My Experience with Coordinape

I just finished my third time using Coordinape. The first time it was a bit bewildering. I was new and trying to contribute but wasn’t really sure how. A few people must have noticed because suddenly some BANK was dropped in my wallet. Half of allocation went to gas, but it was a new and surprising experience. The second round made a little more sense to me. I had contributed more, and I worked with others, so it was fun to allocate GIVE.

But now it’s my third time around - I’m an old hand at this game. Been here for months! As I was allocating GIVE I noticed someone had not only decided to allocate some GIVE to me, but they also left a little note. Coordinape has a field that says “Thank you for…” but I guess I had been leaving it blank. The little note, a single sentence, kind of hit me - in a really great way.

So I went back and typed a short note to each person I allocated GIVE to. That simple exercise made me think about each person and why I allocated that GIVE. It made me feel more connected to the DAO and its members, and really drove home the point of the Coordinape round. I get to say thanks to the people I’m building with in a meaningful way.

I encourage everyone to participate in these rounds and maybe take an extra minute to drop a note with your GIVE.


I also received a super nice small note from some people inside Coordinape I don’t even know, but they noticed something about what I was doing that inspired them. In turn, I took time to write small note for a few people I know are doing great things. Super encouraging when you are putting in a lot of effort.

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