Outbound Grants Squad Proposal

Title: Outbound Grants Squad Proposal

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Authors: Grendel

Date: Aug 22


We propose the methods of action and remuneration of the Outbound Grants Squad Proposal


BanklessDAO is a forge of inventiveness, whose application space often goes beyond the boundaries of DAO itself. Many of the initiatives promoted by the DAO, as well as many of the projects approved by the members, could have an important positive influence throughout the crypto sphere, mainly in relation to DAOs and NFTs. Consequently, there are valid and real reasons to apply for external grants from the DAO that facilitate the implementation of these initiatives and projects. The Outbound Grants Squad takes care of the research and application of available grants.


The mission of the Outbound Grands Squad is to facilitate BanklessDAO’s mission in building educational and innovative tools to facilitate the entry into crypto of as many people as possible and help them “gobankless”.


The Outbound Grants Squad will operate following these points:

  1. constant research of available grants

  2. coordination with the DAO Treasury and with the Grants Committee for the verification of grants needs by DAO initiatives and projects

  3. contact, if possible, with the managers of the most interesting grants to verify the best ways of proposing requests

Composition and submission of grant applications The Outbound Grants Squad will never directly or indirectly manage the funds received. The funds will be entirely allocated to the requesting initiatives or projects.


The Outbound Grants Squad receives no salary. In the event that the performance of the task requires expenses, the Squad will report directly to the Treasury and the Grants Committee. In case of success in the grant application, the Squad will receive 5% of the amount, in one of the following forms:

· In the event that the initiative or project receives the grant in the form of the original token, 5% will be distributed to the Squad in BANK token

· In the event that the initiative or project wishes to receive the grant in BANK, 5% will be distributed to the Squad in BANK or in the grant token, at the choice of the Squad

This 5% will be allocated in the budget of the following Season and paid in the first days of the new Season.

The remuneration received will be divided among the proponents of the single approved application.


The Outbound Grants Squad acts in the name and on behalf of BanklessDAO and represents BanklessDAO in all locations in which it acts by researching grants for the DAO:


The metrics for determining whether or not the team is successful are based on the ability to earn grants. At the end of each Season it will be possible to check the results obtained, comparing them with those of the previous Seasons in order to decide on any changes to the Squad and to the terms of action.


The Squad is already established and has its own channel in the DAO. As soon as the proposal is accepted, the Squad will begin coordinating with the Treasury and Grants Committee to assess needs and prioritize research.


Grendel is a core member of BanklessDAO and a founding member of the Outbound Grants Squad

  • I approve the proposal
  • I reject the proposal

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Another smashing idea to advance the Vision, values And vitality of the bDAO. Thank you outbound grant and particularly Grendel for your leadership!


I would like to see more clarity in this proposal I initially understood it as the dao offering grants to people outside of the dao but I believe what you are trying to do is have a squad of people applying for grants for the dao? I think the language in this proposal needs to make that more clear I’m still unsure if I understand it correctly. I would also like to see more information about how the squad members were chosen is there a limit to squad members and if so why is there not a vote included in the proposal? 5% of a grant could end up being a lot of money and I believe there will be an advantage to applying for grants under the bankless DAO name so it concerns me not having a clear understanding of how the squad is initially chosen and how it will be chosen in the future.

Thanks for the questions and for the criticisms expressed. The idea of ​​the grants squad is mine and Coach’s, it was presented several weeks ago at the conclusion of a community call. In this regard, the consensus within the DAO was verified and the team’s functions were illustrated several times, also in relation to the grant obtained by Polygon. The squad has its own channel where current members are clearly visible. The squad is not on call but is on a voluntary basis and does not have a fixed remuneration from the DAO but is rewarded only and exclusively in the event of success with a payment that will be made 99% of a BANK. The percentage that corresponds to the success fee was discussed in the channel and in previous conversations with both members and non-members of the team, reaching a consensus on the basis of 5%, put to the vote here. Searching for and requesting grants is a job, it requires commitment, knowledge of the subject and the environment, continuity and dedication. Requesting grants is also a service for the DAO and for all DAO projects.

Thanks for the response and I want to first off say I really appreciate the work you and coach are doing for the DAO I trust you guys and love that you’re involved I want to make sure my criticisms arent seen as anything but trying to help the DAO. I think my frustrations are more about how quickly things happen in the DAO and how difficult it can be to figure out where to find information on whats happening without scrolling through many different channels and notion pages and forum posts and fragmented discussions on discord with other stuff in between. I would like to encourage anyone writing proposals to keep in mind while writing this question, “would someone have enough information to understand and make a decision on this solely based on what’s written in the proposal?” My other thought on this is do we have metrics on the amount of people voting on proposals it seems quite low? should we look at implementing a minimum vote threshold in the future? I think adding a minimum vote threshold would help with member engagement because the people championing a proposal would need to make sure that enough people read it and vote otherwise it wouldnt pass regardless if all the votes were a yes if they dont hit the threshold. I may be way off base with how i think that would play out but just a thought I had.


Thank you for your answers and I think you are right in several points:

  1. it is necessary that the proposals are more descriptive and informative, I will take it into account for the future and I will elaborate them so that they can be read and understood regardless of the level of involvement in the DAO

  2. The number of voters in the forums is always low and often reflects that of the most constant contributors.
    I think we are faced with a double problem, on the one hand wanting greater involvement and on the other not wanting to be paralyzed by the lack of interest of members less inclined to vote.
    It is a problem of all DAOs, so much so that proxy voting is often used.

I am personally against the proxy to vote because it often generates a buying and selling of the vote, which is even worse than not voting.

Therefore, I would not be able to evaluate how to resolve this point, if not by publicizing even more the proposals to be voted on

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yeah proxy voting doesnt seem like a good solution to me that seems like a centralization of voting power which goes against many of the values in crypto. I’ll give this some more thought perhaps there is a way we could incentivize people to vote but even then the problem becomes making sure they are informed votes not just voting to get some kind of reward.

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I agree with having a minimum vote threshold. For a pretty decent-sized DAO, Bankless DAO proposals have a very low percentage of voter involvement. I’ve actually never understood the voting mechanics since it seems to be 1 vote per membership/login which doesn’t take into account the number of BANK held (which may or may not be a good thing).

Why do we put votes in a separate forum and not just in diacord?

Most DAOs have two different consensus mechanism:

  • SOFT (Discourse and Discord): one head = one vote
  • HARD (Snapshot or DaoHAUS kind): one token = one vote


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Good job Grendel, as always

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I think this is a very cool proposal and timely. As DAOs and Treasuries look to deploy grants within the community, the Bankless DAO can be a place where the community comes together with ideas and builders to earn grants to fund future important products and tools to this growing ecosystem.

My one concern/suggestion would be to either cap the amount earned by the Squad, or to have some sort of sliding scale based on the amount of the grant. This way, in the case there is a super large grant, the 5% isn’t exorbitant.

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This is an excellent suggestion and I agree to implement it! I’m open to suggestions, the idea could be starting from 5% to 2,5% (?) for figures bigger than 100K (of grants)

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