Bankless Rep for DAO Coalition

Hello everyone, I originally posted this in DAO General but did not receive much feedback. It was suggested I reposted here. The DAO Coalition folks would be glad to answer any questions.

Approximately a year ago, while a contributor at Bankless Legal Guild, I was contacted by a colleague who is part of the core team at CityDAO (“CDAO”)

He had gotten wind from the DC based advocacy group, the Blockchain Association (“BA”), of a letter sent by the Crowd Funders Association to the CGFA, urging strict regulation of DOAs and NFT projects (add link). The BA recommended that he setup an informal working group, with colleagues from other DAOs to address what could potentially be an existential threat.

This informal working group became known as DAO Coalition “DAOCo”. I, along with a Bankless Legal Guild colleague (Eagle) were some of first to join this informal observer group so we can have firsthand information about the latest developments. Since then, members from over 30 others DAOs have joined as well. The DAOCo, a while back, began discussions about formalizing the structure and membership, and more recently began to take concrete steps in this direction. One request is for the members of this informal working group to approach their respective DOAs, in accordance with each DAO’s internal governance procedures, and have the members formally appointed.

I’ve enjoyed regularly meeting with this group over the past year and found them to be hard working, passionate and committed to ensuring that regulation, when it comes, is both fair and balanced. I would like to continue this work in a formal capacity and seek Banksless DAO’s approval to do so. What is the proper governance process to do so?

Additional info is enclosed below. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

DAO Coalition Meeting Record

CityDAO Representative election: CIP-143: DAO Coalition Representative - Proposals (CIPs) - CityDAO

DAOs that have made a financial contribution.

Lobby3: ~$12,000

LexDAO: $5000 (and $5000 worth of research work)

PAC DAO: $5000 (and $5000 worth of website design work)

ATX DAO: $2000


Thanks @ComeBackKid

There are no formal guidelines for this, but I suggest that you open a poll for this. If you are asking for a financial contribution then this has to go thru the grants committiee via a standard grants application.

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Hi @Jengajojo, hope you are well. Not looking for a financial contribution at this time. Perhaps a contribution and/or a bounty in a little while, as progress i s being made. At this time, simply being appointed a rep so that Bankless DAO can have a sit at the table. How do I go about setting up a poll? thanks!

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Hi @Jengajojo, I had to duplicate the post in order to insert a poll. It is live now. Tried delete the old one but it said I did not have permission. Can you help? Thanks

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