First Quests at Bankless DAO -- A way for internal onboarding

Title: First Quests


Authors: Behold#1783, angyts#1036

Date: 29 July 2021


Onboard a new member to the Bankless mission, BanklessDAO key resources, and bounties board within 5 minutes.

Each member joining the DAO will be served a coherent and gamified onboarding process. The member will learn about the Bankless mission and acquire the necessary skills to interact with the BanklessDAO community. The onboarding process will answer the following 3 questions within the first 5 minutes of a new member joining the discord:

  • What is Bankless? (i.e. why should I continue to check out this discord server?)
  • How do I navigate the discord, notion and other essential resources (i.e. how do I interact with the community?)
  • What bounty should I tackle first and for what guild? (i.e. How do I get involved?)


Why are you making this proposal?

Anecdotally there is a strong consensus that new members feel lost and struggle with the common directive to “figure out a way to get involved”. First Quests will serve each new member a quick and satisfying way to contribute to the DAO while they achieve proficiency in the basic knowledge needed to navigate and grow their involvement and contributions. A standardized education but personalized onboarding will help grow cohesion and community, and require less of a lift from new member moderator/organizer roles.

What problem or opportunity does this proposal target?

Before we onboard a billion people onto DeFi, we have to onboard ourselves first. We have six thousand five hundred and counting discord members. But only a couple hundred are consistently active.

We need to effectively onboard new members to provide them with a sense of direction and the necessary Bankless knowledge and tools.

What are the driving factors behind why you think this is a good idea?

People love structure. A list of defined steps would be welcomed compared to a disorientating 100+ discord channels.

People love games. First Quests are structured as quests, giving a strong sense of fun and purpose to the user onboarding.

People love rewards. Some POAPs, fun NFTs, and $BANKs to collect would be a huge motivation.


We have to walk the talk. Educate thyself first, before reaching out to the public.

We would be able to create better alignment and engagement within our Bankless DAO community.


  1. Content
    1. Write the content for gamification, such as hidden keys, and 15 second quizzes. Projected hours: 3
    2. Consolidate current 2000+ character messages into Audiovisual content:
      1. Storyboarding: Projected hours: 2
      2. Audiovisual effort: Projected hours: 4
  2. Develop
    1. Integration with DEGEN or perhaps a First Quests only discord bot to serve users DMs and take traffic away from dedicated (but clunky) discord channels, and perform checks for completed actions. Projected hours: 40+
    2. Partner with analytics to build automated reporting and dashboards, and further collection and analysis of engagement to iterate on the operation. Project hours: 15
    3. Build the First Quests page on the DAO website. Projected hours: 15
    4. Build gamification outputs. Integration with POAP-bot. Projected hours: 3
  3. Marketing
    1. DAOs suffer from cluttered and weak new member onboarding. First Quests will be a competitive advantage for individual contributors interested in working on DAOs, crypto, and web3 to join the BanklessDAO specifically. This effort will benefit from:
      1. Staffed social media members: 3 hrs/week total
  4. External Revenue
    1. Development of a First Quests owned discord bot would allow us to sell usage and maintenance of that bot to other DAOs.
      1. Winning initial contracts: Project hours: 10
      2. Staffed biz dev member: 3 hrs/week


Internal funding requested:

Hourly rate will be in line with the onboard project.

Angyts: Writing up this proposal + Office Hours = 6 hours

Behold: Main project manager and implementation = 29 Hours, including $BANKs paid out to testers.

zrowgz.eth: Coordinator between guilds = 10 hours

I propose this to be delivered in 3 seasons:
Season 1 to pay retroactively for work that has been completed up till MVP.

Season 2: To properly spec out and build a more complete product including development work.

Season 3: To build into a high quality product, that we can consider providing consultancy to other DAOs to help them build similar products.


Bankless DAO First Quest

In the future if this is very successful, we can help other DAOs build this as a fee for service.


% active users in Discord vs total level 1 users.

% active users joined a guild successfully.

% users with the “First Quests Complete” role.

Number of bounty board tasks done by First Quest seekers.

Other engagement metrics.


Bringing First-Quest to live deployment after the next office hours.

Content development.

Starting to spec out the bot development.


@angyts#1036 was completely lost for the first 2 weeks of joining the Bankless DAO. He took refuge in the auspices of the education guild. And tamed the Discord Channels and Notion pages medusa after a month.

@Behold Eth joined Bankless in Season 0, and had the same experience. After lurking for two weeks and struggling to find a way to get involved, Behold proposed the First Quests project on 6/4/2021 to be granted a guest pass. Behold is building out the Bounty Board with the Dev Guild, and has been championing First Quests.


