Notion subscription reimbursement for 2024

Author: Above Average Joe
Summary: I’ve been paying for the notion subscription out of an account I own since the DAO began using it. I’ve run a deficit for a while, and to keep the renewal from payment failure, I need to reimburse the account. The following is an account of my accrued expenditures:

First funding proposal: $2,000

Images from the billing page of notion:
Note: The billing for Enterprise is $20/Member/Month, and the billing for Business is $15/Member/Month
We are downgrading to business for the 2024 renewal, so the actual renewal cost is 25% Lower: $900 Total

The accrued bills paid for the Bankless workspace since it’s inception:

and received a credit for $284.58

Net expenditure: $2,328.97
2024 Renewal: $900
Funding to reimburse and cover 2024 total: 1228.97

This proposal is to request from the treasury USDC equal to $1228.97 as soon as possible to fund the notion renewal on 5/18/2024

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Absolutely. Did you mean to include a voting widget?

I support this proposal for reimbursement to @AboveAverageJoe for the BDAO Notion account. Thank you for ensuring that this account stayed active all this time, and I’m glad that you have submitted this proposal, since this cost is the responsibility of the DAO treasury.

+1 yes I approve

Yes! Absolutely yes!

I did, totally spaced the poll


Yes friends :smiley:
It’s something that we need to continue

While i agree to pay this, I’d like to urge ops to investigate if this is the most cost effective solution?

Totally yes! We need to care about the treasury. :sunglasses:

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I have done this analysis a couple of times in the past years and so far it is the best bang for buck for all the features we are getting.

A longer-term solution would be a self-hosted open-source solution, but at the time no self-hostable wiki was even close to as easy to use as Notion.

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