Request for funds for Notion’s ongoing subscription

Authors: Above Average Joe, Kouros


Notion subscription is being paid by the Defipedia earmarked account for the DAO. Defipedia needed to pay employment taxes and the funds were taken from this account, therefore the last payment to Notion has not gone through.

Hereby, we are requesting 2,000 USDC from the DAO’s Treasury to refill this account and be able to pay for the Notion subscription. The price of the subscription varies each month depending on the new members added to the BanklessDAO Notion account. The failed payment for this month is for $249.07

The Notion subscription is paid in fiat so the Defipedia CEO (Above Average Joe) will need to exchange the USDC into USD to be able pay for it.

All transactions will be tracked and recorded accordingly.


Notion is the main tool that the DAO has to store and organise information regarding the organisation. We held all kind of information related to operations, projects, Guilds, bounties, governance and so on.

It is therefore critical to maintain the Notion account if we want to preserve our efforts and successes of the past few months.


  • I do agree with sending 2,000USDC to Defipedia in order to pay for the Notion subscription
  • I do not agree with sending 2,000USDC to Defipedia in order to pay for the Notion subscription

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I agree 100% with this

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Is there a rationale behind the $2,000 number?

I’m in favor of making sure the Notion is getting paid but this is requesting for ~8 months of runway at the current rate–that’s a pretty long time in DAO years :smiley:


Is there a way to reimburse Defipedia for costs incurred and transfer ownership of the account to the DAO moving forward?

I don’t think long term Decipedia should be accountable for the notion invoice and be reimbursed or provided funds to pay it.

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cc: @0x_Lucas

It’s hard legacy world of emails/credit cards as ID to have a ‘DAO’ account – so I’d suggest that @AboveAverageJoe put notion on a monthly ‘cancel anytime’ plan (if not already on one) and this proposal be to stream monthly from DAO to his personal wallet the USDC for the monthly rate well in advance of the monthly Notion withdrawal.

Also, we should ensure multiple admins in Notion (if not already done so) so that in emergency case a new billing contact could be subbed in on the account to easily recover it.

Does DAO treasury have a monthly streaming solution activated (e.g. to easily handle something like this?

Totally feel it’s important to keep Notion up and DefiPedia (@AboveAverageJoe) made whole here and ASAP.


Crazy idea, someone who doesn’t mind DCA into BANK proposes to take over billing for the Notion account (if not DefiPedia) as a personal expense at risk and proposes a fair sum in BANK streamed for providing this service of keeping our notion active each month.

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Love the idea of streaming DeFipedia the monthly amount for Notion

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I’ve voted for the $2k transfer for now, but moving forward some sort of streaming payment to DefiPedia would be ideal.


The last two bills were for $480, and $740.38. The rate from month to month varies, depending on the number of new users. Billing is done monthly, and any new users get charged for a year of use in a billing cycle. So, at current rate it would be 8 months, but in practice, It may not be. Likewise, any fiat funds in the account can be used for Dao purposes other than notion. The account has been funded with $1500 from Defipedia preemptively, of which there is $180.62 remaining.
I hope this helps make the 2k number make more sense.

In the event of acquisition, DeFipedia and all it’s assets become Dao property. I see this as a workaround for the product until a better suited structure is established.

By doing billing annually for members rather than monthly, we get a 20% discount. That is the reason we are on the plan we are now. We do have multiple admins already also, though I am not certain if they can change billing info

The vote of 44 people is 100% in favor, and is therefore ready for snapshot.

Moving to archive. Please reply to reopen.