Discord #first-quest channel
Index coop new-joiners
Index coop 5 ways to get involved


  • I support the First Quest project
  • I DO NOT support the First Quest project
  • I support the First Quest project, but I DO NOT agree with the funding (This is taken as DO NOT support)

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What is the actual $BANK funding requested here? Projected hours are great, but what is the conversion?


I had a quick chat with them about this, as there has been a lot of discussions i suggested using onboarding levels when thats decided. I’ve seen figures around 300-350BANK/hr for some projects and some when up to 75usd/hr. I think talks are ongoing to align this.

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Hi thanks, based on conversions:

45 hours for season 1 until MVP x 350 BANK/h = 15750 BANK

  • 200 BANKs paid for testers

about 16,000 $BANKs

does that sound reasonable?

In any case, we are happy to accept the DAO wide funding standards.


100% reasonable!

Maybe consider adding a bit more for a budget to create bounties as the bounty board is kicked up :slight_smile: (/shameless plug).


I wasn’t thinking of that. Because i haven’t been quite involved in the bounty board project.

I would probably raise an addendum or a separate funding request for that. Because that is probably going to be a much larger sum.


I must say as one of the majority of infrequent users of the bankless community that this proposal is a huge step in the right direction
Having been drawn into the bankless environment with great anticipation of exploring and engaging with a whole new way of doing things I have found myself again and again failing to find my way and switching off mainly because I continuously hit what appeared to me to be dead ends - (in reality my own lack of experience and practise in this type of engagement was the reason )
However I am not that easily discouraged though I very much doubt if too many people would persist to the degree that I do and unfortunately while Its their loss it is also a loss to bankless of not engaging with more people

There are no shortage of endless links to follow but that in itself is also part of the challenge facing someone of little experience.
Very quickly it becomes quite daunting ,scattered and I find myself pulling back from the overload of not quite choices but possible options.

Any proposal that can ease newbies into the initial stages and give some more guided steps is a winner in my book.
It’s a challenge I am seeing across most of the crypto/ blockchain world .
The early adopters appear to be born into this environment and more times than not I find myself unable or at least struggling to follow along
Oft times I find myself wondering if I am speaking a slightly different language


Thank you for throwing your support behind this project!

Yes, it is like a labyrinth.

download (3)

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Eddyc4415, you’d be a great beta tester if you’re interested. There is still much work to be done. If you’ve taken any notes on your journey and questions that came up in your mind, please share a brain dump in the #first-quest channel or DM to any of those working on it.

We’re all learning and can always use more hands on deck & multiple perspectives.

I’d double or triple these time estimates.



Sorry these are really really rough.

Actually I think you guys can work on it, and track the actual hours spent. And I can claim all the hours the next month, during the next phase of the project.

We are looking for super short videos/animations, best <1 mins, max max less than 2 mins.

Actually i’ve been thinking about this over the weekend. I think we should have “docents” as well.

Like for a new person who joined, will get a level 2 contributor “attach” to this person for probably 2 weeks. Like just check in with them on a regular basis. Like how’s your progress, how’s life at the DAO, how’s the weather, and how’s your kids. Would really add a personal touch to the Bankless DAO.

Also we can fish out those people who have incomplete tags: like first-quests-welcome or “stuck” kind of tags: like “guild-select” but no guild. And we can focus our efforts on them…

But without some kind of bots/automation… this will be quite a busy work.


Couldn’t agree more. I’m really excited about BanklessDAO and DAOs in general but I keep hitting dead ends and lack the confidence to push through at some points. Some tips or walk throughs on protocol (how should I initiate a conversation? How can I find the right person? Should I just DM them?) and autonomy (I know everyone says just dive in and start doing things… but really?) would be well received.


That’s what I’m doing to the best of my ability in the ops guild, you can always turn to us for advice in these matters =]


Like museum docents.

I feel there is definitely a need for like a “rostered” person in house.

For example every new joiner each day will go to one specific person. and later on, we can even divide by the timezones… And this “staffer” has a daily “salary” from the DAO. and has very specific scopes of work and people to look after. And is not actively involved in projects.

From my gut feel, we are completely not engaging the asia pacific region and the fairer sex. Compounded with this onboarding process issue: its like we are working with only 1% of the true power of the DAO.

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Just want to say, doing the first quests have been helpful in giving me a sense of what are the important items I should navigate when entering Bankless so thank you to @angyts for creating it!

+1 to the museum docent idea. @fin4thepeople took 20 minutes to onboard me and recommend me to talk to @angyts which immediately gave me a sense of what I should do and how to start.

They’ve sort of become a ‘buddy’ that I can help and go to for support which really taught me the importance of Bankless’ community!

So I suppose a docent > buddy system might be good which could even feed into the mentorship program eventually.


Hi, dear all. The season 2 draft proposal is now published here.

Moving to archive. Please reply to reopen.