Proof of Knowledge or 35k BANK for new members

A proof of knowledge is an interactive proof in which the person passes the quiz that the person knows something., it’s basically an education video followed by a quiz. Videos (30 seconds or less each) on topics such as knowledge about what a dao is, what our mission is, etc. Upon completion, you get to enjoy being a dao member OR anyone can pay 35k BANK as is now to become a member. Maybe a bonus upon completion for current members? I hope this could be an additional gateway into the dao without newb crypto users trying to find BANK which some find tough. What do you all think? Cheers


Not thrilled as a stand alone for banklessDAO membership but would like to view the short videos, learn more and take the tests get a $bank bonus. Maybe some combination of this knowledge demonstrating effort and a reduced amount of $bank. Not ready for membership reduction amount yet. Guest passes seem to be working.

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Thanks for the feedback. You mentioned, not ready for membership reduction amount yet. Are you meaning less ppl getting on board or did you mean that we are missing out on the BANK they should be bringing into the dao? Thanks.

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Thank you for turning the idea into a proposal for discussion. Remain meeeh.

I support this idea and looking forward to the video and quiz.

Where can we discuss this and even put it to action points further more?

Thanks for the proposal. I think this begs a few questions first -

What is the current purpouse of getting people to buy BANK, in order to join? Is it to demonstrate knowledge of how crypto operates or is it to support and increase the price of BANK as more people keep joining, generating value for the current members and for the DAO itself? Is it also to give any new joiners skin in the game to be incentivized to act in the DAO’s interest, as well as partial ownership of the DAO?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then I think we should frame this proposal differently - as an initiative to educate people before they join, in addition to buying BANK, not as a replacement for it.


I’d like to make a suggestion.

Perhaps we can give BANK in a ‘vested’ format because proof of knowledge does not mean proof of potential BanklessDAO activity. eg. after finishing the video or quest, you get 10k BANK but you need to consistently go for x number of meetings before you actually get it

I suggested as part of onboarding with @angyts that some simple ‘tutorial island’ type of quests could earn people enough BANK to get halfway to 35k (or some ratio) so that they wouldn’t seem so daunting and encourage people to earn their own access to the DAO rather than purchasing it outright.

However, if people wish to purchase, its akin to a membership to a country club of sorts and thus engaging them should require a different strategy altogether

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