Optimism RPFG2 Distribution

BanklessDAO received 27567.62 OP via Optimism’s RPGF round 2. Since the DAO does not have a legal entity and the multi-sig did not want to KYC, DAOplomats handled the KYC process and have received the funds. We are in the process of donating these funds to BanklessDAO multi-sig on Optimism. DAOplomats LLC takes on legal risk by doing this.

Since there were internal and external costs associated with this process, such as lawyer fees, third party documents, legal risk and time of DAOplomats members, we would like to request

500 OP for lawyers and extra docs + 500 OP for time from @0xbaer and @Jengajojo + 500 OP for legal risk) = 1500 OP as compensation for this service to the DAO.

We suggest splitting the rest of the funds in the following proportion between the projects nominated here Education nominations for RPGF2 - #132 by hirokennelly - 🔴 RetroPGF - Optimism Collective

2756.762 bDAO multi-sig
5513.4 DAOStewards
5013.4 Bankless Publishing
5013.4 Newsletter team
5013.4 International Media Nodes
2756.7 The Rug
1500 KYC services

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Happy news! Congratulations on the teams that worked hard on this.

I agree it’s only fair to compensate for this service to the DAO that were provided in order to be able to receive the funds. 1500 OP being 5% of the funds obtained seems to me a reasonable amount.

I’d like to understand the portion that DAOStewards will receive, since I don’t see they are mentioned in the application Education nominations for RPGF2 - #132 by hirokennelly - 🔴 RetroPGF - Optimism Collective.

Probably this doesn’t matter at all, but when I sum the distributed OP Tokens I get a total of 27567.062, which is slightly off from the first line where it says that we received 27567.62 OP. Just pointing that out, not really a concern.


I think it is excellent how you have handled each and every decision within governance. I feel that you have allocated very little for yourselves, given that the risk of legal problems within America at the moment is somewhat intense, but I am aware that the people who have decided these numbers are very capable and exemplary.
I have no negative comments, I am very happy that the DAO is starting to have an indirect mechanism of sustainability and compensation for the effort given.
BanklessDAO strong today and always.


Helloo fren, think of the amount allotted to DAOstewards as finders fee and Campaign stewardship/operations. DAOstewards essentially identified the opportunity, informed and coordinated with all the projects involved to make it possible. Essentially without DAOstewards, none of this would have been possible.


Mad respect to frens who made this happen, totally in support of the ask.

As the Turkish Media Node, we are very happy to help with the translations and a/v content if happens to be for the next grants too.

and congratz with the business model, KYC as a service :slight_smile:


Hello there, like all people above, I agree with the amount that was allotted to DAOstewards. You did great and important work, frens!


And as the Ukrainian Media Node, we will be happy to help with sharing translations if it will be needed.


What is the legal risk?
How will the tokens be distributed to the projects?

The Legal risk is in Sending tokens to a DAO. DAOs do not have legal recognition