

  • Introduce monthly guest pass coordinape rounds
  • Keeps seasonal guest pass coordinape round
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Hell yes! Love it and hated waiting. Been spending many hours daily and know that ya all love the FFOG. (Faithful Following Old Guy). Would like to think my dad jokes and granddad jokes would amuse a few real contributors and encourage retention. As RSA said on the podcast, “If at 76 Bill Ford can teach himself DeFi, what is your excuse?” Now I am 77 and this guest pass Coordinape round arrives as a 78th birthday present assuming I get some. And further more in time for the Christian celebration of Christmas. It is only fair and will help to keep all guest pass holders who opt in reward and recognition. Would like to give but at least it is two monthly allocations Vice end of season. Love, peace and kindness to all.


I’m also very much for this now. I have observed that there are some contributors who are really keen to put the work in but haven’t been getting bounties because much is pre-claimed in their given field and they are starting to contribute on a more entrepreneurial basis in various projects and initiatives. The would love to become 35,000 BANK holding members but this takes time and I think it’s really important we find a smooth way into regular compensation and achievable membership for these up and coming Bankless DAO punks.


Great initiative! Need to give back so much love and great vibes!

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Thank you for this initiative. I am a guess pass holder and I participate as much as I can when possible. I am based in Asia and learning daily (outside my full-time career) about DAO and how I can add more value to this community. Initiatives like this are so motivational and make me want to spend more hours learning and adding value.

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“Near and Clear” are the most basic rules in compensation. This tweak follows that rule better than the alternative.

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I know a few guest pass members who will be extremely happy with this.


The Monthly Coordinape is a good idea to keep Guest Pass members engaged and motivated to work towards their 35K BANK!

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100% on board with this. Guest pass holders are working very hard, and should have a quicker path to earn BANK.


It is only possible to be thankful to our community for always thinking the contributors on all levels.

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I totally agree! I have always been a visitor! I really hope I don’t have to bother others every time!

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totally agree with this 100%, need to hold some $BANK tokens to have some skin in the game, like everything crypto.

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As a guest pass member who have been here since day 0. I believe this is one of the best decisions taking by the DAO in this season. shout out to the OPs guild. ngl, when it comes to compensation/remuneration. there has been a lingering feeling of exclusion of active and contributing guest pass members. I believe this will foster inclusion and cement the giving culture more.

Right on course…lfg


I am for this. However I am wondering why the propsal does not mention the increase in allocation to 1.5M for S3 as mentioned here: Onwards to Season 3! - #5 by devinwang.

I am wondering how it was decided or why there is not a separate vote on this item?